Obama chides Romney–is the pot trying to call the kettle black?

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

President Barack Obama burned up millions in taxpayer dollars again yesterday, by coming to South Florida to “give a policy speech” [campaign pitch], on his going-no-where “Buffett Rule,” a surtax on millionaires and billionaires.

This amounts to a punitive tax on successful Americans who make $1 million or more, by raising their minimum federal income tax rate to 30 percent–seemingly so Obama can “stick it” to the man for “the people,” in his endless pursuit of class warfare.

However, its’ flagrance is found in its’ futility, as estimates, reported this morning on Fox and Friends, have shown that the additional $4 billion in tax revenue it would generate each year–offsets just a single day of U.S. deficit spending.

In maintaining his usual preference, he chose Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, to give his shirtsleeve-speech before a group of mostly college students–obviously the only place he can be assured of finding a minimally enthusiastic audience, while truly feeling like “the adult in the room.”

President Obama was … “[h]oping to draw a sharp contrast with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, according to an Associated Press article yesterday.

So, Barack Obama is attempting to sell the American people on the so-called … “stark difference” … between he, and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who he admonishes as being super rich and “out-of-touch” with the common man.

There are only two things standing in the way of this concept ultimately working…off campus.

John Kerry and John Edwards–the Democrat party POTUS and Vice POTUS candidates just eight short years ago, in 2004.


Briefly, John Kerry’s mother was a member of the famously successful and wealthy Forbes [magazine] family, and his father was high up in the federal government. As such, he attended elite private schools both here and in Europe, while spending his summers at the Forbes summer estate in Brittany (NW coast of France).

In May 1995, on tony Nantucket Island, Kerry married his second wife, Teresa Heinz-Kerry. She was the second wife of now deceased Sen. Heinz (R-PA), who became heiress to the Heinz food fortune–estimated, ironically, in the annual Forbes 400 List in 2004, at between $750 million to $ 3.2 billion.

Even though Kerry’s individual net worth was estimated at just $1 million, according to statements he shared in a debate with John McCain during his campaign, such as … “we married well,” further comments made it sound as though he and Teresa may possibly have more homes around the world than Mitt Romney and John McCain combined.

John Edwards, came from more modest beginnings, but became a successful personal injury lawyer enabling him to amass an estimated net worth [in 2007] of $29.5 million, according to a May 17, 2007 CNN Politics article.

Since October 2007, with Enquirer magazine on the scent, Edward’s notoriety has come mostly from his affair, which produced a love child with campaign intern Rielle Hunter, which he finally, publicly admitted to on January 21, 2010. His wife Elizabeth, who had been battling breast cancer, legally separated from him on that day, intending to file for divorce after the mandatory one-year waiting period, but succumbed to her cancer on December 7, 2010.

As of late, on March 13, 2012, the Federal Election Commission ordered Edwards to return $2.1 million in campaign matching funds, after they determined Edward’s had used $1 million in political donations to hide the affair and the child.

Tomorrow, April 12, 2012, unless delayed again, jury selection is to begin for Edward’s U.S. District Court trial in North Carolina, stemming from a June 3, 2011 indictment on six felony charges–he faces up to 30 years in federal prison and a $1.5 million fine.

No thinking person can escape this glaring hypocrisy.

As such, maybe half of the 30 percent of voters, who are Democrats, could be intellectually corrupt enough to completely ignore the Kerry-Edwards in 2004 ticket like it never existed.

However, according to numerous polls, nearly two-thirds Independents, who represent 60 percent of all voters, care a lot more about jobs, and the $4 per gallon gasoline prices that are choking off their discretionary spending.

When combined with all 30 percent of Americans, who are Republican voters, who are definitely driven by the economic failures and large national debt–it will be game over for Barack Obama in November.

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