“Running” – A Personal Observation by a Regular American

By: Doug TexasVet

Running is more or less moving through a space quickly. Marathons are competitive events where everyone is running a measured distance to a finish line. Running in the Olympics is the crowning achievement of years of training for every competitor, win or not. Being there proves the sacrifice and hard work are it’s own reward.

Winning for running bears an even greater satisfaction, for self, the team, the hometown or state and even a nation. Ribbons and free pizza and trophies and Gold Medals are singled out for the winner. Cameras and television coverage could also heighten the event.

Sometimes running is for other than sport, satisfaction or reward. Running from danger to protect one’s safety. Running into battle to defeat an enemy. Running to the aid of an accident victim. Running into a burning building to the cries of the trapped, young or old, family or friend, neighbor or stranger.

There are other forms of running.

In an effort to give Texas a stronger voice in the presidential nominating process the Republican led Texas Senate brought up a bill that would move up the Texas Presidential primary in 1979. Democrats didn’t like the power play circumventing the rules and they couldn’t stop it, even by fillibustering. So they ran. Ran to a garage apartment in Austin to avoid the bill and to avoid the Texas Rangers sent out to find them.

In 2003, when faced with a concerted redistricting effort by the Republican majority, Texas House Democrats were running away to Oklahoma to put an early end to the session. The Texas Governor called a special session that summer to put the redistricting back in play and they ran away again, to Albuquerque New Mexico. They got brought back and the legislation passed.

Recent memories of Wisconsin recall a Republican effort to claw back control of a State budget which included cutting public sector union pensions and insurance fund payments along with collective bargaining rights. Off and running, the Wisconsin Democrats went to Illinois.

This last week, as a result of months of delays, denials and a retracted official response to US House Oversight Committee inquiry concerning Fast and Furious, a letter was sent to the full House requesting a vote of Contempt of Congress for the head of the US Department of Justice. Once again a majority of US House Democrats, led by the Congressional Black Caucus walked away from their elected responsibilities to protest that they were “not elected to be part of a calamity”.

Running… In these cases the meaning of running is less clear. Running to avoid responsibility and accountability? Running to protest a search for the truth? To distance oneselves from party members potentially in deep trouble?

Running out from under the magnifying glass of a nation that is fed up with ‘go along to get along’, ‘reach across the aisle’ compromise, shovel ready jobs, bailouts for corporate cronies, for foreign banks and car companies? Economic stimulus to Government Subsidized Entities and High Speed Rail?

America needs engagement by any that would come to her rescue. She will not be rescued by anyone running away.

Recent history shows democrats are running away. Running to the side of public sector union protests, to the side of Occupy anywhere, to the borders of illegal entry and sanctuary cities. Running to subsidise enemies of America in Egypt, Gaza, Lybia, Brazil.

Maybe the very next time these representatives of ‘We the People’ say they are again running for elected office their constituents should consider an alternative to their ‘running’ Democrats and ‘just say NO’!

Doug TexasVet – A Regular American

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