2 thoughts on “GBTV: Fr. Jonathan Morris

  1. The good Father does make a nice speech and is well versed in history. However, he needs to brush up on his monergism. I spent a lot of time with the Jesuits and the learning I received is that at your Baptism you are imputed with the Holy Spirit and it is the Spirit of God that call’s you to Him. You did not choose God. He chose you – and everyone else that does not turn from his call.

  2. Fr. Jonathan Morris is a Catholic heretic. He is Excommunicated and the proof is still within the teachings of The One Holy Apostolic Roman Catholic Church. If any one shall state any other word above the Law of the Church you are a Liar!
    See the original Catholic Church . http://www.johnthebaptist.us P.S. The Jesuits were overpowered by the the wicked in the time span of Father DeSmet coming to the U.S. to work with the Indian tribes. Remember GOD allowed it to happen!

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