‘Obama DREAM Act’ proves need for voter photo ID laws

Bby: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

The famous Chicago ‘Godfather,’ Al Capone, would be proud of the way that President Barack Obama and his administration are freely trampling the U.S. Constitution, to ‘enlarge’ sympathetic [minority] voting pools–while simultaneously using good friend Eric Holder‘s Department of Justice to challenge pesky ‘voter photo ID laws.’

Clearly, the ‘position’ of the horse and cart are irrelevant, as ‘Operation Election Theft’ involves a ‘massively-parallel’ tactical architecture, which is being implemented simultaneously across the nation by Team Obama.

On the one had is President Obama’s failure to uphold his oath of office to … “defend the Constitution of the United States,” by using a most-likely illegal Executive Order to circumvent Congress’ rejection of the Democrat’s ‘DREAM Act’ legislation–now known as ‘Obama’s DREAM Act.’

And today the game began, with young illegal immigrants are lining up by the thousands at consulates across the country to take advantage of the Obama administration program allowing them to apply for a two-year reprieve from deportation, according to Catherine Herridge’s FOXNews article today.

Incredibly, 1.8 million undocumented immigrants could be eligible for the program, which requires applicants can fill out a six-page form, pay a $465 fee and submit documents proving their identity in order to qualify.

However, although immigration officials say the documents will be closely scrutinized–given the potential for fraud–as expected, there is no uniform standard. Lines began forming yesterday, as illegal immigrants tried to get a leg up in seeking their ‘passport applications.’

The crowds Tuesday and Wednesday are the most visible demonstration to date of how many people are interested in applying for Barack Obama’s new reprieve program named “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.”

Applicant Kristi Alarcon, who was waiting in line outside Houston’s Mexican consulate, capsulized the real ‘intent’ for Team Obama to make this [also probably unconstitutional] program a pre-election priority…

“We are waiting for our passports. We want to get our passport, because Obama might be asking for them.”

And across the country, in the City of Angels, advocates were holding workshops to ‘teach’ illegal immigrants how to apply under the program, whose requirements are not that stringent, and interestingly ‘capture’ the requirements for being an eligible voter–must have a high school diploma or GED, or be a military veteran, and can’t have a felony record.

Therefore, so long as they don’t have to prove U.S. citizenship to get a government-issued photo ID card for voting, and the fact that the program only provides applicants with ‘protection’ for two years, would compel them to answer ‘Obama’s call’ (as Ms. Alarcon put it above), and ‘vote’ in unrestricted droves for Barack Obama and Democrats in the November elections–especially in heavily Hispanic swing states like Florida, Colorado and…

Pennsylvania, where today, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson said he wouldn’t grant an injunction that would have halted the law requiring each voter to show a valid photo ID–which Democrats say will suppress votes among President Barack Obama’s supporters, according to an Associated Press article in FOXNews today.

The Republican-penned law that passed without a single Democrat vote, has ignited a furious debate over voting rights as Pennsylvania is poised to play a key role in deciding the presidential contest in November.

Democrats insist the law will suppress the elderly, minority, poor and college student vote–to help the Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, beat Democrat Barack Obama.

From a practical standpoint Democrat’s claim is pure hyperbole.

First, the elderly already require photo ID to sign up for Medicare and to cash Social Security checks—or even open the bank account into which they are deposited.

Second, the ‘poor’ already had to produce a photo ID (and proof of citizenship) to register for welfare benefits and food stamps.

Finally, if there is a college student in this country who is a U.S. citizen and cannot produce valid U.S. birth certificate from just 18 years ago, then the origin of their Social Security number needs to be investigated–which has the ‘dual purpose’ of being their “Student ID Number.”

Witold J. Walczak, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer who helped argue the case for the plaintiffs, responded to the news with uninformed impotence…

We’re not done, it’s not over … It’s why they make appeals courts.

Unfortunately for Walczak and the Democrats, this gambit is over–because it would require four of the six Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices to overturn Judge Simpson’s ruling–which is not very likely as the court is now evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

Plaintiff’s attorneys also argued that some voters won’t know about the law until they get to the polls, where long waits would result as election workers struggle to carry out ‘a complicated and unnecessary law,’ amid the traditionally larger turnout in presidential elections.

Lawyers from the attorney general’s office, parried that argument by pointing out the state will begin issuing a special photo ID card for registered voters, who are unable to get a Penn DOT-issued ID and lack any other photo ID that is acceptable under the law, such as a passport or active-duty military ID.

They also said the state is rolling out a public relations campaign to make [people] aware of the law.

In the end, Democrats can solve this voter photo ID problem by ‘dual-tasking’ the very same communication system and [campaign-funded] buses they have organized to pick these people up on election day, wherein they tutor them how to vote [the Democrat ticket], while feeding them lunch on the way to their polling places.

Obviously, the scurrilous words and deeds of Barack Obama and the Democrats reveal that it must be mandatory, at every polling place in the nation, to require proof of citizenship and residency for voter registration, and require a [current] photo ID to receive a voting ballot on Election Day, in order to maintain the integrity of the electoral process.

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