Nationwide Indoctrination for Local Elected Officials on Agenda 21

By: AJ
Hat Tip: Heather Gass

Those who are pushing to implement the UN Sustainable Development program (Agenda 21) have decided to set up nationwide indoctrination sessions for elected officials and municipal government professionals.

This is a clear indication that the tireless efforts of ordinary citizens to educate and combat Agenda 21 in their communities is working.

Predictable Progressives are now resorting to the same tactics they’ve successfully used on our children… Indoctrinate the teachers in Universities to arm them with the propaganda needed to indoctrinate our children in public school classrooms. In this case, they’ll indoctrinate local officials to arm them with the propaganda to indoctrinate residents in their community.

The battle to preserve property rights and Liberty for the American people has now risen to a whole new level.

2 thoughts on “Nationwide Indoctrination for Local Elected Officials on Agenda 21

  1. agenda21 sustainable communies flat earth poliscy progressive must be defied and defeated un not legally bound with signed treaties without consent of us senate too bad harry reid

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