Obama Exposes Seal Team 6 for Movie: Impeachment Worthy Documentation

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

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We present this nauseating drama in three acts, going backward in time, Dramamine not provided. Whether or not that really was Bin Laden that was killed and his body whisked stealthily away, wrapped up like a fish, and dumped in the ocean in purported Muslim (not-Muslim) fashion, it is Seal Team 6 that gets played.

A brief set-up with comments, from Investors Business Daily

Scooter Obama Outs Navy SEAL Team 6 Leader For Movie

Posted 05/24/2012 06:56 PM ET

National Security: New documents obtained by a watchdog group show our commander in chief gave the name of a Navy Seal Team 6 commander to the makers of a movie about Osama bin Laden. Valerie Plame, call your office.

Those documents, recently obtained by Judicial Watch, reveal that the Obama administration not only spiked the football and did an end-zone dance after the Navy SEALs dispatched bin Laden from his Club Pakistan abode, but was also willing to expose to the other side our playbook and the name of a SEAL commander.

“These documents, which took nine months and a federal lawsuit to disgorge from the Obama administration, show that politically connected filmmakers were given extraordinary and secret access to bin Laden raid information, including the identity of a SEAL Team 6 leader,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

continues, including a response from Rep. Peter King

From our intrepid Judicial Watch, themselves

Judicial Watch Obtains DOD and CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Raid Filmmakers

May 22, 2012

DOD Officials Disclosed to Filmmakers Identity of SEAL Team Six Operator and Commander; Ask Film Director to Withhold Operator’s Name, ‘because he shouldn’t be talking out of school.’

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch, the organization that investigates and fights government corruption, announced today that it has obtained records from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) regarding meetings and communications between government agencies and Kathryn Bigelow, Academy Award-winning director of The Hurt Locker, and screenwriter Mark Boal. According to the records, the Obama Defense Department granted Bigelow and Boal access to a “planner, Operator and Commander of SEAL Team Six,” which was responsible for the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, to assist Bigelow prepare her upcoming feature film.

The records, obtained pursuant to court order in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed on January 21, 2012, include 153 pages of records from the DOD and 113 pages of records from the CIA (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Defense (No. 1:12-cv-00049)). The documents were delivered to Judicial Watch late last Friday (May 18). The following are the highlights from the records, which include internal Defense Department email correspondence as well as a transcript from a key July 14, 2011, meeting between DOD officials, Bigelow and Boal:

continues in fine, lawyerly arrangement

And from Noisy Room and Gulag Bound, grave concerns that Muslim Brotherhood, NAZI trained, very potentially, CIA-coddled, and embedded deeply in the White House, may have set up the retaliation attack on the otherwise bizarrely arranged helicopter transportation of Navy Seals, August 6 (what date again? August 6) 2011, shortly after their successful raid.

Muslim Brotherhood in Our White House and the Murders of SEAL Team Six

August 24, 2011

a call to action

by: AJ of NoisyRoom.net & Arlen Williams
contributors: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton & Ann Barnhardt

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Situation room during the purported Bin Laden raid; freshly appointed White House & DHS Hit Man Czar John Bennett second face from right, top

We pray for the honorable men and women of our military, this Memorial Day – and the families of those lost.

United States Navy SEAL insignia

5 thoughts on “Obama Exposes Seal Team 6 for Movie: Impeachment Worthy Documentation

  1. The Execution Of SEAL Team Six

    The entire Bin Laden episode was stagecraft. It was pure theater that was designed to give Obama a boost in the polls and give distraction and cover.

    Distract from what?

    Cover from what?

    On May 5th, I had an email conversation with a retired military man with spook contacts.

    ..All were in total agreement that the Bin Laden episode was pure theater.

    ..The SEALS were sent into a compound as evidenced by the lost chopper on site.

    ..But Osama Bin Laden wasn’t in that compound.

    Osama Bin Laden has been dead for years.

    ..Bin Laden had a genetic condition that caused renal failure (this genetic condition is common among deeply inbred Saudi arab muslims). Bin Laden had been on dialysis BEFORE 9/11. Dialysis is difficult enough for people in first world countries who can have it done in outstanding facilities. Bin Laden was having it done either in caves or in homes post 9/11. People in renal failure having dialysis done in fricking caves do NOT live for ten more years. Period.

    ..There was no dialysis equipment found in the compound the SEALS raided on May 2. Of course there wasn’t. Bin Laden wasn’t in that compound because Bin Laden has been dead for years.

    ..This is why the “body” was declared “positively identified” faster than any known DNA testing process in existence – and this DNA testing was carried out not in a lab mind you, but inside Chinook and/or V-22 Osprey helos en route to the USS Carl Vinson.

    ..The body was then dumped into the Indian Ocean in a mad dash to ensure that “burial” took place within 24 hours of death in order to “honor” musloid burial traditions.

    Not a single picture of the so-called “Bin Laden corpse” has ever been released – and never will.

    The entire Bin Laden episode was stagecraft. It was pure theater that was designed to give Obama a boost in the polls and give distraction and cover. Distract from what?

    Cover from what?

    ..April 20, 2011: The release date of Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate” is announced as May 17, and pre-sales begin on Amazon.com. Corsi’s work is known to be extremely thorough and meticulous.

    ..Within hours, Corsi’s book is #1 on Amazon.com – fully 28 days before its release. The Obama regime is panicked.

    ..April 27, 2011: In order to diffuse and undercut the Corsi book, the Obama regime releases a PDF image purported to be a scan of his original long-form Hawaiian birth certificate. Within hours, thousands of graphic designers, many of whom are self-professed Obama voters and supporters, isolate and demonstrate with dozens of objective proof sets that the PDF released by the Obama regime is not just a forgery, but an astoundingly incompetent and obvious forgery.

    ..April 27 through May 2: The Obama regime is now in a blind panic.

    ..Deeming it too risky, instead of commissioning the forged birth certificate from document and photo illustration experts within the CIA or NSA, the Obama regime instead farmed the project off on someone inside the White House with a functional but middling knowledge of photo illustration programs.

    ..To the thoroughly inexpert eyes of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett, the forged certificate file appeared extremely convincing, and was thus released with fanfare. Within hours, they knew that they had not only made a mistake, but a massive mistake that could land them all in prison.

    The forger was so incompetent that he/she didn’t even flatten the image thus compressing and masking the component layers before posting it. And that was just the tip of the iceberg of glaring flaws and errors. The mainstream press was, so far, completely complicit in the cover-up of the forgery, but Rathergate proved that if the forgery debunking generated any mainstream traction whatsoever, the end could come swiftly.

    ..The Obama regime needed a big distraction and they needed it fast.

    ..They had been planning on holding the staged Bin Laden capture and killing until 2012 ­ for the thick of the campaign, and perhaps as an “October Surprise”,
    but it would have to be moved up to now.

    May 2, 2011: The Bin Laden operation occurs. In all likelihood, a low-to-mid level Taliban or insurgent leader is killed.

    May 3, 2011: Within hours, Vice President Joe Biden destroys any notions of OPSEC and bellows to the entire world in public remarks at a dinner at the Ritz Carlton that the Bin Laden raid was carried out by “the SEALS”.

    Within hours Obama regime had gleefully leaked that the raid was carried out by “SEAL Team 6”, also known as DEVGRU.

    >>Up until this point in history, all DEVGRU activities and information had been highly classified.<>The Obama regime wanted the ENTIRE WORLD to know the name “SEAL Team 6”.<>Again, DEVGRU operations have been, up until now, highly classified.<>Marxists MURDER PEOPLE. That is what they do.<<

    ..The Obama regime is MARXIST to the bone. If the Obama regime is not stopped, the 30 Americans murdered today in Afghanistan will be just the beginning. I promise you that.

    Ayers and Obama have worked together on books for at least 21 years, and have cooperated in funneling tens of millions of dollars to leftist indoctrination progammes for youth.

    …All this you may have already known.

    …What is even more chilling is this expose' on how William Ayers is planning to implement their mutual Marxist ideology, should Ayers attain influence on Obama through their long standing relationship. Larry Grathwohl penetrated the Weather Underground to bring this fist hand account of Ayers' (and the Weather Underground's) plans. As you may know, Ayers remains unrepentant to this day, and lives just a few houses away from Barack Hussein Obama. Obama's flimsy and ever-shifting denials of his relationship with Ayers have all but completely disintegrated.

    …Furthermore, the prime backer of Obama, Khalid Al Mansour, was a legal assistant to the Black Panther Party (with an office next door).

    ..It is known from testimony of Weather Underground members that the BPP and Weather Underground worked "very closely" together.

    ..Therefore it it likely that Mansour (who was advising Obama even before he moved from Hawaii, under the tutelage of Communist agent Frank Marshall Davis), was working with Ayers and Dohrn simultaneously.

    ..Here, again, is the clip of Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground Marxist terrorist organization in the 1970s.

    ..The Weather Underground was founded by Obama’s political godfather, communist mentor (along with Frank Marshall Davis), murderer, and ghostwriter of “Dreams From My Father”, Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn.

    ..In this interview, taped in 1980 while Obama was still just an unknown undergrad foreign scholarship student at Occidental College, Grathwohl describes the leadership of the Weather Underground (which is Ayers and Dohrn) discussing what will be done with the “unreformable, diehard capitalists” once they have overthrown the government of the United States.

    ..The answer is extermination in camps in the Southwest. The estimated total that would need to be killed? 25 million, which was 10% of the population at the time. Ayers & Dohrn already have overthrown the government of the United States via their puppet protégé, Barack Obama.

    ..They have guaranteed that the economy will collapse.

    The only thing left for them to do is suspend the Constitution and open the camps.

    Thx:Ann Barnhard

    “Democracy is two wolves deciding what to eat for dinner.
    Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.” -Thomas Jefferson-

  2. I find this absolutely Horrible. This Man will do anything to get re-elected. It is always about HIM. Pretty similar to his speeches, ME ME ME, and I, I, I . If anyone ever deserves not to be re-elected it is this traitor to Seal Team 6. I wish the Liberal Northeastern United States would realize this and for once stop voting for a Democrat for the sake of not voting for a Republican.

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