Dave Mustaine Goes Republican

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Oh, how time flies and people grow up and mature. I remember a time in my life in the 1980s when the speed metal band, MEGADETH, was all about being anti-Reagan and hating the American military. Again, the times they are a changing.

Now some 30 years later: drug rehab, drinking problems, band member changes, some surgeries and getting a wife and life and kids, Mr. Mustaine, who also used to play and run with METALLICA, has had a big change of life and his heart.

In an interview yesterday, Dave Mustaine voiced his support for RICK SANATORIUM and observed that Obama was not doing a good job. The interviewer then changed the subject really fast.

This observation of Mustaine’s is a 360 turn around from 1992 when he was supporting the Democratic vote with MTV.

Here is one thing I have noticed as well… a lot of the TEA PARTY rank and file are 40-something metal heads from back in the day like me. And of course, we all love TED NUGENT, the first long haired conservative to rise to fame.

So, to all of us aging metal heads out there… let’s give Dave Mustaine some support. Let’s practice capitalism at its best and buy his new album Thirteen and let him know he is not alone.

Gerald E. Loeffers Jr. 2/16/2012

*Note to our readers: It would appear that Dave Mustaine has not fully decided on endorsing Rick Santorum. Perhaps pressure from inside the industry is giving him pause.

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  1. It is 180-degree turn not 360-degree. Geometry tells us that a 360-degree turn points to the same direction as before the turn.


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