One thought on “Amb. John Bolton says the Iranian missile tested today can reach Israel and can pack a nuke.

  1. In the venacular…”Ya’ll better believe” Mr. Bolton.

    My view: The Iranians will soon prove their capabilities and send a scream’n tube of death and distruction into Israel. Whether they’re foolish enough to outfit the first one with a nuclear war head is uncertain. A conventional payload, if properly targeted/directed would be enough to finally gain the world’s attention that they are looking for. All part of the ‘terror and fear’ package with “Who’s gonna be next?” reactions, across the globe.

    If you look at the projected range coverage of the missle they allegedly ‘tested’ today, you’ll see that if they launch from the northwest tip of Iran that they have now have plenty of range that will allow their reach into European nations as well.

    Oh and me…I’m just waiting and wondering what the chief Bozo in the WH will attempt or say when the STHF should he still be upon his self-annointed throne…err the guy (America’s Enemy #1) in the Oval Office.

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