Romney’s poll numbers hitting Obama hard

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

As a result of Sen. Rick Santorum withdrawing from the Republican Presidential Primary race last Tuesday, Republican voters are continuing the slow dance of consolidating behind presumptive nominee, Gov. Mitt Romney, up from 33% in mid-February to 46% now–already taking a toll on the very presumptive incumbent, Barack Obama, according to Dana Blanton’s excellent FOXNews article yesterday.

To set the table, this regular mid-month poll of 910 registered voters was taken between last Monday and Wednesday–not yet likely affected by Sen. Santorum’s status.

Unfortunately, the poll also could not factor in the fallout from comments made Wednesday by Ms. Hilary Rosen, Key Obama Campaign Strategist, as suggested by her being the most frequent White Visitor (35) versus VP Biden at just 7, since inauguration day.

Briefly, while a guest on the Anderson Cooper 360 CNN variety show, Rosen impugned Ann Romney for … “never having worked a day in her life;” her implication was clear:

How dare Mitt Romney consider his wife of 42 years to be a suitable advisor on child-rearing, while balancing economic and other challenges facing women today–especially as she was raising two (of eventually five) baby boys, while they both attended college, living in a small basement apartment, on a limited income.

This doesn’t even include her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis, and bouts with Breast Cancer.

But, back to the hard [for Obama] poll results

For the second time in six months of polling, Romney bests Obama 46% to 44%, if the election were held today–but, still a dead heat as it’s within the margin of error. Rasmussen, which is known for only polling “likely voters,” has Romney ahead 48% to 44%, which is outside the margin of error.

However, beneath this still water, runs a raging torrent deeper in the poll.

Voter’s outlook on the financial future of our nation is frightening, as 29 percent who say they are “scared,” is stacked on top of another 49 percent who say they are only “concerned” … “but, not scared [yet].”

It is probably not favorable for President Obama, when nearly 80 percent of American’s view their financial future at threat-level “Orange” and above.

Just slightly less bad for Obama, is the “Senate veto-proof” level of 67 percent of Americans who are unhappy with the direction of the country.

When asked about the most important issue in deciding who would get their vote for president, 53% of those polled said the economy was “extremely” important, followed by 44% who said the federal budget deficit was “extremely” important.

Here it comes…

Voters [rightly] believe that Romney has the best experience to fix the economy 46-39 percent.

Romney’s advantage widens even more over Obama to 41-28 percent among Independents.

In the broadest context, 43 percent of Independents back Gov. Romney to take the Oval Office away from President Obama, who only garnered 37 percent.

So, is it any wonder that 42 percent of Republicans are “extremely” interested in the upcoming presidential election, and less than one-third of Democrats are so inclined?

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