2 thoughts on “Grandmother Beaten at Mich. Chuck E. Cheese’s After Reportedly Asking Patrons to Stop Cursing

  1. Training in the home and schools has been lacking for so many years, it is amazing that the stupid people feel they are always in the RIGHT and can do as they alone wish. If race was involved, which is shown in vidio, then we all have lost something. A lot of people have given their all for people to express themselves, but where is the civil side of that. Heck they don’t even teach history in schools or anything to do with how to be a civil person. Race is not the issue, its principles. When this happens, swift punishment and MSM publishment of the offenders with pictures should be presented to the youths of the area. You may have to use a 2 x 4 to the head to get their thoughts to listen. Where are the local activist on this issue, have you heard one word condeming the acts on a grandmother???? Its crap like this that starts civil unrest.

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