Cover Up: Teaching the true nature of socialism/communism

By: Jay Loeffers

Hello fellow history buffs! I found out something scary the other day while watching a man doing a small pro-life film and interviewing university students about Hitler and abortion. He found out that 17 out of the 20 students had never heard of Adolf Hitler or the history of Nazi Germany. So what this tells me is that even at the high school level, in public schools they’re not bothering to teach about the most important parts of both world history and the importance to recognize real evil in the world when it speaks.

I am betting they don’t talk about Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Chairman Mao, Roosevelt’s New Deal, the Soviet Union’s American spy network, the spread of Nazism to places like Baghdad, Egypt, Serbia and Croatia, real Communist antisemitism or heroes fighting Hitler from within. None of these things are even hinted at in most public schools. Go ahead and ask your kids what they learned in world history today; see what they tell you.

Let’s look at the very small cross-section of history of these political philosophies and recognize the results for what they are.


In 1611, a little over 200 years before Karl Marx was born and became the loser crybaby of all time, the Puritans sailed to the New World. They needed financial help for the trip, so they asked some businessmen for money. The men agreed to help on one small condition; that they had to follow a COMMUNAL style of living and government. They thought nothing of it at the time and received the money they needed. Their ships made it to their new home. They called it James Town And they discovered much to their dismay, how communal living caused massive amounts of laziness, misery and a 60% death rate during the winter. EPIC FAIL.


When the Wiemar Republic was on its last legs from its own financial meltdown, a little smarmy snot named Hitler was not enamored with either the Democratic Socialists or the Marxists running Germany. He wanted something along the lines of the holy Roman Empire with himself as Caesar. He had tried a coup before and it failed with jail time included. This time around, he carried out the takeover a little bit at a time and created the perfect villain for hungry and scared Germans to hate. Long story short, he lied to everyone, killed a total of 12 million people, was the richest scumbag dictator in Germany, invaded 7 to 10 countries, fought a losing 3 front war and put some of his own staff on trial for trying to kill him. He died in a bunker on fire. EPIC FAIL.


An observation for a moment… even though the commies and socialists are both the same kind of monster, if you put them in a room alone, they will kill each other. Joseph Stalin was the inventor of the massive ovens and gas chambers that Joe’s short lived bromance partner Hitler, ripped off and used himself. Uncle Joe had a higher body count then the Nazis and was a certified Gypsy and Jew hater. Plus it gets better… talk to an older Ukrainian and ask them about Stalin and his “HUNGER GENOCIDE” campaign and the Ukraine’s swift upsurge in cannibalism within whole families. Then there’s the great way he treated Poland with his hard labor camps on one side and execution of their brave fighters on the other. EPIC FAIL.


This is a very old and true Chinese curse. China, during their own Communist Revolution, was a living example of this curse for years. Chairman Mao, a great and humble man (sarcasm), found a way to kill more men and children without firing a shot. I mean, don’t get me wrong… Mao loved children in a Michael Jackson kind of way (YUCK).

How about his love for beheading all those crazy barbarian Bible-reading Christians, huh? Mao loved Chinese industries, such as his forced abortion industry and his industrial strength death labor camps, where they made the term “digging your own grave,” a high art form. The only thing you could really get was 3 hots and a cot… That’s right. Join the big missile parade party and March like a Nazi.

So, please get involved in your children’s education at the very start. Look at his/her teacher closely. Is he looking to indoctrinate or to educate? Look at the homework and carefully read every scrap of paperwork and the teacher’s notes before you sign anything.

Want a suggested history book list? E-mail me [email protected].

3 thoughts on “Cover Up: Teaching the true nature of socialism/communism

  1. I hope this gets you to get involved with your childrens education. At home and don’t. Ever trust the public schools system ever again EDUCATION NOT INDOCTRINATION

  2. glad ya didn’t just suggest to ‘homeschool your kids’… pretty simplistic advice, what with the fascistic, confiscatory, ever-increasing taxes that both parents have to work to pay.

    and while the parents are looking over all their work, they might also check for their respective schools subjugation to Agenda 21/International Baccalaureate

  3. To just something to think about
    I agree with the benefits of home schooling
    But not all parents do agree with it or can do it
    Yes I am fully aware of the agenda. 21/Baccalaureate
    Indoctrination programs,very nazi of them

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