Did History Predict Obama’s Recent Actions Against the U.S.?

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By: Jeffrey Klein

Two recent events illustrate the contrast in character and integrity, which define and differentiate Republicans and Democrats, which is illustrated by the caliber of the issues they choose to pursue and how they perform, accordingly.

The story of these two New York Mayors set a clear example, before we proceed.

You may remember the story of Gov. Rudy Giuliani (R), a single child born to a working couple who grew up in modest East Flatbush. During his tenure as New York Attorney General, Giuliani risked his life daily, in the relentless pursuit and prosecution of violent New York organized crime families for larceny, drug trafficking figures.

After a very effective career, he was elected Mayor of New York City, where during his two-terms in office he became known for innovations in law enforcement, crime reduction, privatzing failed government service operations and pressing quality of life issues.

However, he will forever be remembered for his heroically handling of the worst, most shocking attack on U.S. soil, in history–the destruction of both World Trade Center towers (formerly tallest buildings in world) on September 11, 2011–for which he will always be loved and respected.

In stark contrast is Gov. Elliot Spitzer (D), the youngest of three children, whose family, led by a very wealthy real estate mogul, was raised in the ritzy Riversdale section of The Bronx. During his tenure as New York Attorney General, Spitzer never assumed any mentionable risk, in his single-minded pursuit of picayune technical securities law violations, against well dressed and equally well-heeled, Wall Street investment firms.

After a predictably unremarkable career, he too was elected Mayor of New York City, taking office on January 5, 2007. His effectiveness while in office was summarized in an article by Michael Goodwin of the Daily News … “The governor who took office vowing to clean up Albany has lost so much public support that he is reduced to feathering the nest of the unions and other liberals.”

But, Spitzer will be forever known as being forced to resign from office on March 17, 2008, barely over a year since inauguration, under threat of impeachment by State lawmakers, because a federal investigation caught him illegally patronizing a high-priced prostitution service, particularly as a regular client of Ashley Alexandra Dupré.

Today, we have President Barack Obama boldly presiding over Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s $487 billion defense budget slashing, according to an Associated Press article yesterday. At 5.26 percent, these cuts eliminate 80,000 troops and reduces the number of ships in the fleet to historic lows.

This is in addition to another $500 billion in cuts hanging over its head, due to “triggered cuts” caused by the rank failure of the Super Committee Democrats even to discuss entitlement reforms, which is the prime budget components strangling our country.

Conversely, when it comes to President Obama’s courage and integrity dealing with the United Nations, its out-of-control management and spiraling $5.2 billion budget–he has little to none.

The United States is the single largest contributor, at 22 percent of operating budget and 27 percent of the peace-keeping budget, which is paid by the above described budget deficit-ladened U.S.A., who requested another $1.2 trillion debt ceiling increase last week, after having received $900 billion just this past September.

In an attempt to preempt tougher action proposed by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, which calls for selective U.S. funding cutoffs unless specific demands for U.N. reform and transparency are met, Obama appointed Joseph Torsella, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. for Management and Reform nearly a year ago, to promote management and fiscal reforms within the bloated organization. But, unlike Republicans, there is no threat to withhold U.S. funding if benchmark targets are not met, according to George Russell’s FOXNews article yesterday.

Mr. Torsella was given kudos by President Obama for garnering a pathetic $44 million, or 0.8 percent budget reduction, from the U.N., after a 3 percent pay increase for senior management.

It might be because Mr. Torsella has absolutely no training or experience to apply, as his expertise in the area is newly minted: prior to his swearing in, he was head of the Pennsylvania State Board of Education, and prior to that, he served as founder and head of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, according to Russell’s reporting.

President Barack Obama could not be more of a failure, for the same reasons as Mr. Torsella–he has no useful skill set to utilize in the Oval Office, except for Chicago style political chronyism.

Do you detect similarities in character and integrity between Spitzer and Obama?

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein

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