Occupiers Besiege Wells Fargo CEO

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I guess it’s now an official crime to be successful. I’ve had my beefs with Wells Fargo over the years and the latest included the sale of a home… But how is that the CEO’s problem? He runs a successful bank and has arguably helped millions of people achieve goals that they could never have achieved without the help of the bank. Banks are a necessary evil in society – you can’t blame individual bad decisions or every boondoggle at the bank on the CEO. That’s nuts.

The Occupiers don’t see it that way evidently. They protested outside the San Francisco home of Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf over the weekend, holding a mock foreclosure and auction on his home and labeling him a Wall St. Robber Banker. Zombie has all the details and another excellent photo essay. I am green with envy over Zombie’s talent! 🙂 To go where all others fear to tread.

I strongly suggest to the Occupy Wall Street Movement that they take a long hard look at those that fund them, such as George Soros and the Progressive Democrat Party. There’s the true elite who are rigging our economy to fail and ripping off hard working Americans. Look to yourselves for those that want a free ride and who are dragging us down.

Obama and the Democrats have more Wall Street people in their ranks than anywhere else you look. The White House ranks are replete with crony capitalists and dirty Progressives on both sides of the aisle. They are playing Americans by forcing conflict from the bottom up (Occupiers), to bringing the lid down (the elites and government). They have to have conflict and chaos to force governmental change in America. The Occupy Movement is lousy with useful idiots.

Read the whole thing and view the terrific photo essay at Pajamas Media.

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