One thought on “U.S. Soldiers Reported Killed in Afghanistan in Reaction of Radical Muslims to Inadvertent Burning of Korans; Obama Apologizes to Afghan President

  1. like i care what the think or do, except kill our PEOPLE.. THEN THAT IS WAR, THEY MAKEs ‘MY HITLER COMPLEX ” come out, and that is bad, but worse is for the USA TO APOLOGIZE…they can kiss my grits. They show their ignorant learning and belief system.. stupid is right espression, the really smart and educatd Muslims are not in photos, they know it is stupid and don’t want to be part of a MOB…except when it gets them their ways.

    get out now and let them fight it out, fewer is better anyway. with 4 wives they will reproduce fast enough…

    Been there, and never going back..

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