Mitt Ron Ad Money Attacking Conservatives – Whats the Mitt-Ron Connection?

By: Maggie Thornton
Maggie’s Notebook

In the video below, Mark Levin makes the point that Ron Paul’s ads all criticize the only true Conservatives in the race. If Paul is so conservative, as Libertarians claim he is, and he claims he is, why is he spending his money attacking everyone but the moderate – Mitt Romney? See the video below. UPDATE 1-23-12: Maybe the question of what Mitt has offered Paul has been answered. See it below.

Ron Paul at it again, spending a fortune attacking Santorum. He spent a fortune attacking Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann…they’re trashing one Conservative candidate after another.

“Has Ron Paul ran any ads or spent a significant amount of money attacking Romney? Don’t you find that odd? This connection, this relationship? It’s weird. I’ll put this question out? What has Romney promised Ron Paul?”

GulagBound has other pertinent questions about the Paul campaign. Because I haven’t followed these angles, please read them at GulagBound. They are worth a read.

UPDATE: 1-23-12: Perhaps the DailyCaller is on to something – – Rand Paul as Mitt’s VP? – maybe, maybe not:

Now, a Kentucky media outlet, WFPL News, might be offering us a clue

Kentucky’s junior senator says it would be an honor to be considered as a possible running mate for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

… After a speech in Louisville today, [Sen. Rand] Paul held that door firmly open, saying he wants to be part of the national debate.

… “I don’t know if I can answer that question, but I can say it would be an honor to be considered,” he said.

Mark Levin: What has Romney Promised Ron Paul (video)

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  2. Romney and Paul and their wives became friends in 2008. Why can’t all you unprincipled people imagine two men with principles respect each other and their differences without some payout/bribe? I think they see the following qualities in each other: gentlemanly character, respect for all, truthfullness, devotion to ideals, ability to relate to others with different ideas, and overall niceness!

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