12 Dead After Gunman Opens Fire at Midnight Showing of New Batman Movie in Colo.

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Aurora Slaughter and the Enthralled Tribes of America

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Obama & Romney Release Statements About ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting

Horror!… Mass Shooting at Colorado Movie Theatre – 12 Dead (Video) …Update: 24 Year-Old Shooter ‘James Holmes’ Arrested in Parking Lot

Nanny Bloomberg already demanding tougher gun control laws after shooting in Colorado

Gunmen leaves 14 dead, 50 injured at movie opening – UPDATE: SHOOTER IDENTIFIED

#BatmanMassacre: Man Tear Gases And Slaughters Midnight Premiere Audience Of “Dark Knight Rises”

Colorado Batman Movie Shooting Suspect Was PhD Student

Shooting at Batman Premier Blamed on Tea Party

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‘We’ve Got Seven Down in Theater 9!’ : Listen to the Colo. Theater Shooting Unfold as Police Radio Communications Released

Read the Eerie Final Blog Post From One of the Reported Shooting Victims — Which Details Her Reaction to Being at Another Mass Shooting

Limbaugh, Tea Party, & Guns Already Blamed for Colo. Theater Shooting (And Wait Until You See What ABC Did)

Movie theater shooting in Aurora CO: 12 dead, 50 injured; suspect in custody; victim Jessica Ghawi tweeted before death, had survived Toronto mall shooting; gun-control frenzy, Rush/Tea Party-bashing begins anew; ABC “apologizes” for “incorrect” Tea Party tie

Blame Righty impulse blows up in media faces…again

Exclusive: Interview With James Michael Holmes, Hispanic Tea Party Member Falsely Accused by ABC

New Information Emerges on Colorado Shooting Suspect


Shooting imitates scene from 1986 Batman comic book

CNN Piers Morgan Calls For Gun Control

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