In Memory of Myriam

By: Ashraf Ramelah
Voice of the Copts

Writing these words and looking at your picture with tears in my eyes, I wonder what kind of man would kill an eight year old girl. What does this person gain by his cruel and heinous act? At the moment I saw your picture in the news as a victim of the shooting, I immediately understood why this tragedy took place.

Myriam, you are another victim of Jihad – an act of pure hatred perpetrated against you. The one who boldly pointed his gun toward your little body had to fulfill the dictates of his [God] Allah – kill the infidel, kill the hated Jew.

I speak of the morning of Monday, March 19th, in Toulouse, France when three children were shot to death. The shooting occurred in front of a Jewish school. The French media reported the tragedy with political correctness in order to appease Jihadist terrorists, which only assures more horrible attacks in the future. We are all responsible for the loss of innocent lives, all of us who deny reality and hide behind political correctness.

The religious convictions swarming in the mind of a devout man who pulled the trigger on an innocent family walking to school one morning included his own peace of mind in knowing that a paradise of eroticism awaits him in the afterlife. By now all the world knows that such a cowardly act will be rewarded by Allah with a provision of 72 virgins in heaven for compensation for a great achievement.

Looking at your picture I sadly realize that you are neither the first nor the last to be a victim of such barbarity. I feel great sorrow that you, at a very young age with all of life before you, departed from us for any reason, least of all by the hands of a religious man abiding in his dogma. But I am so certain that you are in a much better place, between the arms of the Lord, the God of Israel — the true and living God. I pray that your soul be at rest and that He receives you in all His Glory. My heart goes out to those who suffer your loss.

Today, around the world there are thousands like Myriam, kidnapped, raped and murdered by the followers of Allah because of religious doctrine and a culture that hates Jews and despises woman and girls. Yet those who make statements pointing out this truth and speaking out for freedom are considered themselves to be bigots and haters. The information war, the war on words now occurring in Western countries, is raging, the one side convincing normal rational people that it is noble to tolerate the intolerant, that progress for humanity means to condone the acts of Jihad by way of cover-ups with misinformation and erroneous reporting.

As a small child in Egypt, I invariably headed to church with fear of never returning because of Islamic Jihad against the Coptic community. Today throughout the West, many communities are vulnerable to the same threat.


Common Sense: Arming Up! Feed and Defend

By: Jay Loeffers

Hi everyone… Let’s talk about Guns! I know you and I love the guns we all own, whether it’s just that tricked out 1911 you always wanted, or that first .22 bolt rifle you got for Christmas. Today I am going to be giving suggestions on guns for first time preppers and gun buyers on a budget. During a WROL situation, there will be no law enforcement to be called on. If this situation is prolonged and you’re out in the country and your supplies start to run low, there are plenty of opossums and squirrels out there.


1. M-16/AR-15: This is one of the copied rifles out there and it is easy to get one from the over 200 manufacturers that make them. They are in any caliber you want from .22LR to .50cal. But they are really pricey. Most start at $1,200 for a good all around one and a piston operated one will grab you at around $2,500. Now you can build an AR yourself and save some money. BUT, you run the risk of getting half commercial spec parts, getting military spec parts and creating a Frankenstein rifle that may or may not cycle or work. Some companies offer value priced ARs, but do your homework and ask if they are chrome lined and what is the rifle’s twist rate. For the first time AR buyer, I recommended the SMITH & WESSON M&P 15 SPORT. This is a great first timer’s AR rifle at about $700 and with S&W’s great customer service, you can’t go wrong.

2. AK-47/AK-74/SKS/AKM/SAIGA/RPK: These are the number one copied rifles in the world. Name a Communist/Soviet block country and it’s made there. You could pay anything from $350 (SKS) up to $1,300 (Custom built/Conversation AK-47). These rifles come in .22LR, 5.45X39, 7.62X39, 7.62X54, 5.56X45, 7.62X51, 12GA or .410GA. For you budget first timers, get a base SKS. With the wide selection of aftermarket parts out there, you custom build it yourself and it’s a lot of fun.

RUGER MINI 14/MINI 30/MINI 6.8/10/22

There is no doubt I am a real Ruger fan. Over half of my guns are Rugers and I own a MINI 14. They are the great grandson of the M1 GARAND and just as reliable, but in a smaller, lighter weight package. My MINI 14 is the new second generation Tactical version with the improved gas block, thicker barrel and flash hider. I have an awesome green Tapco stock on it. These rifles come in .22LR (10/22 – I have one of these too, I love them. Mine’s decked out.), .223/5.56, 6.8 (A warning: the ammo is extremely hard to find and is really pricey. I don’t recommend it.) and 7.62×39. Base price starts at $180 (10/22 – a great buy) to $750 (Tactical Mini 14 – still a good buy). The aftermarket has a wide range of MINI 14/10/22 parts for you to deck out your guns.


That’s something you should do your homework on; it is the cheaper way to go for the most part. You can get MOSIN NOGANTS rifles for between $99 to $120, BUT inspect it inside and out and put a light down the bore. Is the barrel rusted out? Is the rifling gone? Pull the bolt out. Are the springs spongy? So please shop with care when going Surplus.


GLOCKs are the most market dominant handgun around the world and in America. At last count, GLOCK had 60% of the police market. I own a GLOCK 21 3rd Gen in .45 and I love it. GLOCKs are not pricey new. If you want to save cash, used GLOCKs are the way to go. They come in 9mm (4 models), .40s&w (4 models), .45 (3 models) and also in .357sig, 10mm and .45gap. I don’t recommend these for the average first time buyer. These calibers are very pricey and are hard to come by. GLOCKs are easy to learn to shoot well, easy to take care of and easy to customize.

RUGER SR9/SR9C, SR40/SR40C, SR1911, P95, P345, GP100, SP101, LCR, LCP, LC9, 22/45

These are Ruger’s bread and butter. In just this past quarter they sold a million of these and they are so behind that they had to stop taking orders temporarily, until they get caught up. So grab them as fast as you can, these pistols are never over priced and come in the most common calibers.


You know the name and you know the history. Now know their valued products. If you are on a tight budget, go for the SD pistol priced around $400. It has the M&P trigger in a value designed frame and is trying to move away from the crappy Glock ripoff SIGMA. The SD uses the Sigma magazine and they work just fine. Calibers are 9mm and .40s&w.


They have been placed as the 3rd largest gun manufacturer in America, but unfortunately their product distribution has been mostly nonexistent. There has been a heavy demand for the PMR 30, PF 9, P3-AT, SUB-2000 (GLOCK VERSION) and the KSG SHOTGUN. With most shops having a 70 to 80 person waiting list of between 6 months to a year, only to have one or two come in. I don’t recommend holding your breath for a KEL TEC product.


Their product quality is up and down. Their prices are alright. Their model choices are many from large service pistols to compact autos and the funky ones like THE JUDGE .410/.45colt revolver. Shop carefully with this company.



For a Guy on a tight budget and a first time shotgun buyer, stay with the classic 12 gauge pump action shotgun. It is always faithful and is devastating at close range with 00 Buck or a slug.

Brand list:


For you first timers out there, this is a good way for keeping the wandering hoard away at long range and to feed you and your family in the long run. If you can get a .22LR and a .30cal bolt gun, both with good light gathering scopes and a comfortable sling, do so. All the best manufactures have high value bolt guns under $600 for the large 30cal and under $200 for the .22LR bolt gun. So shop around and do your homework.


You and your wife more then likely talk about prepping and arming up. She probably has worries about gun safety, which is understandable with the anti-gun media cooking the number of fatal gun accidents per year. A housewife might think 10 million kids die from guns in America every year. This is why you get the whole family together and talk about the plan to buy guns and how to get everyone involved in safety training, practice and operation of the gun. When you clear the myth and mystery of a gun away, then you cut down on the accidents as well. Teach your kids gun safety rules and remind them at the range as well. When the gun is stored up at home, give them this simple rule: If you want to look at the gun or know more about it, just ask permission. We will gladly share and look at it together. This kills their curiosity and reduces the danger of a household accident.