Well, that sucks…

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Hubby just lost his job. If anyone out there knows of anyone that needs a great C, C++ programmer, email me at terresa AT noisyroom.net. He is the best at what he does and he programs in other languages as well – specializes in databases.

If you feel so inclined, feel free to donate a little to keep us alive until he can find something. You can donate here… And it would mean the world to us right now. We can’t stay afloat long without him finding a job. Sign of the times.

Off to try and cheer hubby up. Tomorrow he looks for work. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Well, that sucks…

  1. Sorry to hear that T. Prayers are sent, and may I gently remind you, knowing your beliefs gives me the confidence to say someone far bigger than you, your predicaments, your troubles and concerns, has your back, and good intentions for you and all that is yours, it’s His Promise, His War, we just get the opportunity to participate! Now on to the mundane things in life, jobs. The loss of your husbands job, guess I am assuming and showing my hand at the same time as I assume Garry is the one in topic here, has many of the credentials regarding computers as you, and lastly the showing of hands, (mine). I was in the camp that for years could be counted as one that worked at something I did not enjoy, and the other cards are that it’s been a few years since I had a FB acct and tried to activley engage others by knowing a little about them (thus the assumption it’s Garry we are talking about) and what they represented, so yes you were one of my friends, and yes I read a lot of what you brought to the readers eye. Anyhow, I am reaching out in faith. If Garry is familiar with installing new software or hardware, securing networks, setups, backups, or what some call a repair specialist, I have a friend at CSCO that might be of some help. You have my em and best wishes.

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