One thought on “CNN Looks At Obama’s Transparency Record

  1. Most transparent in history? Then why has Obama:
    -refused to release his college records (which he had sealed the moment he became POTUS)
    -refused to provide a genuine birth certificate
    -been using fraudulent social security numbers
    -gone to great lengths to hide his involvement in Fast and Furious
    -surrendered his law license (as did his wife)
    -asked for more ‘space’ until after his last election
    -put Muslim Brotherhood members in key positions in the White House and Homeland Security (their agenda is to destroy the US from the inside out)
    -held meetings in coffee shops in order to circumvent official White House log-ins
    -hidden his true relationships with Bill Ayers, Rev Wright, and Frank Marshall Davis
    -hidden his membership with the New Party Socialist movement in 1996

    I am surprised CNN even touched upon Obama’s lack of transparency – perhaps they are beginning to realize covering up for Obama’s insidious agenda isn’t worth their plummeting ratings.

    Please add to my list as it is nowhere complete….cheers.

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