Clash of the Nazis: Obama vs. the American Neo-Nazis

By: Jay Loeffers

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while, but a weird idea popped into my head this afternoon and got me thinking… Now, you all know about my article talking about how similar the Third Reich and the Obama White House are in almost every way. But there was this missing piece… an ignored voting block missing from the Obama camp, the American Neo-Nazis and their splinter groups! You see what I found funny about this was that all these groups admired Hitler on all levels. You would think that with Obama bringing back most of those wonderful Nazi type policies, the Neo-Nazi movement would be jumping for joy and wearing OBAMA FOR 2012 t-shirts all over the place. But there is this one small problem. It seems in a bit of irony, that a black Nazi doesn’t make for good company with these far-right knuckleheads. And yet Obama has a Nazi style distaste for Israel and has Nazi type thugs working for him. He’s got his Nazi health care bill through the courts and even kept a similar eugenics clause in it; only it’s called a death panel. I am going to look at two American pro-Nazi groups and of course compare them to Obama’s favorite naz…..oh, I mean the Muslim Brotherhood and see if you find this situation not so funny.


In 1936, someone thought it would be a great idea to show American support for Nazi Germany, so some of the German born Americans formed the German-American Bund. First lead by Fritz Julius, these small brained morons had training camps all over New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin (birth place of the USA progressive movement) and Pennsylvania. These idiots even went so far as to claim they were true American patriots by flag waving and using George Washington’s image to claim that Washington was America’s very first “fascist.” That he never believed in diplomacy. Now Germany knew about these clowns, but kept their distance from them and wanted nothing to do with them. Then the thing came to a head in 1939 in New York City at Madison Square Gardens when these jack-booted idiots had a 20,000 person rally and went around bad mouthing Roosevelt about his New Deal policy and calling it the “Jew Deal.”


Now here’s a real American organization filled with the best socialist and racist bastards anywhere. Founded in 1960 by a discharged navy sailor named George L. Rockwell – he started this little knitting group in Arlington, Virginia. These idiots claimed they were for the constitution and the founding fathers, but you and I know the founding fathers would have kicked these dunderheads in the nuts and told them to go away. These guys were of course part of the holocaust denial club, along with a host of other pea brained idiots. But this quilting club suffered a minor setback on August 25th, 1967. Their founder was murdered by a former member named John Patler. This guy was kicked out for trying to sprinkle a little “Marxism” into the party platform. What have I told you? Given a locked room and a knife, both a socialist and a communist will try to kill each other. They don’t share power with anyone, but themselves… end of story.

Now, let’s look at Obama’s buddies: THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

The Brotherhood was formed in Egypt in 1929 by al-Banna, an Arab admirer of Hitler and his Nazi ideals. By 1930, the Brotherhood would be used by the Nazis as an intelligence gathering arm in secret. One of Hitler’s close allies in Baghdad was the great uncle of Yasser Arafat, the Grand Mufti in that area. Hitler liked the radical Muslim’s hatred of the Jews and also needed their oil really bad. At the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood grew to 2 million members. During the war, 3 separate Muslim based S.S. divisions were formed. Each one more brutal then the last. Nazi Germany wound up helping and giving money to the Brotherhood over the years and the Brotherhood paid them back by letting runaway Nazis come to Egypt to hide from hunters. As the years passed, these Nazis would continue to teach Nazism in the Muslim world. It would be the standard for all other radical Muslims to be judged by.

So, all you Nazis out there… Obama’s your man. He is your brother from another mother… he thinks like you, he believes like you, he hates Israel like you and loves social…….wait, stop! I forgot you American Nazi twerps are all about the average hard working white guy in America and not just all hard working Americans. You Neo-Nazis are the biggest hypocrites and cowards I have ever seen besides those moronic KKK guys and those guys were founded by the Southern Democratic Party. Now, to the rank and file Obama supporter… so what you’re telling me is you would rather live in a country where if you are sick, old, retarded or crippled, you go to a death panel to see if you can get any care at all. You’d rather see any American imprisoned for any reason just because they disagreed with Obama. You’d want to see your hard earned money go to the IRS and you would rather see books burned or your Internet controlled by the government. You’d rather see media and art being government controlled. So, you would rather be told what to do, what to eat, who to see, what to drive, what to buy, what to read and what church to go to. That’s your ideal America – a NAZI AMERICA.

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