Great Romney Ad: “It Worked”

Read more at Rush Limbaugh…

Listen to the ad Romney’s team put together off of that.

OBAMA: We’ve tried our plan, and it worked!

FOLLOWERS: (cheering)

OBAMA: That’s the difference. That’s the choice in this election. That’s why I’m running for a second term.

MAN: You know, I had to file my own personal bankruptcy. I had to close my business.

WOMAN: I’ve been looking for a job for two years.

MAN: You know, it’s difficult to find employment.

WOMAN: A year ago, I was laid off from my job.

WOMAN: I have to work part time in order to make ends meet.

MAN: Sometimes I feel like I’m a failure.

SCOTT PELLEY, CBS NEWS: Good evening. This is the worst economic recovery America has ever had.

RUSH: And then there’s a graphic that says, “Do you agree it’s working?”


The Council Has Spoken!! This Week’s Watcher’s Council Winners – 07/27/12

The Watcher’s Council

The Council has spoken, the votes have been cast and the results are in for this week’s Watcher’s Council match-up.

But before we get to this week’s results, we have some important business to take care of… because tomorrow is Courtney’s Birthday!!!!

Yes, our own GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD is another year older.

Of course, we have cake… in honor of Courtney’s southern heritage, it’ll be truly decadent Praline chocolate layer:

And some Veuve Cliquot on the side:

And oh yeah, an Osama piñata, just because we can:

So dig in and enjoy, everyone!

I still remember the first time I encountered Courtney’s writing. Up until then, I never thought of English as a foreign language!

But I’ll tell you what attracted me… it wasn’t her unique style, entertaining though that was. It was the heart and unique spirit behind it. I always see it there and it makes what Courtney writes have a special flavor. It’s truly a pleasure to have her as part of our group and simply put, I’m really glad she’s here.

Well, Courts, this has been an interesting year for you and in some ways, a challenging one I know. But through it all, you’ve stuck with it and continued to turn out work in your own inimitable style. Integrity rocks, even if it isn’t always easy. And you know what? Corny and cliched as it may sound, I have tremendous respect for you for walking that path.

Have an absolutely fabulous birthday… many more.

Okay, okay, this week’s result.

Remember the old TV show, Allan Funt’s ‘Candid Camera?’ Where they would set up humorous situations just to see how people would react and film them secretly, only revealing at the end that they had been on ‘Candid Camera?’

This week’s winner, Joshuapundit’s The Worst Thing You Can Do To An Egyptian got its inspiration from a MEMRI video showing how an Egyptian version of this show went down, on al-Nahar TV, and just like the old American TV show, it was extremely revealing if not very funny… perhaps a lot more revealing than the Egyptians realized, I’m thinking. Here’s a slice:

You might remember the old TV show ‘Candid Camera’, which got its laughs from pranking people and filming their reactions secretly.

Here we have the Egyptian version, courtesy of MEMRI on al-Nahar TV, where three prominent Egyptian celebrities were brought in for an Arabic-language interview that they were told was for German television. But once the cameras were rolling, the interviewer and the staff on the set pranked the guests by telling them they were really Israelis and the show was for an Israeli channel. The full clip, available at MEMRI’s link is well worth watching.

The reactions of the guests were, shall we say, revealing.

All three guests reacted by spewing some of the vilest Jew hatred you could imagine, and the two male guests actually got physically violent with the ‘Jews’, one of them, actor Ayman Kandeel, punching the female host Iman Mubarak and knocking her to the ground.

Not only does it reveal the deep seated hatred for Jews in Egyptian society but what passes for normal behavior. Could you imagine an American actor hitting a female TV host on the air and having any kind of career left, let alone avoiding being arrested?

Actress Mayar Al-Beblawi is shown in the clip declaring that “In that country [Israel], they are all liars. You wouldn’t believe it. They are real liars. They keep whining all the time about the Holocaust, or whatever it’s called. With all the Palestinians that you have killed, you are still whining about the Holocaust and its lousy figures?!”

Al-Beblawi adds later: “These people sawed off [the head] of John the Baptist. They are the slayers of the prophets, what else can we say about them?… Allah did not curse the worm and the moth as much as he cursed the Jews.”

Even more revealing is what happened after the shows hosts revealed that they really were Egyptians and it was all a Candid Camera style stunt.In the case of Ayman Kandeel, he even demanded to see identity cards.

The hosts of the show never once remonstrated with the guests for their violence and bigotry. Even the female host, Iman Mubarak who got slugged praised them for their ‘patriotism’ after being told they were in the same room with Jews.

In our non-Council category, the winner was Iowahawk with You Didn’t Build That submitted by Joshuapundit. It’s a piece of his usual satiric brilliance and a take off on Genesis according to Obama and his fellow fans of big government and I sure wish I’d written it! Congrats, Mr. Burge.

Okay, without any further ado, here are this week’s full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week! Don’t forget to tune in on Monday AM for this week’s Watcher’s Forum, as the Council takes apart one of the provocative issues of the day an weighs in… don’t you dare miss it. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter… ’cause we’re cool like that!


Marxist Obama Doubling and Tripling Attacks Against Small Business Builders

By: Sher Zieve
Gulag Bound

So that I won’t be too heavily chastised–I will be anyway but, one always holds out some hope even for the Obots–by my leftist readers, I am going to provide the following (complete and not taken out of context) direct-quote-from-the-mouth-of-the-beast (so to speak) and direct attack against small business owners and builders from one of their favorite leftist and pro-Obama journals…the Washington Post:

Barack Hussein Obama: “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Hmmm. Obama’s comments seem pretty clear and direct to me. Not any misinterpretations made that I can see. What he’s saying is that no one who built a business–no matter how many hours, days months and years he or she spent doing so–can take credit for it, as it was actually everyone else who built it for them…even if they didn’t in any way do anything or work at it.

Note: We presume Obama means no one built their own business–unless, of course, they contribute heavily to Obama and his growing syndicate. By the way, wouldn’t that be called “protection money?”

Suffice it to say, Dictator Obama’s rather lunatic (that’s Marxist with an “L”) remarks correctly hit the proverbial fan with small business builders and owners. Initially, Obama and his minions said that his “comments were taken out of context”…a usual ploy that Marxist-Dems always use. Of course they weren’t but, the half-witted and sometimes brain-dead (or at least greatly impaired…if not very highly paid) supplied the shouts from the crowd of “Yeah!” and “right on!” (we surmise there were many welfare recipients in the crowd) as they take credit for building businesses they’ve probably never heard of and most certainly didn’t help to build. Of course, their “leader” and master Obama takes credit for others’ successes so why shouldn’t they? The latest is Obama‘s, apparent, desire to at least partially take credit for the Clinton economy by using the term “we” when he talks about it.

Despite efforts to do so, Obama has been unable to convince any but the most gullible to buy the out-of-context argument on his blast of businesses so, he has now doubled down on his original statement. At an Oakland campaign rally (by the way Oakland current sports a 14% unemployment rate) Obama countered Governor Romney’s comments “I find it extraordinary that a philosophy of that nature by a President of the United States” with: “I gotta’ [sic] tell you Oakland, he is dead wrong. We did not… we did not build this country from the top down. We built this country together. That’s how we sent a man to the moon. That’s how we built medical breakthroughs that saved millions of lives. If Mr. Romney does not understand that, then he doesn’t understand what it takes to build an economy where everybody has a shot to succeed.” These comments seem to be pure jibber-jabber and designed to sway those ignorant of his initial statements from the issue at hand–which is Obama is now fully into his “complete my destroy America before I’m forced out” mode.

To add insult to even more injury, Obama-lackey Eric Holder’s DOJ has filed suit against a family and their family business Hercules Industries. They have been warned not to operate their business by the tenets of their Catholic faith or the Obama syndicate will force them–in whatever way necessary–to surrender it to the Obama government. CNS News’ Terence P Jeffrey reports: “The federal government can and will compel them to either surrender their business or to engage in activities the Catholic faith teaches are intrinsically immoral.” This latest by Obama hits 2 birds with 1 stone–assaulting and potentially confiscating a business that employs 265 and another nail in the coffin of freedom of religion. Little bit of Hugo Chavez her, wouldn’t you say?

Observation: One cannot help but, wonder as to when Obama will announce that all other religions are to be abolished in favor of (his) Islam. Remember that our national security–in larger parts every day–is being run by the Muslim Brotherhood. And, where is Congress? The majority of its members–including the irascible Sen. John McCain–appear to strongly support this almost-complete totalitarianism and submission to Satanic Islam. And with the UN Small Arms Treaty looming on 27 July–a treaty that Obama says he will gladly sign and the aforementioned McCain says he fully supports–if ratified, will give the United Nations control over all legally owned guns in the USA. Will this mean foreign troops on our soil with enforcement capabilities? It will most certainly allow it to be affected.

For those of you who still have not decided for which candidate you will vote, please consider the above as well as the referenced source materials below. November 2012 will determine whether we-the-people will resurrect our Constitution and individual God-given liberties or submit to slavery. The choice has never been as clear-cut as it is today. May God be with us.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:11-13


Obama: If You’ve Got A Business, You Didn’t Build That:


As Romney, Obama spar over ‘you didn’t build that,’ small businesses add context (WaPo):
at WashingtonPost.com

Romney, Obama dig in over ‘you didn’t build that’ furor:
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Obama Doubles Down on “You Didn’t Build That” Comments:


at ScaredMonkeys.com

DOJ: Family Can’t Run Their Business as Catholics:
at CNSNews.com


Rep. Keith Ellison: Failing America & Supporting Terrorist Front Groups?

By: AJ
Hat Tip: Patrick Poole at PJ Media

Chris Fields and Keith Ellison – Candidates for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District

How are the people in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District doing while Congressman Keith Ellison spends his time and energy protecting the interests of known terrorist front groups? What about America’s interests? Where does he stand on issues that are important to us? And what solutions does he offer for the economic challenges we face?

Chris Fields will be the clear choice in November if voters have an opportunity to learn the truth about Mr. Ellison. Not what Mr. Ellison says on the campaign trail, but what he’s actually done and what he wants to keep doing as a U.S. Congressman if re-elected.


Does Mr. Ellison care that he is alienating Muslim-Americans who came to America to escape the tyranny and oppression of totalitarian, terrorist-supporting regimes? They are appalled at Mr. Ellison’s long-standing ties with terrorist front groups and they directly urged him to reconsider, but he chooses to ignore them.

Mr. Ellison’s recent actions are even causing some Congressional Democrats to distance themselves from him, but it appears Mr. Ellison does not care. Instead of working for the people of Minnesota who pay his salary, he chooses to spend his time protecting and supporting terrorist front groups.

Let us look at a few events and Mr. Ellison’s subsequent actions. (Extensive details and evidence is fully documented and sourced in Patrick Poole’s PJ Media article HERE).

2009 Events:

  • The FBI announced, in January 2009, that it was severing all formal ties to CAIR (a proven front for the terrorist group Hamas).
  • Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wrote a letter to the FBI Director in February 2009 requesting that the FBI’s ban on contact with CAIR be expanded to a “government-wide policy.”
  • Three members of Congress and the Arizona-based American Islamic Forum for Democracy reached out to Mr. Ellison and sent him a letter in September 2009 urging him to reconsider his support for CAIR due to their ties to terrorism. Their letter also pointed out that CAIR “even opposed a rally against terrorism entitled “Standing with Muslims Against Terrorism.”

What did Mr. Ellison do after the above events occurred? He flew to Arizona for a CAIR fundraiser on September 18, 2009 and has continued to spend his time working to support their interests.

As recently as May 2011, Mr. Ellison traveled to California to be the keynote speaker at yet another CAIR fundraiser.

Even as far back as 2006, Mr. Ellison attended the August CAIR-sponsored fundraiser where:

“According to the Washington Post, Ellison’s CAIR campaign fundraiser was headed by none other than CAIR co-founder and executive director Nihad Awad. Awad also bundled contributions on behalf of Ellison’s campaign.

So who is Nihad Awad?

According to Justice Department, Awad is a longtime Hamas operative. Multiple statements made by federal prosecutors identify Awad as one of the attendees at a 1993 meeting of US Muslim Brotherhood Palestine Committee leaders in Philadelphia that was wiretapped by the FBI under a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant. The topic of discussion during that 1993 meeting was how to help Hamas by working in the U.S. to help sabotage the Oslo peace accords.”

Also in 2006, Senator Boxer (D-CA) took noteworthy action:

“California Sen. Barbara Boxer rescinded an award to a local CAIR chapter, which she called a mistake, expressing her concerns after she heard from law enforcement officials that CAIR “gives aid to international terrorist groups.”

In 2007, federal courts clarified… “from its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists.”

Another group that Mr. Ellison supports, Muslim American Society (MAS), was described by the federal court as follows: “MAS was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.”

And who is the Muslim Brotherhood? The federal court states, “The Muslim Brotherhood is a generally covert international organization whose credo is “Allah is our goal; the Qur’an is our constitution; the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death in the path of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

In 2007 and 2008, despite these facts, Mr. Ellison gave his time and support to MAS by speaking at their conventions and, also in 2008, MAS paid $13,500 for Mr. Ellison’s 16-day hajj trip to Saudi Arabia.

Today, Congressman Ellison spends his time working hard to rally support from the lame-stream media and in D.C. to block a fully-warranted national security investigation that was requested by members of the Select Committee on Intelligence. As a result of his attacks, a 16 page letter with 59 footnotes was sent to him explaining why the investigation is needed, but he continues his efforts to block it.

If these known terrorist front groups with whom Mr. Ellison has aligned himself have nothing to hide, why is he fighting so hard to block the investigation?

Is this the kind of work the people of Minnesota expect their Congressman to be doing?


Last month, Keith Ellison claimed that high unemployment persists because the government isn’t large enough. I kid you not!

Congressman Ellison’s singular solution to the problems we face is to enact even more burdensome regulations to further tie the hands of job creators and increase the cost of goods and services that we need.

His Congressional opponent, candidate Chris Fields, said that “things are especially bad in the 5th District, where we have the largest unemployment (gap) between blacks and whites in the entire country” and he claims, “In order to get our economy back on track, we need government to get out of the way!” He’s right.

Mr. Ellison has been a U.S. Congressman since 2006. When he took office, the unemployment rate was a little above 4%; it is now over 8%. Based on what he has done from 2006 until now, how has it worked out for us?

Congressman Ellison’s special interest group ratings show us who he supports and, thereby, where he stands on important issues.

For example, Mr. Ellison does not support citizens for tax justice, national tax limitations or citizens against government waste. He supports unions, but he is consistently against American businesses… you know… those places that provide us with jobs.

Mr. Ellison does not support affordable energy for the poor, energy security or Americans’ Constitutional right to own private property, but he fully supported spending billions of our tax dollars on the “green” companies that have gone belly up.

While he lends no support to the Minnesota Family Council-Minnesota Family Institute, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, Emergency Medicine, American cancer therapy/Oncology, people with disabilities, or the School Nutrition Association, he fully supports “Vote Kids” and unions within the healthcare industry.

Mr. Ellison does not support Immigration Reform, but gives 100% support to the lawyers of the AILA. He has zero support for Worker Freedom or International Foodservice Distributors, but he gives full support to unions.

On national security issues, he lends virtually no support. Also, he has no support for Vietnam Veterans of America, but he provides full support to issues relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

For the record, we could care less about Congressman Ellison’s political party, gender, race, religion, sexual preference or any other irrelevant or inconsequential matters.

What we are interested in is what he spends his time on, where he stands on the issues, whether things are better or worse since he’s been in Congress, and who he aligns himself with – who he works hard to support – because we know that directly affects how he votes and what he does as a U.S. Congressman.

Since 2006, Congressman Ellison has presided over the steepest rise in unemployment, poverty, debt and many of the challenges we face today. Is he failing his Minnesota constituents? Is he failing America? And why has he been spending his time working so hard to support and protect terrorist front groups even though Muslim-Americans urge him not to?

Note: To learn more about Chris Fields, you can visit his website. Also, here is a recent article:

2012 Candidate Profiles: Chris Fields of Minnesota Congressional District Five

I am not connected to Mr. Fields or his campaign in any way. I am a concerned American and, based on the evidence, I firmly believe Congressman Ellison needs to be defeated in the upcoming election.