DSA Marxists Take Over the Occupy Movement: Plan “Spring Offensive,” With Widespread Occupations of State Capitols, Schools and Workplaces

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By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The US’ largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America is moving to infiltrate and direct the Occupy Wall Street Movement into a more organized and socialist focused protest movement.  DSA is working hard to sustain ‘Occupy’ over the winter in readiness for a major “spring offensive” largely directed at Republican controlled state capitols as they struggle to address massive budget problems.

DSA, Occupy Wall Street, Day One

Joseph Schwartz

Writing in the latest issue of Democratic Left, DSA leader and Temple University political science professor Joseph Schwartz, explicitly calls for DSA to connect “Occupy” more to the mainstream left in order to use their combined muscle against responsible state governments come spring.

The Occupy movement forced the media talking heads to take a break from their obsessive concern with a recession-induced budget deficit to acknowledge the devastating social effects of 30 years of rampant  growth in inequality…

But will this shift in political focus continue? Only if DSA activists and other progressives help Occupy sustain itself over the winter. Come late winter and early spring, the fight over proposed state and local budgets will reinvigorate the disastrous elite narrative that we must “cut” our way out of the recession.

As brute state force, combined with harshwinter weather, forces Occupy out of its public encampments, the move inside may give it time for self reflection and to plan a spring offensive. ..

In the coming months, Occupy will have a unique opportunity to link up with community groups and state and local employees fighting another vicious round of budget cuts.

Occupy has implicitly advanced another big demand: that the economy serve human needs rather than human beings serving the needs of economic elites.  As federal, state, and local budgetary policies reflect the contours of power in society, if Occupy this spring joins the fight for humane state, local, and federal tax, spending, and investment policies, it will be challenging the distribution of power in our society…

This spring Occupy should move to the front lawns and rotundas of state capitol buildings to demand a change in state budget policies – and to demand federal government aid to states and localities.

“Occupy” has been a huge focus of DSA activity in recent months, a commitment that shows no sign of waning.

At DSA’s November 2011 biennial conference in Washington DC, delegates passed a resolution confirming their commitment to the OWS movement, while “suggesting in the spirit of solidarity,” a slate of “political demands” for the anarchic movement – all conveniently in line with current DSA policy.

The first offered direction on how DSA should support the Occupy Wall Street movement. Delegates approved continuing to embrace the movement, as DSA members have done without hesitation nationwide, while suggesting in the spirit of solidarity a series of political demands that could give the movement a coherent political orientation.

These included a public jobs program; bank nationalization; Medicare for all; the forgiveness of student debt; an end to foreclosures; substantial investment in clean energy; a progressive income and corporate tax structure; a tax on all speculative financial transactions; and the immediate enactment of worker-friendly labor law reform legislation.

Joslyn Williams

Metropolitan D.C. Central Labor Council President and longtime DSA member  Joslyn Williams, told the assembled comrades that “the principles of Occupy America are the principles this organization espouses… America is just now catching up to the Democratic Socialists of America.”

Maria Svart

Writing in the latest issue of Democratic Left, new D.S.A. national director Maria Svart re-affirmed her organization’s commitment to the “Occupy” movement.

Winter has set in. Police have dismantled the Occupy Wall Street encampment in New York and raided encampments around the country…

DSA and our allies need to hunker down for the winter and plan for the long haul. Now is the time to organize! Occupy must sustain its amazing energy, perhaps in a different form, and build toward a spring offensive that will take the fight straight to the 1%.

DSA will do its part by engaging in a number of activities in the coming months. Locals around the country will fight state and local budget cuts supported by Republicans and far too many Democrats.I call on every DSAer to take responsibility for recruiting at least one new member, and to participate in whatever Occupy actions might be happening in your community this winter (if there isn’t one, organize it!).

Chris Maisano

DSA understand that social movements do not grow in a linear fashion. OWS leader and DSA “economic crisis group” member Chris Maisano quotes socialist icon Frances Fox Piven in the latest Democratic Left:

It’s also true that when I say I think we may be on the cusp, at the beginning of a another period of social protest and [Occupy Wall Street] is the sign, I don’t think that social protest works as a little explosion and gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. It doesn’t happen that way. It’s much more interrupted, dispersed, there are periods of discouragement – 1959-1960 the civil rights movement people thought it was over, after 1962 in Albany, Georgia – this movement is going to be like that too.”

Maisano then goes on to propose the “next phase of the struggle“:

As mayors and police forces move in an apparently coordinated fashion against Occupy encampments in cities around the country, we would do well to keep Piven’s sage advice in the back of our minds. It would be easy to interpret the wave of evictions as a defeat, as cause for depression, demoralization, and demobilization. But such a pessimistic assessment couldn’t be more misguided.

The Zuccotti Park encampment in lower Manhattan and its offshoots around the country were enormously successful. They served their purpose, and it’s time to move on to the next phase of the struggle. In a certain sense eviction from the park may be a good thing, particularly if it forces the movement to continue and expand its community outreach efforts; take up specific demands and deepen its involvement in local struggles (particularly around foreclosures/evictions); and establish new occupations in institutional settings like college campuses or – dare we hope? – workplaces…

While the 1% and its political allies may take heart in the wave of evictions, the genie is out of the bottle and it won’t be jammed back in. The processes that began in and around the encampments will not come to a halt, especially when we consider the fact that most of the important organizing is now done by working groups operating primarily outside those specific physical spaces.

If unions and community groups continue to offer activists spaces and staging areas to use over the winter, then we will almost certainly see a resurgence of the movement in the spring, when states and cities around the country will propose another round of massive cuts to education, health care, and other critical public services that will put masses of people into motion. The occupation and defense of public spaces will be complemented by the occupation and defense of public services – schools, libraries, firehouses, community centers – a turn which could have the added benefit of broadening the social composition of the movement and giving it deeper roots in local communities.

Maisano goes on to invoke the name of Marxist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg, as he reveals that “Occupy” is destined to become a much broader social movement – one that may be around for decades and one that most certainly has socialist revolution as its goal.

Occupy” does not signify a specific encampment or even a specific tactic to be used in the course of mass struggle. Here, we should take inspiration and guidance from the writings of Rosa Luxemburg, who analyzed the nature of popular movements in The Mass Strike, her classic (and highly relevant) essay on the lessons of the first Russian revolution of 1905.

It is absurd to think of the mass strike as one act, one isolated action,” she writes. “The mass strike is rather the indication, the rallying idea, of a whole period of the class struggle lasting for years, perhaps for decades.”

Change the phrase “mass strike” to “occupation,” and it becomes difficult to determine whether these words were written in 1906 or 2011. The interlocking political, economic, and social dynamics that summoned the occupations into existence and fuel the movement’s grievances will not, and cannot, be solved within the parameters of the present state of affairs.

The cause of the 99% is the rallying point for a generation, a movement worthy of our commitment, our struggle, and even our joy.

Our problems aren’t going away any time soon. Neither are we.

The mass protests of the 1930s and 1960s did not rise and fall in a year. They were grown, sustained and nurtured over several years by the communist and socialist’s movements of the day. They were directed at achieving certain social reforms and were relentlessly expanded by a core of committed Marxist cadre, until the bulk of their demands were met.

OWS will follow the same pattern. This is just the beginning. The big difference is that today’s activists will not be satisfied with liberal social reform. These people believe they can achieve full blown socialist revolution – the end of capitalism is within their grasp. Unless they are treated as the serious national security threat that they are, they will have a very good chance of achieving their goal.

5 thoughts on “DSA Marxists Take Over the Occupy Movement: Plan “Spring Offensive,” With Widespread Occupations of State Capitols, Schools and Workplaces

  1. Watch closely my friends and fellow patriots. If you by chance caught NPR tonight, there was a show, Jim Crow still exists in America. A very biased Michelle Alexander and rather opinionated author has made her case that all the blacks and or minorities that are in prison, are there at the fault of us, the color profiling white authorities and it’s broken system. I will be short and sweet about this newest monster let out of it’s cage. Part of the fuel that will be added to all the above topics regarding real and present dangers to the society we presently know, has just arrived. I fear the marxist social machine has just added some new members, over 2 million of them that just recieved their introduction tonight, and the movement that has been hijacked, will be with the help and voices of those representing the thiefs, murderers, and psychopathically driven sick deviants presently behind bars, will be adding their voices to the above named lists. Godspeed

  2. If you agree that prayer is America’s only hope, it’s last and best hope, please pray this prayer and spread it as far and wide as you can!
    This type of prayer moved the Merciful God to save a sinful race from utter ruin
    On three outstanding occasions: Prayers of Daniel, Mordecai and Judith. From today forwards, we MUST pray and fast for America. With what the Usurper and his allies are doing now is EVIL
    , there is no other way to stop THEM except to trust in Divine Providence.


    O, MERCIFUL GOD, we cry to Thee for pardon and for mercy
    We are “an unbelieving and perverse generation.”
    We are disobedient, disloyal and ungrateful to Thee.
    We have excluded Thee from our homes, our schools, our business places.
    We are no longer worthy to be called Thy children.
    But Merciful God, Spare America!

    We now “render to Caesar” the things that are God’s,
    Especially Thy right to create life.
    We now commit millions of abortion murders each year, which
    Our highest Court, as it attempts to play God
    Has “legalized” as the law of our land.

    Forgive us! Save us from the scourge we justly deserve.
    Teach us Thy Law, and move our wills to serve Thee henceforth.
    There are many in this vast land who still acknowledge Thee to be our God.
    We believe, hope and trust in Thee;
    We worship, honor, adore, glorify, praise and love Thee.
    Above all, we need Thee as none has needed Thee before.

    For the sake of all these little souls, who truly love and need Thee;
    For the sake of Thy Most Beloved Son’ Jesus Christ, Who shed His
    Precious Blood to redeem us;
    For the sake of Thy Great Mercy, which is above all Thy works,
    And which endures forever,
    O, Merciful God, please Spare America!

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  4. “Marxists would like nothing better than to achieve their purpose of transforming [US] society from capitalism to socialism by peaceful and democratic methods.” They believe… “the act of revolution [through peaceful political transformation] can succeed only when there is relative social chaos [i.e. unemployment], ruling class leadership is ineffectual”, thereby emphasizing or perhaps creating the idea that a class struggle exists. Obama’s presidency has opened that door; his early influences as exhibited in his book “Dreams From My Father,” social and political associations, along with a community organizing background that implies “altruism” to a gullible public, made him their perfect choice.

  5. This article is so interesting. I’m curious how this Socialist group is running things whilst those of us participating on a regular basis have no contact or relationship with them. This I. Occupy is an open space, created by participation. If the horrendous failure of the largest common man worldwide movement in 40 years were to be co-opted by any fringe group, we the masses could find none to fault but ourselves. The lack commonly seen by bystanders of movements is often caused by their very lack of participation.

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