One thought on “Mark Levin: The government is killing this country

  1. Good stuff. It is a shame that ‘The Media’ is all owned by the Elite few that are all on the same boards of all the companys that back pat one another. Otherwise, the information we get that is truly news worthy is from sites such as this. I see the last days upon us every morning I’m gifted with a new one. As the coming days unfold I think the thing that really bothers me more than anything is the ability to ring in to and see what is really going on around the world. I salute you all, for the path you have taken is Not hand in hand with mainstream media, nor it’s possible monetary benefits. I pray daily for you all, our country, and even it’s leaders though I see them tearing it apart daily. The thought runs through my mind daily to go dark, but to what end? The information gathering has been done, they know what we do and where we are so whats the point? Occupy WS has been hijacked by the socialist clubs and the likes of van jones, pelosi, reid, holder, ad nauseum. The GOP doesn’t seem to know where it wants to go, as it scrambles to remain relevant as china, russia, and any islam faction they can funnel money into or through grows daily. All I can say is make sure you keep a few pig skulls in your front yard with a sign below it that proclaims Eat More Pork and remember, even if it hurts. Every time you give a dollar to a transnational corpporation instead of a local worker, family business, farmer, mom and pop hardware store, you are casting what I think is one of the most important votes in your life. Find out where the food is coming from you eat, where the shoes you have on are made, the cloths you wear. Want to know where to start? We all eat, so find out what your missing, try 4 or 5 spices on the back porch. You will wonder how you ever came around to pouring something out of a jar!!! No, I don’t sell spice, but if you start somewhere this spring, a little victory garden maybe, you’ll have more than many, and who can keep up with 16% food prices that are projected to go up another 12%. I digress and again wish you all on Noisyroom.Net/blog the best and thank you for news that matters.

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