17 thoughts on “Van Jones Issues Dire Warning: The Tea Party Will Use Power to ‘Decimate Us’

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  2. WOW….ole Van just going full bore on this bull sheet!!! Anyone who would believe him would be a typical Obama voter in this Nov. election. Perhaps he will wake up some of the ones who voted last time, as to how CRAZY HE IS!!

  3. “Our Country?”
    Van, you have been a terrorist all your life, and if this country had kept its ‘sh.t’ together you would’ve been gone a long time.
    You are a prime example in the miss-use of the first Amendment.
    The thought of Dignity has never crossed your mind.
    Your speeches are not debate, they are are to rile people up.
    The TEA party has never spewn the crap, that you put out there.
    The only enemy you have is yourself.
    I hope you are proud of your self.
    Again, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future”

  4. sounds like a bunch of bullsh*t just asking for more money so he can live the life of a thug gangster

  5. The only thing we want to Decimate and Decapitate is the Liberal/Socialist/Progressive movement and give this country back to the people.

  6. As usual anyone notice the TEABAGGERS who come here and immediately start using profanities, name calling and their general retarded rhetoric.

    You must not be smart Van – most baggers can’t even spell basic words correctly. Do you really think they have anything close to the brains required to win an election and not damage their movement even more than they have already?

    Rest and relax, you can see their mentality and childish attitudes here. Stupidity does not translate into votes.

  7. And just in case the baggers being sent over by the complete idiots who run TheTeaParty.Net let’s give them something to really whine about:

    Ronald Reagan’s amnesty for illegal aliens amounted in 3 million illegals being granted citizenship (along with all their kids) and were immediately placed on every public aid program available. Since 1986 that has cost American taxpayers well over a trillion dollars.

    George Washington – THE FOUNDING FATHER – was the first to use Executive Order. So when the baggers cry about Obama’s very limited use of Executive Order they forget THE FOUNDING FATHERS USED IT TOO which means they approved of it.

    Gas prices have not peaked as high as they did under Bush at no time with Obama in office. Oil prices under Bush hit 150 a barrel. Currently under Obama oil is 87 a barrel.

    Tea Party dolts have been whining about Obama not creating enough jobs. They then ban people from their website when you bring up the fact that the Tea Party asked of it’s followers to sign an oath to not hire anyone until Obama is out of office thus being directly responsible for the lack of hiring. They tell us the private sector is not doing fine yet a historic number of corporations who support the GOP/Teabaggers have set record profits – they made more money THAN EVER BEFORE. The private sector is doing great but those corporations are hording cash, not hiring and enjoying their tax cuts and loopholes to boot.

    Let them get smacked in the head with a little truth when they come here to whine and cry at the request of the Tea Party Nation.

  8. I have read your response and I must apologize for the insults leveled at you and your site. But Acorners were prove to be thief’s and liars on national TV, Its leadership once praised with bring the O man to power as the base of his support. No such charges have been leveled at the grass root Org. know as the tea-baggers. As to ignorance and stupidity I am amazed no one wants to lay claim to the debacle of the last four years a congress which has not done anything for 11000 plus days a democratic controlled congress that is which can not agree to work together so they blame the minority which they do not need for the failure. So yes I apologize and I wish you could tell the truth but your agenda will not allow that for you wanted change so forward you must go to what end comrade? destruction of the freedoms we all know.

  9. Robert, you decry name calling nine words after you call the opposition “teabaggers”. Awesome Genius.
    Yeah. You just sit back and relax.

  10. thanks for the comment on gas prices,under Bush COLAS were given every year under Obama they were suspended because the gas price index. so seniors lost ot as did the disabled O man said him self the cost of living had not gone up. under Bush gas peaked on ave. at 4.00 when price was 150 a barrel so using stupid math it should be at 199 or less at 87 dollars a barrel. failures or cons good or bad we all take it so someone can hold an office are you happy paying twice or three time what you should I am not for it means every thing else is inflated the fool is not I sir but you for defending what is happening now past is past. So you hate Bush for lower gas prices Reagan for amenisty hailed by Dems and liberals and progressive as a great thing he did now condemed by you. you seem to want to hate one side and praise one side when both do the same what a shame for you. you are funy Charlie son very funny

  11. Robert, did you forget Amnesty in 2001? B.Clinton did bigger amnesty then R.Reagan. Anyway if private sector doing great you are just another f….g lazy commie who want others money for nothing. 2008 gas was for $2.- and now is for $4.-.I don’t care about OPEC prices.You right, I am not hiring nobody until Obama is gone, his socialist experiments and class war, not giving to me any stability for years even for months.

  12. We also know your agenda, you have decimated America already in O’s first term. You will put the final nail in Americas coffin in a second. We won’t allow it. You think you fire up your base? No way….thanks for firing us up.

  13. I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments re Van Jones and his clear agenda. We’ve got to face the fact that Van Jones may have done a much better as president than obama… just because of his honesty. obama has many faults, but his dishonesty will destroy any effort he makes. He is a liar…. plain and simple. He does NOT believe the empty promises and false figures he speaks. Not, fellow patriots, please dont think I support Jones….quite the contrary. I personally regard him as an enemy of the state, and would deal with him accordingly. (terminate with extreme prejudice). But give Jones this…he is honest. He hates this country, he hates the white race, he hates capitalism, and on, and on ad nausuam. But he is honest.

  14. This fool talked about returning veterans not having anything to come home too. It is because of the Obama forces that they come home falling through the cracks and ending up homeless and unemployed. I believe if it were not for the VETERANS in the past and the future that this country would not be what it is today or tomorrow some gave their all and some gave something i.e. their health, arms/legs, mental, and yes time that they had away from their families and loved ones. We have to many people living off the government including illegal aliens who did nothing to support the social security or medicare they get free food, medical, education and housing and those of us to help build this country can be turned on and lose everything because the social security and medicare are considered a privilege . Say what you want but Obama is not a citizen and in my books has not proved it satisfactorily.

  15. Wow…this is a genuine effort to stir hate and emotions…very well done in a manner of soft spoken thoughts, and very articulate…and full of warped ideas and opinions. And…most disturbing of all, he is playing the race card over and over again. He knows that if he screams and hollers like Al Sharpton, no one will listen to him. Smart man…hope he fails misearable and that liberals and conservatives learn to live together (no thanks to him).

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