Community Organizing President “Nit-Pick to Poverty”

By: Toddy Littman

This video is a fuller excerpt, please play it to appreciate the tenor of the article, thank you.

Obama, the consistent creator of “artificial limits” as Commander-In-Thief, has proven that what he said in the video above from 2008 is true, that high energy costs are associated with social engineering the American People to achieve his personal goals relating to what Obama sees wrong with America. This is obvious when you consider that today Obama says he wants to get rid of tax breaks for oil companies because “manufacturing creates more jobs,” a specious argument in misdirection. Don’t fall for it.

First, it is the left who wants to tell us there’s a limited amount of money available, á la Michael Moore, Of course, what is ignored by Moore, a staunch liberal and supporter of Obama, is that President Obama voted for the Bank Bailouts, Then Senator Obama didn’t pass up the opportunity to share his socialist positions in a speech, positions which are inconsistent with voting for the Bank Bailout except in politics. I bet Moore didn’t mention Obama’s vote to his OWS comrades when he decided to join them and put money behind them, (note Michael Moore mentioned, at 7 minutes in, going against GM too), and I am sure Obama’s words for why Government needed to bail out the banks would have soothed them, “We are all going to need to sacrifice… We’re all going to need to pull our weight, because now more than ever we are all in this together. That is part of what this crisis has taught us.” Sure sounds familiar doesn’t it? I wonder how much of OWS (as I know the Tea Party doesn’t buy this line) will buy into the idea of bailing out the banks as “… now more than ever we are all in this together.” I bet the unions love this one too, or was this an incredible Obama Gaffe? Toddy Littman blogs, you decide.

Then “President Barack Obama of the House of Downgrade,” who has spent a whopping 5 trillion plus in his effort to make the Government the sole engine of the economy, the investment banker and venture Capitalist of Patronage to be sure, investing in Solyndra,, Beacon Power,, and by tax loopholes Obama isn’t arguing to close, which aided GE, the 14 billion dollar Pulitzer Tax Evasion by Patronage Poster Child Winner (if there were such a category and Timothy Geithner didn’t object to Geoffrey Immelt receiving it), Of course, the grand daddy of them all, GM’s volt, “your tax dollars at waste,”, more recently canned,

Notice how the stories aren’t — and yeah I wanna beat the Liberal MSM on this one — “Oil Company Goes Bankrupt After Government Bailout,” or “Oil Company Pays Zero Income taxes?” This is because they do pay taxes, and permit fees, royalties, licensing, along with the front money for their exploration costs, thus Oil Production is an established industry. This industry has, over the 100ish years of their production, lobbied for tax breaks to help them produce oil for less, and thereby pass less of the cost on as higher prices to the consumer. Now, if there were a proven Solar, Wind, etc., alternative technology, that had an entirely repeatable outcome and sustainable energy production we can count on, and certain tax changes would allow them to produce energy, or the means to produce energy, for less cost, and thereby, lower the cost to the consumer, sure, these alternative companies would deserve that. However, there is a great distance between tax breaks and government programs to lend them money, particularly as in the Solyndra case where the U.S. Treasury, our money and the People of the United States in representation as the Government, was illegally made the subordinate holder of debt, subordinate to the original investors and bond holders. We ended up giving them money because of this illegal arrangement.

Now, I must break with being civil about this, to call out the Obama Administration for the blatant hypocrisy in subordinating the Government loan to Solyndra to the original investors and bondholders, while he made sure to subordinate the GM bondholders and stockholders to unions that were given a percentage in ownership (40%) without having paid for it in the course of the “managed” bankruptcy – “Redistribution of wealth patronage” — In even more perfect patronage fashion, this is why the GM Bankruptcy Case never went to the U.S. Supreme Court, This is Obama’s hand deciding the fate of others claims, in perfect loathsome, disgusting, sinister dishonor, his actions leading to the most certain abuse of government force against those who were harmed by GM or Chrysler’s products. All of it done in the interest of “Social Justice,”

Let’s, for the sake of discussion, assume for a moment that Our “Social Justice” President, knowing full well the energy investment losers by patronage that he’s picked, then avoids discussing all of his “green agenda” failure in Community Organizing the American People, by arguing instead that “more jobs are created by manufacturing.” Now, if we assume this is true, then the President is claiming to have unilaterally implemented a “cap on jobs” in America. Last I knew, in a free enterprise system, with the remnants of Capitalism continuing all on their own, jobs are created by people, their businesses, investment and purchases. Finding a market and filling a niche are actions of private inventors, producers, and others who provide goods and services, who then require greater numbers of people to aid in their business endeavor.

The President of the United States has no claim as to who creates more jobs, save historical records that fluctuated throughout the history of this nation, from our agrarian roots through the industrial revolution and now the information age. Today companies such as Apple Computer, Honda, Toyota, and others, which have robotic factories, have a need for an increased number of employed positions so their factories can put out many more products that are built better than ever before. Of course this is true unless the market for their product decreases, Government policies, taxation most of all, influence this activity, but these policies are, in part, to support and help the industries thrive.

Of course it could be that, as you heard in the 2008 video above and can review of Obama’s factual record over the course of 4 years since, the Obama policies are against industries thriving, and in this alone he can make his claim, that his actions are causing a cap on the number of jobs, much like FDR, However, the fact is that his claim keeps him from talking about the Obama energy investment losers where this President has put our tax dollars, the other part of tax policy, on behalf of the American People. This part of tax policy on the individual, who often has a small business or some independent contractor work, is what often negatively affects the expansion of the market for the products and services of the producers, manufacturers and others.

Progressive income taxation, implemented since the first Income Tax under Woodrow Wilson, higher percentages “owed” based on higher incomes, are the worst offense to having a growing marketplace as these punish achievement and ambition unequally, assuming the cost to achieve and play political business risk is not taxing in and of itself. The fact is we all work for our money in whatever way we do, our choices in job (and futures from this choice), our associations as well, are our own responsibility. Opportunity can take many forms and it’s up to us, as a part of our Individual Liberty and Freedom to discern them and choose for ourselves based on our own Character. Through Progressive Taxation Government denies us the fruits of our labor for following Freedom if we choose the road to success.

Note, that while Obama wants to get rid of Oil Company tax breaks, he signed off on a loan to, now again Soros owned, Petrobras for $2,000,000,000 to help them drill off the shores of Brazil, Although Forbes Magazine is having a fit over the notion Obama made the Petrobras loan as some sort of false statement,, the fact is, according to Bloomberg, Brazil didn’t need the loan guarantee and only received 20% as much from the U.S. as it did from China ($10,000,000,000) who is now Brazil’s largest trading partner, Maybe it is that there is some international limit to how much China can help a nation, or Obama has agreed that the money we borrow from them we’ll put into countries that China supports, so at least it doesn’t appear as though China is the unopposed largest lender to them. I mean, aren’t we just lending Brazil money we got from China? But that’s how it is with a Saul Alinsky Radical in the White House; Proudly placing on his head the other hat Obama wears, Chicago Way Commander-In-Chief Community Organizer & Master of Patronage Extraordinaire, placing all things on the table as commodities to be negotiated, including your unalienable Rights, and all other forms of property you own to achieve “Social justice” — This is the mantra root of Progressive taxation to afford any and all American Government enterprise solely done at the whim of the Executive Branch; a Communist bent on destroying America, under the erroneous belief we’re the oppressor, he is doing all he can do to make sure Americans never wake up to feel the Government hand in their back pocket, and anywhere else it can grope and get another pound of flesh.

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