Bloomberg and ABC News try to ‘not waste crisis’ in Colorado for Obama

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Like clockwork, uber liberals were out in force, where immediately after the tragic theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado early this morning, one lamely tried to connect the shooter to the “Tea Party,” while another resurrected their predictable, yet useless demand for ‘more gun control.’

First out of the gate was George Stephanopoulos, anchor of ABC News Good Morning America show, who trotted out his ace investigative reporter [correspondent] Brian Ross, then interviewed him about a ‘golden news nugget’ he had found shortly after the name of the suspect, 24-year-old James Holmes, first emerged Friday morning, according to a FOXNews article today.

Ross said that he’d found a web page for a “Jim Holmes” on a Colorado Tea Party site.

There is a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado, page on the Colorado Tea Party site as well, talking about him joining the Tea Party last year. Now we don’t know if this is the same Jim Holmes, but it’s Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado.

Then, as if a Google search could ever be inconclusive–it turns out that the “Jim Holmes-Tea Party member” that Ross found and linked as a possible suspect in the shooting over national television, was not the 24-year old “James Holmes,” who was in custody for the shootings.

Before lunch, ABC News [embarrassingly] issued this statement of apology:

An earlier ABC News broadcast report suggested that a Jim Holmes of a Colorado Tea Party organization might be the suspect, but that report was incorrect. ABC News and Brian Ross apologize for the mistake, and for disseminating that information before it was properly vetted.

On air later in the morning, Ross must also have been compelled to ‘publicly’ make amends:

An earlier report that I had was incorrect that he was connected with the Tea Party. In fact, that’s a different Jim Holmes. He was not connected to the Tea Party and what we do know about him is he is a 24-year-old white male who went to Colorado for a Ph.D.

Wonder if their producer will be fired over this little “mistake.”

Then, the ‘big gun’ from New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, couldn’t stand the temptation any longer and hit the airwaves, as reported in Stephanie Condon’s CBS News article this morning.

In the interview Mayor Bloomberg chided President Obama and Mitt Romney, pressing them to offer up more than “soothing words” and talk about how they will address gun-related violence.

Maybe it’s time that the two people who want to be president of the United States stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it, because this is obviously a problem across the country.

Note to Bloomberg: Barack Obama has been president for the last four years.

I mean, there are so many murders with guns every day; it’s just got to stop. And instead of the two people–President Obama and Governor Romney–talking in broad things [sic] about [how] they want to make the world a better place, okay, tell us how. And this is a real problem.

No matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them–concretely, not just in generalities–specifically what are they going to do about guns?

The New York mayor is an outspoken advocate for gun control, who co-chairs “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” and is involved with “Second Chance on Shoot First” campaign. He has taken his message to the public in the past after other tragic and high-profile shootings.

These maneuvers by ABC News Stephanopoulos and New York Mayor Bloomberg are right out of the now famous “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste” chapter of the ‘Democrat Political Strategy Guidebook-2009,’ by Rahm Emmanuel–former Obama Chief of Staff and now Mayor of Chicago.

And, they are shamelessly intended to capitalize on the Colorado shooting tragedy in order to provide President Barack Obama with ‘gun control’ as a fresh new national ‘distraction,’ to use on the campaign trail–to keep public attention away from the miserable ‘flatline’ economy, 23 million unemployed and $16+ trillion national debt from his first term as president.

However, this feckless gambit will fail like all the other slight-of-hand stunts they have tried, because ‘gun control’ is not even on the ‘Top 10 List of Voter Election Issues’ in November.

It’s still the economy, stupid…


Stacey McCain on James E. Holmes: Downwardly Spiraling ‘Kinky Sex Freak’

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

In The Other McCain:

Colorado Massacre Caused by Heated Rhetoric and Kinky Sex Freak With 6,000 Rounds of Ammunition …

Posted on | July 21, 2012

. . . but mainly it was the guy with 6,000 rounds of ammunition:

The gunman who blasted his way through a packed movie house early on Friday, killing 12 people and injuring 58 others, had apparently been planning his attack for weeks.

“In the last 60 days he purchased four guns at local metro gun shops, and through the Internet he purchased over 6,000 rounds of ammunition,” Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates said Friday night.

Contrary to anything you might have heard from ABC News, this wasn’t Jim Holmes, the 52-year-old Tea Party member whose name showed up in a Google search done by “investigative journalist” Brian Ross. No, this was James Holmes, a 24-year-old grad school dropout who was looking for kinky sex on the Internet:


And as it continues:

So while the Department of Homeland Security has warned us about the threat of “right-wing extremists,” they forgot to warn us about the kinky science students with small penises.

Because I’m not an “investigative reporter” like Brian Ross of ABC News, I don’t believe everything I read on the Internet. Therefore, I urge extreme caution about reports that James Holmes — the kinky 24-year-old grad school dropout with the small/average penis — was involved in the “Occupy” movement.


Experimenting in mind control. What could be the benefits of such an insidious plan?

By: Nelson Abdullah
Conscience of a Conservative

There are, for the sake of argument, some very practical uses for mind control. Basically, you take an ordinary, sane, well-adjusted and reasonably intelligent person with decent morals and make them do a horrendous, unconscionable act. In other words, turn them into a mindless robot. Maybe even a mass murderer. There have been several events in the past few years that make me suspect this could happen, such as the attempted murder of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Arizona but the recent shooting in a Colorado movie theater has brought them to the forefront. I am not offering an excuse for what happened in Aurora, Colorado but I will incorporate that event into my analysis. The major exception to this argument is the fact that many incidents of mass-murder have been committed on American soil by people who have a complete hatred for America such as the Islamic terrorist attack on 9-11-2001 and a few other foiled plots of equal terror also planned by followers of the cult of Islam. These people who participated in these acts had their own form of mind-control that didn’t rely on drugs, they had their Koran.

Step back a few years and recall the apparent suicide of former Secretary of Defense James V. Forrestal who jumped to his death from his 16th floor room in Bethesda Naval Hospital on May 22, 1949. There still rages a controversy over the government coverup because the autopsy results have never been released. Books have been written on the subject and numerous hits come up on Google and there is even a passage about it on Wikipedia. Two years before James Forrestal committed suicide a new mind-altering drug called LSD was introduced. Wikipedia has this additional information which also makes a curious reference. I have included the hyperlinks to the footnotes for additional reference.

Introduced by Sandoz Laboratories, with trade-name Delysid, as a drug with various psychiatric uses in 1947, LSD quickly became a therapeutic agent that appeared to show great promise.[8] In the 1950s, officials at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) thought the drug might be applicable to mind control and chemical warfare; the agency’s MKULTRA research program propagated the drug among young servicemen and students.

One of the more complete stories on the death of James Forrestal can be read here in the article entitled: Who Killed James Forrestal? Was There A Cover-up? Read the article for yourself and examine the known evidence and the suspicions that still remain. Several years ago, before the Internet was born and few people had the ability to do in-depth research, I read about how some people had suspected that James Forrestal had been given LSD which caused him to sustain severe psychiatric delusions that resulted in his suicide. Forrestal had his enemies and it could have been one of the first uses of this new drug to accomplish a practical field experiment.

So what does this have to do with anything today? Today we are living in a country where draconian laws are being written that could have a catastrophic effect on our population. We have a government so far to the left that they have constructed concentration camps for American citizens. These concentration camps are being called “internment centers” and the U.S. Army has even posted job bulletins for soldiers who want to work there. We have a government so close to being a dictatorship that they have declared patriotic Americans to be potential terrorists. We have a government so bent on being totalitarian that they have written laws claiming the authority to deprive ordinary American citizens of their Constitutional freedom and their right to a trial – in fact, the controversial provisions of the most recent National Defense Authorization Act say the government can arrest and detain indefinitely anyone it feels to be a threat to our nation’s leaders. We have a government who now flies the same Predator drones over American skies that are being used in the war in Afghanistan to spy on and kill Islamic terrorists. We have a government who issues training orders to Army personnel that when they are called on will no longer fire warning shots at dissident Americans – they will shoot to kill. And they post questionnaires asking soldiers if they would shoot and kill fellow Americans. But how are they going to get people to carry out their orders and do these things?

The question that ties all of this together is this: What would it take to get our American soldiers to shoot and kill a fellow American on U.S. soil? What could possibly make a patriotic soldier who has taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America to throw away all of his morals and character to commit murder. Is there any difference between a soldier who is told to follow such horrible orders and a college student who commits mass-murder for no reason in a movie theater? If necessary, would it require some form of artificial mind-control drug to get them to obey such draconian orders? How about a few more experiments to see how effective these drugs could be. Take any ordinary person and see how far you can make them go to do these unthinkable acts.

My name is Nelson Abdullah and I am Oldironsides. I believe in the America created by our Founding Fathers and the Constitution they gave us. And I believe in the Ten Commandments handed down by God to Moses.