NBC Declares Open Season on Romney, Mormonism

AIMArchives – In last night’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, MSNBC has clearly begun its campaign to demonize Mitt Romney. Labeling the LDS Church as inherently racist, expect NBC News to continue this tactic continuously.

In 2008 we were not allowed to discuss the doctrine or theology of then candidate Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright. To do so would be racist or (insert your negative label here). But NBC has decided that Mitt Romney and, by extension, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, must be picked apart for political purposes. Lawrence O’Donnell is outraged that the media won’t vet Romney’s faith. But we don’t see him jumping at the opportunity to investigate President Obama.

Transcript –

1:20 – So there is Mitt Romney’s hero, Brigham Young, telling him that if he has sex with a black woman, he will die on the spot…and this will always be so.

2:00 – Racism’s grip on Mormon practice has been so strong during Mitt Romney’s lifetime that it was not until 1978, ten years after Martin Luther King was assassinated 1978, that the Mormon Church decided to allow black men to become priests in the Mormon Church. Mitt Romney was 31 years old at the time. If we had a candidate running for president today or any nominee facing Senate confirmation who belonged to a racially exclusive club until he was 31 years old, that man’s candidacy for the presidency, or for the cabinet, or for the federal court, would be doomed. But in America, the politics of religion has spared Mitt Romney the embarrassment of having to address this issue.


Let’s keep an eye out to see how many times those talking points get repeated. Oh, and Harry Reid is a Mormon too.

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