Obama’s press conference today would make Pinocchio proud

By: Jeffrey Klein

Although White House officials denied political reasons for scheduling President Obama’s first press conference of the new year on “Super Tuesday” of the Republican Primary race, stating it was just a “coincidence.”

Interestingly enough, in addition to the press conference today, they seem to usually lucky by hitting the coincidence thing on the head every time, by scheduling “important” Obama speeches in an attempt to steal the limelight from the GOP, every time the attention has been on them, according to a FOXNews article covering it today.

And, with equal coincidence, Obama’s opening remarks centered around the GOP hopefuls criticism of his handling of the Iran nuclear weapon building situation, about which he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday.

BO: “Those folks don’t have a lot of responsibilities. They’re not commander in chief. And when I see the casualness with which some of these folks talk about war, I’m reminded of the costs involved in war,” Obama said. “This is not a game. There is nothing casual about it.”

Obama said if the candidates think it’s time to launch a war, “they should say so.”

JK: Candidate Obama had some very incredible things to say when running against “the ghost of George W. Bush” [John McCain] in 2008, regarding things he knew little, if yet still anything about–and was forced to vacate and retreat on just about every military oriented campaign promise he made–except for the historic elimination of don’t ask don’t tell.

None of the GOP candidates have access to the daily intelligence briefs or the tactical plans Obama gets (regardless of his reading or agreeing with them)–so, unlike him, they will not suffer the same, colossal embarrassments, by doing so prematurely.

And finally, Israel will not let Obama risk the lives and future of their nation, just because he wants to put off yet another difficult “leadership” choice—so as not to interfere with his reelection campaign.

BO: Obama announced plans to let borrowers with FHA mortgages refinance at lower rates, saving the average homeowner more than $1,000 a year. And Obama detailed an agreement with major lenders to compensate service members and veterans who were wrongfully foreclosed upon or denied lower interest rates.

JK: This is another complete waste of taxpayer money—which is exactly where it would come from to subsidize this round of “wealth re-distribution”…unless he wants to add to the fee he heaped on to Fannie and Freddie mortgage fees and have new home buyers pay for it…again.

This $83 per month will have the same non-affect on the economy as the ill-fated “Payroll Tax Holiday” lunacy that he prescribed, because it would not raise deficits or the national debt in a reelection year—but, it certainly will in less than two years, as the Social Security fund that depends on it will be insolvent and require hundreds of millions of dollars from General Revenue.

BO: Obama ridiculed the notion that he actually wants gas prices to rise, in order to wean Americans off fossil fuels … “Do you think the president of the United States going into reelection wants gas prices to go up higher?”

JK: If he didn’t want gas prices to go higher, he would have approved the Keystone XL Pipeline last November, and not have driven most of the oil rigs out of the Gulf of Mexico, which have simply made the speculators job easier, and left the door open for OPEC price aggression.

Obama’s actions have all pointed to an “Anything but Oil Energy Policy”–that he is using to “wean Americans off fossil fuels.”

President Barack Obama and his trusty administration would make Pinocchio proud.

Copyright (c) 2012 by Jeffrey Klein

One thought on “Obama’s press conference today would make Pinocchio proud

  1. “Do you think the president of the United States going into reelection wants gas prices to go up higher?” – Obama

    Do you think I want to be cut open to have this inflamed appendix removed? This decayed tooth drilled?

    No, but Obama views this as a bitter pill we must take for our own good.

    Which exposes him as a liar lacking the courage to admit the truth.

    He further exposes himself by including the qualifier “going into reelection”. This implies that he views our ability to afford energy as a political issue and nothing more.



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