On This We Agree – Obama’s Gotta Go

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

(Photo courtesy of Larry in SF.) – Tea Party activists who supposedly numbered about 200. There were approximately 150 Occupiers.

In a moment of convergence, people united and agreed wholeheartedly, “Obama sucks.” He is universally despised by all it would seem and in San Francisco conservatives and liberals actually saw Hell freeze over as they agreed on their anger with the Marxist-in-Chief. Good times… You know, once you lose Sodom and Gomorrah…

But before you start singing Kumbaya, this is an exceedingly rare event where the left and right agree and for radically different reasons. Zombie has a photo essay up that is a story in itself. A story of one man bringing both sides together in their ire over a political mandate – one man with a teleprompter and a Constitution shredder – that man is Barack Obama. Faster than a speeding Communist… Only he could rally the Tea Party Movement and the Occupiers in a mutual hate-fest aimed at Dear Leader.

He was in San Francisco attending high end fundraisers that netted him over $4 million in Marxist tainted cash for campaign coffers. Instead of Anonymous carping on about rich corporations, they better take a long and intent look at the true 1% who bankroll and run the Progressive movement, starting with George Soros.

(Photo courtesy of Larry in SF.) Good advice, “Take your Marxism and shove it!”

Zombie does an excellent job following our new dictator. Stop by and check out the whole show in the incredible photos on Pajamas Media.

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  1. Dear GOD this is my prayer: “Don’t let Obama be re-elected in November”. Thank you for hearing my prayer.

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