Navy SEAL hands Obama his arse

By: Andrea Shea King
The Radio Patriot

Former Navy SEAL, Benjamin Smith took an oath to defend our Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic.

That oath has no expiration date. As an author, speaker, political strategist and ardent Constitutionalist, Benjamin Smith continues to battle tyranny and defend the freedoms that enabled American exceptionalism. Benjamin is a regular contributor to multiple news outlets including Breitbart and Fox News.

Benjamin Smith will appear on Fox News Sunday night at 10 pm EST to further discuss this subject.


By Benjamin Smith

President Barack Hussein Obama – STOP using the Navy SEALS as a campaign ploy. Because with all due respect, (what little I have for you), you do NOT speak for me.

You have a movie about SEALS within the past year trying to identify with me, with the navy SEALS, and with anything that might improve your polling numbers…and yet it is all a sham to hide a weak un-American man desperate to claim the victories of others for his own.

You Sir are trying to take the credit for what the American People have achieved in killing Bin Laden. Your use of the SEALs accomplishment as a campaign slogan is nothing less than despicable. I, as a former Navy SEAL do not accept your taking credit for Osama Bin Laden’s death. The American Military accomplished that feat.

Yet now that it is useful, you Mr. President, continue to refer to the event as if it were YOU and you alone which accomplished the worthy task of slaying one of America’s greatest enemies. You say “I directed”, “I Continued”, “My Intelligence Community”, “My national security team”, “I determined that I had enough….”, “My direction…”

Yet reliable sources continue to report that not only did you attempt to stop or delay Bin Laden’s demise, you did not even leave the golf course for the situation room until 20 minutes before SEAL Team 6 took out Osama Bin Laden. Even the clothes you wore in the situation room betray this fact. This is a Commander in Chief? A man who takes credit for actions largely taken while he was out golfing?

We men who have taken the oath, say ENOUGH. You do not speak for me, a former Navy SEAL, or any one of the league of men whom I have earned the right to be among. You are simply a man running for an office. Yet you behave as a glory-hoarding ruler. You campaign to be our leader, yet in reality you wish to be our Master.

The American people are the ones who got Bin Laden… You did Not! We have fought wars and slugged it with Vast Terror Organizations to get to the man you say YOU killed. The United Sates of America has won you a title sir and you have spent the last three years trying to beg, borrow and bow as you GIVE IT ALL AWAY. You just happened to be president of the USA when WE THE PEOPLE got Osama Bin Laden. We do not see you as heroic or stoic, we see you as the guy who let America Go. We got fat and weak and you gave it all away. That is your credit – you bow to foreign leaders and pander to the press. You do not represent me as a Military Man. You do not represent me as a SEAL. You do not represent me as an AMERICAN!

You do not speak for me or any American military man because though you may now be Commander in Chief, you are not the man to whom we can point our sons and say “This is the American dream, this is American exceptionalism, this is what I wish for your future”, because you Sir are NONE of these things. You Sir, are the antithesis of American Exceptionalism. Your idols are Saul Alinksi and Karl Marx and your revolutionary dreams and anti-American ideals poison your every policy. Your every action betrays the fact that in your soul you do not understand what it is to be an American, not what America truly is. Your agenda from the beginning has been to get rid of and kill everything that is and ever was American. You who so easily dismisses America’s greatness and bows to foreigners… YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE NAVY SEALS. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR THE MILITARY MAN AND you SHALL NOT claim as your prize that which you have not earned. The Navy SEALS are NOT a campaign slogan to be bantered about for play. Nor are our accomplishments, including the demise of Osama Bin Laden, yours to claim.

So you DO NOT speak for me. And I will not stand for your use and abuse of my brethren the SEALS.

For Liberty,

Benjamin Smith

78 thoughts on “Navy SEAL hands Obama his arse

  1. Thank you Benjamin Smith for your service to our country and for your message. You defend our country and our Constitution by protecting the Navy SEALS’ honor against an imposter-in-chief. We all owe you a great debt.

  2. Thank you to our devoted Navy Seals….We love you all and appreciate your deep sacrifices to our freedom and to America…anyone who has any kind of sense at all knows barack obama (I refuse to capatalize his name) is a power hungry tyrant who should be in prison NOT in the White House!

  3. Tim H, douchenozzle extraordinairre, says ” Mr. Smith” ….probably not really a seal, but a political pundit. BIG LIAR most likely. GOOD NEWS IS Obama is TRULY our President. True Americans hope you will obey your commander in chief as you said you would. A-HOLE.” Who the FUCK are you to accuse this man of not being a SEAL? Does it occur to you that the SEAL community, being as small and tight-knit as it is, would NEVER allow someone to very publicly speak on behalf of the SEALs without being immediately outed? You, being a pantywaisted, obaMao-blowing liberal half-wit, would not have made it through the first HOUR of BUD/S; the grueling 6-month ordeal (considered to be the most physically and mentally demanding course of instruction on the planet, with an 85% drop-out rate) that is only the very beginning of the years of intense training it takes to be a SEAL, and you have the GALL to accuse him of being a fraud? Ironic, considering that YOUR president can’t even prove that he was born here or what his academic standing was (if any) in school ! True Americans recognize the fact that this man, having fought for our country as a tier-1 warrior, has MORE than earned the right to say what he has to say to the usurper who is doing his damndest to destroy what so many millions have put their lives on the line to preserve. I sincerely hope that you follow your messiah to whatever disease-ridden Kenyan mudhut he was born in when we finally deport his ass, you prick!

  4. Ben:
    From one Operator to another, Thanks for speaking out loud what many of us want to say but cannot. As an active duty US Marine, we tend to get removed from service for speaking ill of the POTUS. (As seen in recent weeks). If I was no longer bound by this contract, I wouldn’t hesitate to join you on the platform brother.

    Celer, Silens, Mortalis

  5. This page is a room of undercover gay men who talk alot garbage but cant reveal their true names. You call Obama a media whore but praise this unloyal, unemployed fake seal who is going on Faux news to make some money to support his coke habit and pay his cable bill? You will see this guy in three months being arrested for a DUI or buying services from a tranny. His 15 seconds of fame will be up soon.

  6. DP (Double Penetration?)
    That’s 15 more seconds then you will ever have …Unless you get on your local news for pumping the neighbors cat again.

  7. I am not an American,
    But I congratulate you. A man that stands for he’s believes is exactly what the free world needs more of, before we are not free anymore!!!

    Thank you

  8. Leasers stand up to the microphone and give all the credit to others. That’s what leaders do. When Obama stood up to that microphone I was embarrassed for him! Obama is no Leader!!!

  9. Amen – Hallelulia and Pass the Ammunition! Thank you Mr. Smith for having the GUTS to speak up. We need more Real Men like you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Wow well said it is people like Benjamin Smith that make me proud too be an American ,and I would never have too worry that he would take orders that were unconstitutional like NDAA.

    God Bless you sir I salute you.

  11. Ex military in The Netherlands and in laws with German army background.
    Thank You: Mr Smith for what is know as real Character in my book!

    Sad part is that what one calls ” Politics”

  12. Having spent much time with US Military officers, citizen to military discourse is CRIPPLED by the military’s silence / discretion about the CIC. It’s refreshing to hear this veteran and others (thinking Allen West) speak once they’re out. I desperately hope our military’s priority is their oath, which is NOT to any sitting CIC but to the Constitution and protecting against enemies, foreign and domestic.

  13. Your pathetic. No wonder you are a “former” Navy Seal. Instead of trying to tear the country apart why don’t you get behind your Commander in Chief and help rally the nation. You are one Pathetic “Former” Navy Seal! PATHETIC!

  14. Regardless of your unsupported and extremely biased opinion- he is commander in chief, you ass. Give the president respect! How do you claim Obama did none to contribute, yet state several times the American people were owed the credit? The general American public did none to contribute except spend tax money that could be better used elsewhere. Please, folks, stop watching Fox news. It is not a real news station. It is just brainwashing everyone to believe we have a phoney president that cannot do his job. As a whole, Americans need to do first hand research from a critical standpoint so they can get their facts straight. I’m not a diehard fan of Obama, but surely he is owed our respect. He earned the American vote in the first place, so he deserves to be there for his four year term. And thus, based on our Constitution, he is President of the United States. HE IS COMMANDER IN CHIEF.

  15. This article really didn’t state anything. Of course the president is not a military man. He never said that he donned the gear and cleared rooms in that compound. The President did his duty. He made a decision that the certainty wasn’t even 100%. He was in the position to make a decision based on the intel gathered. He was presented with options on how to execute. Yes, he didn’t pull the trigger to double tap that American-hating piece of sh!t that orchestrated the attacks on 9/11. This article should also say that Bin Laden wasn’t responsible for the attacks since he wasn’t in the planes when they struck. And what’s with bashing him about bowing? Is it metaphorical or is it that he literally bows when he greets other leaders? The only thing clear about this article is that this guy doesn’t like the President, but this president is pushing to do so much for us veterans. The veteran community has pretty much been pushed off to the side, and not given much importance for years. This President is bringing to light that the Veteran has skills that transfer very well into society and should not be overlooked. That may not be “American” to you, but it is a clear sign of respect to the men and women in uniform. Way to crap on your leader, buddy.

  16. I just read this entire email and I’ve got to tell you. I fought in the Vietnam War to give rights to all Americans, not just a select few. I’m disappointed that it has come to this by reading the hatered within the words of many. Believe me, by no means am I a person who believes in what Obama’s done, but I would hope and pray you all could come together as one to recognize what truly is happening.

    Our fore fathers established and built this country for everyone to grow, prosper and enjoy the freedoms they fought to establish for us and future generations. It’s about time you all realize that Obama is no more than a puppet or vehicle for a higher group of people here and around the world to put into place their rules and regulations for us all to live by. If you all remember George Bush, Sr. spoke of the world order in the 80’s and it’s now coming to be at this time in all of our lives.

    Obama is who he is and what we can all do is get out in November and vote to replace him before it is to late. Stop the hate and start thinking about what you can do to make both yours and your fellow mans life better.

    Peace on earth and goodwill to man.

  17. Will –
    The comment about the bowing was not metaphorical,it was literal. The President of the United States bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia when they met in 2009.

  18. I personally know Benjamin Smith and got the article from Andrea Shea-King who spoke with him. This is true, not false. Not surprised since Soros funds Snopes.

  19. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My opinion is that this Navy seal is an idiot, probably a racist, and by my calculation: not as intelligent as he would have us think.

    Former Marine
    College Grad
    Obama Supporter

    P.S. – the Republican party is a greater threat to my Liberty than Sadam, Osama, Al Qeda, N Korea, China, and the “Mayan 2012 prophecy” combined!

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