Reid Threatens Senate Republicans and Tea Party in ‘Goodwill Message’

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By: Jeffrey Klein, Political Buzz Examiner

It shouldn’t strike anyone as unusual that immediately upon Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) returning to Washington, D.C. on Sunday, he rounded up the media, who are at his beck and call, in order to simply record his walking the perimeter of his domain–“barking” like the Obama regime guard dog that he is, and pretty much “treating” each of its’ four corners accordingly…in order to clearly “mark” his territory.

Under the “banner” of ‘rebuilding America by [coming together and] creating jobs, he was preparing everyone for Congress’ return to Washington this week, which included a thinly veiled warning to Republicans to leave Tea Party “extremism” behind and “learn what legislation is all about,” according to a Sunday FOXNews article depiction of the event.

“I would hope that they understand that everything doesn’t have to be a fight. Legislation is an art of working together, building consensus, compromise. And I hope that the Tea Party doesn’t have the influence in this next year that they had in the previous year,” Reid said.

Three times he repeated that Republicans are engaged in “obstructionism on steroids,” and said that for two and a half years President Obama “bent over backwards” reaching out to Republicans–only to find a fist rather than a hand to shake.

“I don’t think … anyone can question or they [should] question our having reached out to Republicans,” Reid said. “We’ve done everything we could to work with them. We’re going to continue to do that. In spite of the obstructionism, we have been able to accomplish a lot of good things in the last Congress.

The mainstream media continued their coverage without interruption, as though it were a family home movie, like “Harry Goes to Washington”–obediently refraining from making a single, substantive challenge to any statement Reid was making,

Obviously the media marching orders were to ‘keep the narrative simple and pure’–so Reid’s statements could be easily and accurately replicated by every media talking head this coming week.

“I think we can build upon that. This Congress isn’t over. All I ask is for the Republicans to understand what legislation is all about.” Reid said since last September Democrats in Congress have forged ahead alone pushing the president’s jobs bill and demanding tax hikes on millionaires.

The president also managed to upstage Republicans at the end of last year by forcing their hand on a two-month payroll tax cut extension–rather than the year-long legislation the House GOP passed.

“I hope that the Republicans will understand, as they learned in the last week in the last year, that they can’t be led over the cliff by this extremism,” he said.

We commend Sen. Reid for Democrats taking ownership of the ‘impossible to functionally implement,’ “two-month” payroll tax extension, destined to become one of the most well-known legislative “farces” of this Congress.

And, to correct Reid’s statement, it was actually not ‘the president’ who “upstaged” House Republicans at the end of the year, but rather a handful of Senate Republicans, led by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

As Rep. Allen West (R-FL) said recently, the House Republicans were neutralized by ‘having the rug pulled out from under them, by their Republican Senate colleagues–who will no doubt be faced with the consequences of their deeds this November.

Then, regarding Obama and Democrats reaching out to Republicans–only to find a ‘fist, instead of a handshake,’ it is clear that there can be no compromise with Liberal fiscal irresponsibility, in the form of their “extremist” obstruction to entitlement reform.

Obama, Reid and the Democrats steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that our own, out-of-control entitlement programs have created unsustainable budget deficits and a national debt that threatens our very existence–just like the fiscal and social calamities caused by failed socialist experiments are crushing the entire European Union.

Just last week, S&P downgraded the debt of nine member-countries, according to Dunstan Prial’s FOXNews article Friday–and we will suffer another downgrade if we do not act decisively.

Now, after just three months since the last $900 billion increase in our own debt ceiling that Sen. Reid is impliedly trumpeting as a Democrat success, Obama is calling for yet another $1.2 Trillion rise, claiming that we are within $100 billion of our borrowing limit.

This, in the shameful shadow of the colossal failure of the Super Committee, and the beginning point of the Democrat’s new ‘class warfare’ reelection gambit.

Here is my challenge to Sen. Reid: if he really wants to demonstrate Congressional courage and cooperation, and thereby truly exemplify “what legislation is all about,” he should retrieve all 30 of the House bills submitted to the Senate last year, specifically designed to ‘rebuild America and create [private sector] jobs immediately–and bring them promptly to the Senate floor for an up or down vote.

In the meanwhile, we obstructionist Tea Partiers will be monitoring the sky for flying farm animals.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein

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