One thought on “Ann Romney Responds to DNC Advisor Hilary Rosen’s Controversial Stay-At-Home Mom Remarks, Says Motherhood Is the Most Important Job There Is

  1. Mrs. Romney appeared on a Fox interview this morning. My concern about her comments was that she consistently used the word, “choices.” “Choice” means freedom to choose – it is obvious to most people that with little or no income, rising prices, sick children, and not enough money to provide the basic needs for all is unknown territory to those who haven’t lived through real financial hardship. To her, I would say that stay-at-home moms rearing children full-time is admirable. Yet, when a parent rearing children also works outside the home, comes home to help with children homework and school issues, prepares dinner and bathing, tucks them into bed — how many jobs do those multi-taskers manage? Thousands upon thousands of single parents are both –and there is no comparison, Mrs. Romney …. there are no ‘choices’ in sight. One does what one must. Glad your life was sufficiently comfortable to allow you the luxury of having ‘choices,’ Madam. Please do another interview when you have a greater understanding of what the working class parent endures. Only when you can discuss the issue knowledgeably will you be able to exude believability and sincerity. Take a hint: The era of ‘choices’ is smaller today than ever; it’s almost extinct.

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