California and the Subversive Teaching Radicals

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

If the red shoe fits… The masks are dropping altogether in the Universities and the schools that teach our future, our children. Zombie last week attended a lecture: “Teaching as a Subversive Activity — Revisited.” The title is self-explanatory unfortunately. You should read Zombie’s entire post – it is enlightening and terrifying to say the least.

The lecture was for education insiders only – so any pretense of not being radical was dropped. The University of California it would seem has gone pretty much over to the dark side and is embracing progressive Marxism.

In Zombie’s post, you will get to hear the audio of this lecture. Don’t let the boring banality of the professor fool you, this is a life and death issue that all parents and Americans better take note of. You see, this isn’t new… These tactics have been implanted and activated over a long period of time. Step by step, inch by inch, until the education we knew is no more and the education of Marxism is all and total.


Professor Brown’s talk focuses specifically on this problem: His basic thesis is that it is no longer sufficient to simply tell students to think for themselves, because then we lose the ability to influence them, and there’s no guarantee that the students will then develop progressive worldviews. The “Revisited” part of the lecture’s title means that these days, we must be more blunt and to the point: Since the good guys are now in charge, let’s just dispense with all the experimentation and instead directly indoctrinate the students in leftist thought and ideals.

The normalcy of radicalism, as Zombie puts it, is the order of the day in universities across America, not just California. California is just very blatant about it. They have basically become a communist state and hope to swing the nation that way as well. If we don’t get Obama out of office, they may get their darkest wish. Here are the titles of the clips you’ll hear over at Zombie’s post:

  • Clip 1: “Agents for Change.”
  • Clip 2: “A Two-Edged Sword”
  • Clip 3: “Refrain From Revealing Your Own Beliefs”
  • Clip 4: “Just a Complete Wacko”
  • Clip 5: “I wish that people didn’t have that freedom”
  • Clip 6: “If You Were a Republican You Had to Really Hide It”

They are going for it folks. The Progressives feel their time is now and they want to take your children into Marxist hell with them. Here are some code phrases that you should listen for:

Code Phrases Alluding to Indoctrination

If you hear or read academics using any of these tell-tale terms, they are actually discussing how to indoctrinate students:

• Critical pedagogy
• Agent for change
• Moral imperative
• “Critical” anything
• Subversive
• Mandate

You can read all of Zombie’s post here. These professors and teachers – these radicals – are dangerous and need to be weeded out. Our country and our children depend on it.


The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Results – 04/13/12

The Watcher’s Council

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up.

As a number of commentators have said (including yours truly), if someone isn’t willing to look at tort reform, they’re not serious about controlling the riding costs of healthcare.

This week’s winner, The Razor’s Why There Are No Such Things As Unnecessary Tests, examines this from a physician’s viewpoint. Here’s a slice:

My wife is a family doctor working in a small rural practice owned by a regional hospital. While she has not yet been sued for malpractice she knows many doctors who have, and while the vast majority of these suits never reach court they still inflicted many sleepless nights and higher malpractice premiums on the innocent doctors. She recognizes that everything she does may have to be justified someday so that if she is forced to testify she can explain the rationale of her treatment. This is the essence of defensive medicine.

The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation in partnership with Consumer Reports has announced Choose Wisely, an educational initiative recommending physicians avoid 45 unnecessary tests and procedures the group believes are performed unnecessarily. These include routine EKGs and Stress Tests as well as prescribing antibiotics for minor ailments such as mild sinusitis. Oncologists are also encouraged not to perform cancer screens on breast cancer and prostate cancer patients diagnosed with non-metastatic forms of these cancers.

But as the New York Times article states, these recommendations are controversial and there is fear among some patients and doctors that they will be applied too broadly. The newspaper quotes Dr. Eric Topol, chief academic officer of Scripps Health who says, “These all sound reasonable, but don’t forget that every person you’re looking after is unique…This kind of one-size-fits-all approach can be a real detriment to good care.”

As a resident of the great state that raised John Edwards to the heights of power on the backs of doctors he sued for malpractice, I’m skeptical over this recommendation for a number of reasons. Dr. Topol makes an excellent point. Those who aren’t health care practitioners may fail to understand that patients often do not present with clear cut symptoms. There is a finite number or reasons your car won’t start in the morning such as the battery is dead, the tank is empty or the ECM needs replacement. But the human body is infinitely more complex. What may present as back pain from too much Pilates can turn out to be bone cancer that had metastasized from the esophagus, as happened to my father-in-law. The chronic tickle in the back of the throat that drove my mother-in-law crazy for months, turned out to be an atypical and rare form of breast cancer. Both were dead within months of their initial complaints both were misdiagnosed by their primary care physicians, though it is unlikely in either case the proper diagnosis would have mattered much. But both cases of cancer could have been treated had they been detected early. Obviously doctors cannot perform these tests on everyone because it would take too much time and cost too much, but this decision should be left to the judgment of the doctor and not interfered with by the government, an insurance company or a non-elected body such as the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation.

These recommendations will no doubt be cheered by insurance companies and the government (since Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare make the government a de facto insurance company I’ll lump it together with the likes of Kaiser Permanente and Blue Cross for the rest of the article.) Insurance companies can now refuse to pay for these tests or at the least requiring doctors jump through time-consuming and money-losing hoops such as requiring pre-authorization to do them. The article claims that as much as 1/3 of the $2 trillion spent on health care in the USA is unnecessary, so imagine the savings to their bottom lines these companies will enjoy by cutting nearly $700 million from their payments. The problem with this figure is that it’s like the old saying about half of marketing dollars being wasted, but no one knows which half. Because it is impossible to accurately determine which person needs a test and which doesn’t it will be impossible to reap the savings hinted at in these recommendations.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Sultan Knish for One Hundred Broken Mirrors submitted by The Political Commentator, a fascinating look at how history repeats itself and how America looks to the countries we’re trying to ‘sell’ our brand of democracy to.

Here are this week’s full results. New Zeal, Gay Patriot and Simply Jews were unable to vote this week.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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