Recall Vote for Wisconsin Gov. Walker May Spell End for Public Unions Nationwide

By: Jeffrey Klein, Political Buzz Examiner

True to their word, labor union backed volunteers flooded the state of Wisconsin over the past months, attempting to attract enough signatures on the re-call petition for Governor Scott Walker, who, along with fellow Republicans took over power in the November 2010 mid-term elections.

We all remember the mainstream media anointed “courageous 14,” the Democrat lawmakers who, not wanting to take their own political medicine in the now Republican-controlled legislative chamber in Madison, fled their home state [employer] for a motel across the border in Illinois.

The plan, which they borrowed from their cowardly liberal brethren in Texas, who were the original architects of such a proud and character-filled action–was to prevent a legal quorum from being formed, to prevent Gov. Walker’s collective bargaining limitation legislation to be passed into law.

Democrats attempted to recall six Republican lawmakers last fall, whose forces turned the recall election tables on three Democrat lawmakers at the same time.

National labor unions spent the majority of the $35 million on the recall races, which was nearly double the $19.3 million that was spent on all of the 115 original 2010 contests combined. Even after filling the airwaves with fraudulent and scurrilous attack ads and provide “rent-a-mob” protesters where ever they were needed, only two of their six targets were unseated–leaving Republicans in charge.

At the same time they also managed to help the three ‘shell-shocked’ Democrats under a recall attack retain their seats.

Since then, Gov. Walker’s plans have produced a huge, factual bounty that is resonating greatly with voters all across the state. According to the figures Walker provided, as a rare interview guest on the Rush Limbaugh Show today, his first, most daunting challenge was the $3.2 billion budget shortfall that he faced upon entering office one year ago, which is now projected to be a $300 million budget surplus–with no public worker or teacher layoffs, and no increase in taxes.

Additionally, Wisconsin enjoyed the addition of 17,329 new jobs, some from companies leaving the ‘deathbed’ of neighboring Illinois, whose economy was skewered by the skyrocketing tax increases passed by their Democrat-dominated lame duck Congress in December 2010, causing many businesses to flee.

The first hurtle for union-led recall drive will be to have enough ‘legitimate’ signatures on the recall petitions, boxes of which were delivered to the State Capitol by the liberal group “United Wisconsin,” to meet the estimated 540,208 necessary, according to Mike Tobin’s FOXNews article today.

Fraud is already suspected, as testimony by elections officials during hearings late last year revealed that Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler had signed the petitions, and some others were found to have signed multiple times.

Evidently, Wisconsin law provides that any eligible voter, with a ‘valid’ Wisconsin address, may sign a petition, whether they are registered or not. So, the petitions will no doubt be overstocked with “Occupy” wherever 18 year olds and students to reach the mark–because nearly every registered, working and taxpaying adult voter in the state is quite happy with Gov. Walker’s performance.

These re-callers cannot even find a challenger to run against Gov. Walker.

As a startling punctuation to that, even Wisconsin’s two long time, high-profile, heavy-hitter Democrats, Rep. Herb Kohl and Sen. Russ Feingold, have declined the invitation, according to Tobin’s article.

Have they read the hand-writing on the wall?

We can only hope that the unions expend even more of their treasure in this contest, because even though it is expected to be held in early summer, if at all, the brave liberal Democrat soul who takes up the gauntlet against Scott Walker, will face the cold hard facts that fly in the face of the union attack ads last fall, which foretold mass public employee firings, children going without educations and a bankrupt state treasury.

Even outspoken state Sen. Jon Erpenbach, one of the original 14 lawmakers who fled Wisconsin for Illinois during the battle last winter, was uneasy in his answer to the question of facing off against Gov. Scott Walker, by saying … “I think I’d be a good governor, I think I’d be a great governor. I definitely think I can do that job…Can I defeat Governor Scott Walker right now? Given what happened over the past year, I don’t know.”

If the three ‘top guns’ in Wisconsin won’t participate in this union-funded political adventure, then labor unions are likely headed to the national endangered species list, from which even their environmentalist friends will not be able to save them.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein

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  1. Great article, needs wide exposure. Too many think just because there is a recall election and many” more signers ” than needed, is as stated fraud, again.

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