Obama and Dems hammered by Hat Trick of self-inflicted wounds last week

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

In the ‘too good to be true’ department, in just four days last week, leading, national Democrat figures truly surpassed gaffe prone Joe Biden, resulting in a “hat-trick” of devasting, self-inflicted wounds to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.

The first, most mortal wound was inflicted at prime time on CNN Wednesday night, when Hilary Rosen, key Democratic strategist to the Obama national reelection campaign, declared that Ann Romney, who had raised five now-grown sons, had “never worked a day in her life,” according to a USA Today article by Jackie Kucinich and Martha T. Moore, last Thursday.

Rosen’s comment reignited a mom-culture war dating back to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 1992 remark … instead of working as a lawyer, she “could have stayed home and baked cookies.”

According to the article … “It convulsed the political Twitterverse,” with the Rosen-Romney fiasco quickly rising in popularity on the social-networking site — and cable television networks.

After first refusing to apologize whatsoever, only after being publicly dissed by every Democrat from President Obama on down, across the country, Thursday afternoon Rosen had gone back on CNN twice and issued a written apology.

But, then Rosen blew it in a FOXNews interview, by saying “I apologize to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended … Let’s declare peace in this phony war and go back to focus on the substance.”

Ann Romney had just opened a Twitter account on Monday of that week, and by Thursday afternoon she had more traffic than Justin Beeber.

As a result, Rosen’s gaffe has long legs with marathon runner stamina, which may just cause the Democrat invented “Republican War on Women,” which is as phony as they come, to collapse and die–robbing the Obama reelection campaign of desperately needed smoke and mirrors.

The second hit to the campaign came Friday, from Bill Maher during his HBO show “Real Time,” when the comedian host, who donated $1 million to the Obama super PAC–poured gas on the forest fire created by Hilary Rosen, as reported in a FOXNews article today.

“What she [Rosen] meant to say, I think, was that Ann Romney has never gotten her ass out of the house to work.”

Then Maher continued to “dig” his hole deeper…

“No one is denying that being a mother is a tough job; I remember I was a handful,” he said. “But you know there is a big difference between being a mother, and that tough job, and getting your ass out the door at 7 a.m. when it’s cold, having to deal with the boss, being in a workplace, or even if you’re unhappy you can’t show it for eight hours.”

The final straw came in the form of a “Freudian Slip” by David Axelrod, top dog of Barack Obama’s national reelection campaign, headquartered in Chicago.

Axelrod was a guest on Chris Wallace’s popular Sunday morning FOXNews program, when at the end of the very contentious interview, Wallace asked him a final question…

‘What choice will the voters have at the ballot box this November, between Obama and Romney?’

Axelrod replied almost instantly…

“ … between [an] economy that produces a growing middle class and gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead, [versus] an economy that continues down the road we are on, and everybody else is running faster and faster just to keep pace,” according the embedded video and reporting by Jennifer Rubin in her Washington Post article yesterday.

As Axelrod’s opening phrase sounds just like Mitt Romney’s campaign points, she believes, like a great many others, that it sounded like a ringing endorsement for Mitt Romney; and as such, she would not be surprised if Axelrod’s answer is the basis of a future Romney campaign TV commercial.

These three, back-to-back blunders, are bound to cause serious fireworks within the Obama reelection camp, which may just cause a meltdown of their hopes for November 2012.

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