Agenda 21 Treaty on the Horizon

By: Henry Lamb
Gulag Bound

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While liberal journalists continue to claim that Agenda 21 is just a “conspiracy theory” being advanced by right-wing crackpots, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Council for Environmental Law (ICEL) have released their fourth Draft of the International Covenant on Environment and Development. This document was designed from the beginning to convert the “soft-law” non-binding Agenda 21 into firmly binding global law — enforceable through the International Criminal Court and/or the dispute resolution features of the Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Two excellent analyses of this document are available here and here. Read the entire 242-page document here.

Few people understand that it is standard operating procedure for the U.N. to issue a massive non-binding policy document to test the water and make adjustments to its plans before introducing the real, legally-binding treaty. For example, the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a “soft-law” instrument, was the precursor to the two 1966 U.N. Covenants on Human Rights. The 1992 U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change called for “voluntary” compliance. But at the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention, the group agreed to create a Kyoto Protocol to the Convention that would set legally-binding targets for all member nations.

Noah M. Sachs, a University of Richmond law professor and environmental expert, said: “Agenda 21 has been a dead letter for 20 years, its recommendations have not been implemented by most governments, and the U.S. has largely ignored it.”

Mr. Sachs is either ignorant of the facts, or is deliberately trying to mislead his readers. President Clinton’s President’s Council on Sustainable Development operated between 1993 and 1999 expressly for the purpose of implementing the recommendations in Agenda 21. At the 11th meeting of the PCSD, Ron Brown, then- Secretary of the Department of Commerce, said that his department could implement 67% of the recommendations under his jurisdiction by rule, without the need for new legislation.

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) was created at the behest of the U.N. expressly for the purpose of advancing Agenda 21 around the world. They claim more than 1200 cities around the world have joined their organization for assistance in implementing “sustainable development” — defined to be the recommendations contained in Agenda 21. More than 600 of these cities are in the United States.

Mr. Sachs: Agenda 21 is not a dead letter!

A few organizations, Freedom21, Freedom Advocates in California, and the American Policy Center have been teaching Agenda 21 to people since the mid 1990s. In the last few years, Tea Parties, 9/12 and property rights groups have seen how ICLEI and liberal local officials have been converting the recommendations in Agenda 21 into binding law, by incorporating these recommendations into comprehensive land use plans. Dozens of cities have terminated their membership in ICLEI after local groups showed their elected officials how their plans actually reflect the recommendations in Agenda 21.

Those who like to ridicule by pointing to an imaginary global plot to rule the world, are either ignorant of the facts, or don’t want people to know that the IUCN and the ICEL have been working since 1995 to get Agenda 21 converted into binding international law. It is not a plot. It is not a conspiracy. It is a fact. The IUCN is not going to stop until they are successful. Virtually every environmental treaty adopted by the U.N. in the last several decades was written by the IUCN.

The IUCN consists of governments, government agencies, and non-government organizations. Seven federal agencies pay more than $500,000 per year to be members of the IUCN. Many of these people are the same people who are delegates and attend the U. N. meetings where these treaties are adopted. Federal employees helped write this fourth draft of the International Covenant on Environment and Development.

President Obama is on the Agenda 21 bandwagon. In addition to challenge grants offered by federal agencies to entice local communities to create comprehensive land use plans, he, like Bill Clinton, has issued Executive Orders to advance the agenda without interference from Congress. Obama issued an Executive Order to create the White House Rural Council last year. On March 15, he issued another Executive order creating the White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities. The next day, another Executive Order, National Defense Resources Preparedness, vastly expanded the President’s power to control virtually all resources in times of emergency.

In view of the facts that are readily available and undeniable, whenever a journalist or a politician, or an ordinary environmental extremist claims that Agenda 21 is not real, or is just a “conspiracy theory,” or the imaginations of right-wing crackpots, their comments can be dismissed and their motives challenged.

The international community — the U.N., the IUCN, and the ICEL — are working as hard as they can to get Agenda 21 converted into binding international law. It will happen unless informed Americans stand up — as they have begun to do across the country — and kick out ICLEI, Agenda 21, and realize that use of the term “sustainable development” is nothing more than a sound-good substitute for Agenda 21.

Everyone should learn all they can about Agenda 21 and sustainable development, and join the battle to keep it away from America. A great place to start is here (video 18:54).

Sovereignty International Presentation, Agenda 21

Henry Lamb is the author of “The Rise of Global Governance,” Chairman of Sovereignty International , and founder of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) and Freedom21, Inc.


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Communists in Congress? (1) Hansen Clarke (D) Michigan

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Recently, Florida Rep. Allen West received considerable flak after claiming that there were up to eighty “communists” in the US Congress.

Rep. West was certainly correct in spirit. There are dozens of members of the US Congress who have strong ties to one or more of America’s several influential Marxist organizations.

This is the first of a series of profiles of Congress members with documentable connections to the US hard left.

Hansen Clarke (D) Michigan:

Michigan freshman Democratic Congressman Hansen Clarke represents the state’s 13th District and serves on the Homeland Security and Science, Space and Technology committees.

A former Chief of Staff to Michigan’s pro-Marxist Congressman John Conyers, Hansen Clarke seems to be following in his former mentor’s political footsteps.

Over many years, Congressman Clarke has openly aligned himself with the highly influential Detroit local of the US’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America.

Reaffirming a relationship that began several years ago, Congressman Clarke personally presented awards at Greater Detroit DSA’s 12th annual Frederick Douglass-Eugene V. Debs Dinner on October 1st at UAW Local 600 in Dearborn, Michigan.

Clarke presented Congressional citations to far leftist, the Reverend Ed Rowe and to the Restaurant Opportunities Center-Michigan.

Other speakers included an event regular, Metropolitan Detroit AFL-CIO President Saundra Williams and newly appointed DSA National Director Maria Svart.

Hansen Clarke’s relationship with DSA goes back to at least 2002.

In that year, Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America contributed to the primary campaign of Hansen Clarke, who ran against incumbent State Senator Ray Murphy in the 1st District. The local did some early fundraising and conducted a postcard campaign on Clarke’s behalf to its members in the 1st Senate District. Hansen Clarke achieved an upset victory, winning comfortably by thirteen points.

Greater Detroit DSA boasts a “simple but effective electoral strategy.”

We endorse progressive candidates in competitive races where the focused efforts of a small group such as ours can tip the balance in favor of the progressive candidate. This strategy has served us well in electing state representatives such as Steve Bieda, Alma Wheeler Smith, John Espinoza, Aldo Vagnozzi, and Fred Miller, and state senators such as Gilda Jacobs and Hansen Clarke.

Hansen Clarke also has a close working relationship with one of the US’ most extreme Marxist-Leninist organizations – the pro-North Korea/Cuban Workers World Party.

In 2008 Hansen Clarke worked closely with Detroit leaders of the Workers World Party on the house foreclosures issue. Clarke drafted and sponsored SB 1306 with long time WWP collaborator Reverend Ed Rowe of Central United Methodist Church, a co–initiator of the Moratorium NOW! organization. Rowe further pledged ongoing support to the coalition, whose office is in his church. Most key leaders and personnel in Moratorium NOW! are also Workers World Party activists. Writing in Workers World on Jan. 14, 2008, Detroit WWP leader Kris Hamel discussed the origins of Moratorium NOW!

“More than 400,000 jobs have been lost in the state since 2001. Now, that economic crisis has extended nationwide… According to a report issued on June 5 by the Mortgage Bankers Association, approximately one of every 11 mortgages in the U.S. was past due or in foreclosure at the end of March… Falling home values have left many homeowners with mortgages in excess of the value of their homes… The Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures and Evictions is organizing around the state to win passage of SB 1306, a two-year moratorium introduced into the Michigan Legislature by state Sen. Hansen Clarke. In 2007, activists with the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice began to popularize the idea of a foreclosure moratorium based on the emergency powers invested in the governor by the state constitution during times of disaster. Demonstrations were held at the state capitol in Lansing demanding that Gov. Jennifer Granholm declare a state of economic emergency and impose a moratorium to stop foreclosures and evictions.

Hansen Clarke became heavily involved in the WWP campaign, in 2008, when a Detroit family, the Maxwells, were faced with losing their home. According to the Workers World, “the dumpster was returned to the Maxwell home on the morning of April 23, one week after “community activists” successfully emptied it and moved the family’s belongings back into their foreclosed home on Detroit’s near northwest side.” An emergency demonstration called by the WWP front Moratorium NOW!, convened at the home in the afternoon in solidarity with the Maxwells and “all those facing foreclosure in Detroit.”

Activists with another WWP front, the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice, the Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, ACORN, and other groups participated. An emergency motion was filed in Detroit’s 36th District Court to set aside the judgment for eviction entered by the court on Feb. 28. On April 25, community activists packed the courtroom with the Maxwell family as Judge E. Lynise Bryant-Weekes heard arguments on why the family should be allowed to stay in their home. After the hearing, as supporters gathered in the corridor outside the courtroom, Maureen Taylor of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization stated: “This proves that poor people have no rights, that if you can’t afford an attorney, so be it. Poor people cannot get justice in a courtroom. We need to keep fighting.”

Detroit WWP leader Abayomi Azikiwe of Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice, told Workers World: “This is precisely why we need a moratorium. There are thousands of families like the Maxwells all throughout Metro Detroit. We need to step up the struggle to force the state legislature to enact the two-year foreclosure moratorium law. We can’t wait another day.”

MECAWI organizer and WWP leader Jerry Goldberg spoke at the Labor and Community Conference held at United Auto Workers Region 1A on April 26. Sponsored by the Labor Studies Center of the University of Michigan, the conference linked community issues such as health care and the environment to the labor struggle. Goldberg spoke on the foreclosure crisis and motivated the audience to support the two-year mortgage foreclosure moratorium introduced by State Sen. Hansen Clarke. Participants “signed up to support the bill and responded enthusiastically to the developing struggle.”

Abayomi Azikiwe and State Senator Hansen Clarke co-chaired a Town Hall Meeting on June 14, 2008 at UAW Local 7 in Detroit. The event, a statewide organizers’ conference, demanded the passage of Hansens’ SB 1306, imposing a two-year moratorium on foreclosures in Michigan.

Workers World Party leaders Jerry Goldberg and Abayomi Azikiwe, with Hansen Clarke, June 14, 2008

Later that year, 72 year-old Rubie Curl-Pinkins was threatened with eviction from her home behind the James Cole Funeral Home on West Grand Boulevard. Hundreds of neighbors, relatives, church members and activists from the Moratorium Now! Coalition, Call ‘em Out, ACORN and State Senator Hansen Clarke and his staff rallied against Countrywide Home Loans/Bank of America, which planned to evict her family July 25, 2008.

The rally went on from 4 PM until almost midnight and was given extensive coverage by Detroit’s Channel Seven, which also interviewed Clarke about his pending bill for a two-year moratorium on foreclosures, S.B. 1306.

Unlike many other Detroiters facing foreclosure, Ms. Pinkins had the money to pay what she owed on the home, obtained through a reverse mortgage. Her attorneys, WWP affiliate Vanessa Fluker and WWP member Jerry Goldberg together with Bruce Feaster of Clarke’s office said Countrywide earlier lured her into a predatory adjustable-rate second mortgage at a 10 percent interest rate.

Workers World Party leader Abayomi Azikiwe, Sen. Hansen Clarke, Rubie Curl-Pinkins, WWP member Alan Pollock, Debbie Williams, unidentified man and WWP member Sandra Hines on the porch of the Curl-Pinkins home in Detroit, Aug. 22, 2008

Hansen Clarke’s ties to the Workers World Party went beyond the anti-foreclosure campaign.

In 2009, Hansen Clarke was listed as an endorser of the Committee to Defend Diane Bukowski and Freedom of the Press.

Detroit radical journalist Diane Bukowski, was convicted May 1 2009, on two felony charges stemming from her involvement as a reporter on the scene of a deadly police chase in Detroit on November 4, 2008. Michigan radicals from several Marxist organizations, including Democratic Socialists of America, Communist Party USA, Solidarity and especially the Workers World Party formed the committee to defend their comrade.

Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson, Workers World Party leader David Sole, and Diane Bukowski

Other listed Committee endorsers included Hansen Clarke’s former boss John Conyers, Communist Party USA supporter John Woodford, Democratic Socialists of America members Phil Schloop and Al Benchich, Solidarity member Peter Solenberger and Workers World Party members David Sole, Sandra Hines, Cheryl LaBash, Bryan Pfeifer and WWP affiliated Detroit City Council member JoAnn Watson.

Clarke is also affiliated with Detroit’s Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic & Social Justice – named after the late pro-communist labor lawyer Maurice Sugar and affiliated with the Communist Party initiated National Lawyers Guild.

On November 18, 2010, the Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center presented “The Maurice Sugar Voice for Justice Award” to former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, “a Human Rights Activist and Green-Jobs Advocate,” at the United Way for Southeastern Michigan, 660 Woodward Ave.

Members of the Honorary Host Committee included Hansen Clarke; David Elsila, Retired Editor, UAW Solidarity Magazine and a DSA member; Bob King, President, UAW International Vice President and a DSA supporter; Claudia Morcom, Retired Wayne County Circuit Court Judge and a DSA and Communist Party affiliate; Hasan Newash, Palestine Office of Michigan and a Communist Party affiliate; Saundra Williams, President, Metro Detroit AFL-CIO and a DSA affiliate and the Hon. JoAnn Watson, Detroit City Council and a long time Workers World Party affiliate.

Trevor Loudon blogs at TrevorLoudon.com, edits the KeyWiki website (an online encyclopedia of the US left) and is the author of a newly released book on the US President’s communist and Marxist ties Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.


The Fascist Boogie Fever

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

All hail, or should we say ‘heil,’ the rise of the Golden Dawn fascists in Greece. It’s all the rage (literally) in the streets of Greece these days. They now hold 21 seats in the Greek government – about 7% of the controlling body – and combined with the Communists, that control is closer to 20%. And their influence is not only growing there, but in Europe and the US. The darkness is rising once again and the Golden Dawn is telling those in power they should fear them now and indeed, they should take those threats to heart. Golden Dawn is demanding the respect of the Greek people and, with their violent stance, they may enforce it.

From The Blaze:

Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos told The Associated Press in an interview that his party had delivered a blow against the country’s corrupt leadership.

“They slandered us, slung mud at us, and shut us out of all the news media – the TV channels of the corrupt elite – and we beat them,” the 55-year-old leader said as the votes came in. “The day of national revolution by the Greeks has begun against those who are selling us out and looting the sweat of the Greek people.”

History is repeating and a new horror is spreading its wings across the globe and few seem to be taking note of it. France just elected a Socialist leader (actually he’s a Communist; you say potato…) and Islamic fascism via The Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda is sweeping the Middle East. Look at history: Hitler and Islam joined hands in a Kumbaya moment of sociopathic murderous glee to slaughter the Jews last time and you are seeing the exact same moves today. Once again, America sits quietly by as the vilest of coalitions forms to engulf humanity while Satan laughs with delight. Iran is doing the nuclear bump as its evil imp of a leader boldly proclaims that war is not needed to defeat Israel. No… cutting ties and dirty looks should do the trick. Okay, you can stop choking with laughter now. Ahmadinejad is the ultimate trickster – I firmly believe he wants to nuke Israel into the afterlife and you are nuts if you can’t see that. We are on his enemies list as well – right at the top of it actually, with Israel a close second. A well placed EMP or two should take care of the US in the imp’s viewpoint and he may well be right. Millions would die in the aftermath of one second after.

America is not immune to the spread of Golden Dawn’s platform. Certainly, if Obama is reelected we will see it spread. Of course, the name will be different, but the sulfuric stench will be the same. If Romney is elected and then does not follow the will of the people in America, which is a conservative bent by the majority, and goes back to bailouts and stimulus games, you will see the rise of nationalism here as well and that is poison. We dare not go down that road. History shows we could easily do so. There were pro-Hitler movements here in the US the last time this rose from the depths of Hell. Look it up.

The Blaze explains the scenario that could unfold:

Beck explained that the situation in Greece was likely a direct result of something he calls the “Bubba effect.” To refresh your memory on what this theory entails, envision a scenario where, in the wake of an Islamic terror attack and subsequent government ineptitude — particularly as regards national security and immigration — an everyman, or, “Bubba,” pushed to the brink, shoots someone who appears to be Muslim. Citizens rally to Bubba’s defense, blaming the government, not the murderer, for causing the problem in the first place. When citizens’ frustration with government reaches critical mass, a contingent can all too easily use that as an excuse to lash out. As we examine the situation in Greece below, it seems the Bubba effect may have already arrived.

One component leading to the unrest across the eurozone has been the enactment of austerity measures. Billed as an answer to the European sovereign debt crisis, austerity measures focus on achieving reduced levels of spending primarily through cutting public services and programs. This is done so that taxes need not increase to compensate for deficits. Needless to say, whenever public and social services are cut, those who champion said programs, particularly on the left, are bound to pose strong resistance. Such has been the case across europe, specifically Greece. With the exit of Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is perhaps the only pro-austerity leader left in Europe.

I never thought I would see this happen in my lifetime. It blindsided me and takes my breath away. When I face the evil developing, it causes me to cringe from within and begs me to turn away. I will not and I pray that America and the world will not either. The only way to beat back the darkness is to face it head on and fight with every bit of strength you have physically and in your soul. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to you. History is calling us – which side will each of us choose? I choose the light and will fight to my last breath defending Israel and what is good and right. My course is set, but the world’s is still very much in question. It has taken the world only 70 years to forget the last time we danced with this demon. Shame on us.

Listen to the hardline rhetoric of Greece’s Golden Dawn leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Anti-immigration, isolation, nationalism… spouted with ear-assailing passion and vehemence. Remind you of anyone? All fanatical, charismatic psychopaths share certain traits – loud proclamations, soul-stirring speeches and gut wrenching inclusions meant to ensnare the soul and trap the individual with twisted, seductive language where up is down, wrong is right, death is life.

More is to be gleaned from The Blaze – the only one I know of that’s exposing this spreading cancer:

Vowing to “rid this country of the stench” — a.k.a. immigrants — Golden Dawn’s insignia is entirely too reminiscent of the swastika and its adherents, reportedly clad in black, are often seen physically abusing and intimidating immigrants across the country. Needless to say, Greece’s immigrant community is understandably concerned and opponents are preoccupied with how best to marginalize the Neo-Nazi group that has now gained legitimacy in the halls of government.

Michaloliakos, who is also no fan of the media, said the day of “national revolution by the Greeks has begun against those who are selling us out and looting the sweat of the Greek people.”

It might also be worth noting that “Golden Dawn” takes its name from a “magical order” of Freemasons who practiced in the late 19th and early 20th century Britain. The order has been cited one of the greatest influences on Western occultism.

The silence from the media and the world is deafening and beyond alarming. Israel sees what is happening. What happened to all of us who declared “never again?” Eternity beckons the world into darkness and we are too busy watching American Idol to care. Sigh.

It is true that the Nazis killed not only Jews and Gypsies, but Communists and Socialists. But in many ways, the Nazis shared common goals with the Communists. That is why they were killed – their ideology competed with Hitler’s vision. Particularly, their economic goals were similar.

From the TIME Magazine profile that named Adolf Hitler its 1934 Man of the Year:

“Most cruel joke of all, however, has been played by Hitler & Co. on those German capitalists and small businessmen who once backed National Socialism as a means of saving Germany’s bourgeois economic structure from radicalism. The Nazi credo that the individual belongs to the state also applies to business. Some businesses have been confiscated outright, on other what amounts to a capital tax has been levied. Profits have been strictly controlled. Some idea of the increasing Governmental control and interference in business could be deduced from the fact that 80% of all building and 50% of all industrial orders in Germany originated last year with the Government. Hard-pressed for food- stuffs as well as funds, the Nazi regime has taken over large estates and in many instances collectivized agriculture, a procedure fundamentally similar to Russian Communism.”

There was a direct correlation between poverty, the increase of unemployment and the rise of Nazism. Think it can’t happen here? If we don’t change our course, look in the mirror at Greece. She is our future on a larger, more deadly scale. It took only 30% to elect Hitler and put him in office with an iron-fisted control of the country.

The fascist boogie fever has hit Greece and is dancing its influence across the planet. Spreading antisemitism, hate and fear while dancing to the Nazi beat. It’s literally to die for.

Golden Dawn (Greece)

Golden Dawn Greece ( RESISTANCE ) 2012 [HD]

Hooray the Golden Dawn (march song) – Ζήτω η Χρυσή Αυγή

Golden Dawn-Resistance