The Biz Bang – an observation by a Regular American

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By: Texas Vet

Some acknowledge the idea of the Big Bang Theory where at some point, right after and immediately following the nothing, there was something. Subsequently every thing that was, started moving away from that point and eventually became what is. I think there is more going on here than we have previously been led to believe.

Along the way, my guess is, some of the things moved through places where, if they had stopped, there would be some thing there now, but alas, they kept going into the ever colder and darker corners of the Big where they became, and remain, cold and dark things.

Other things didn’t go quite so far and are emblazoned with light and heat so intense that no thing could start and any thing that did while on that journey is now dust and ash. Real hot dust and ash.
So let’s consider a thing that found it’s balance between the extremes of cold and heat, light and darkness.

There are only a few facts to bear witness to this, but a hypothesis would suggest the earth thing may be an example of this place of balance.

So, with the passing of many millenia, this balance allowed for some chemistry to work in rudimentary conditions and finally some thing moved around in a puddle of primordial goo well enough to survive and evolve. Maybe. I only say maybe because current evidence for me is that there is no goo under my feet, primordial or otherwise.

My caveat here is that I’m not degreed in any of the sciences, so I have no fore-knowledge of the scientific terms nor the training to fundamentally decide how all this really went. I only postulate on what is written in much literature, for and against I might add, all of which is written by those professorial harbingers of science history that I may choose to listen to and read so as to be educated to some level of understanding.

Let us continue….

As long as various things remained in the pool of goo, the condition of things remained basically unchanged except that some things eventually became other things and then there were more things, all different but somehow related. But the safety of home and hearth were left behind the first time one of those ancestor things left the pool and moved out onto a solid footing. What happened after that first step is the subject of libraries full of books and will not be added to here.

This matter is about the marks and impressions left behind as tracks and trails on the rock, in the sand and through the fertile earth over which these things moved. For I could be convinced, as science has done so well to fill me with facts and fiction, there may come a time where some scientist will postulate that as the things moved and grew and changed and went from what they were to what they are, the trails and the gouges in the rock, sand and fertile earth became permanent ruts behind them.
Ruts, well worn in time by various crawly walky things, large and small alike, became paths. a way to, or from, somewhere. Paths then allowed for more ordered movement and even faster escapes from unfriendly things, and maybe even a shorter route to water or food, or back to home, from whence they came.

As all these things became more diverse and numerous, more paths came into existence or, to follow the theory, there came to be so many paths that some went into low use and disrepair and were taken over again by other things, while other paths, under more frequent use, became roads.

Over great expanses of time these all were worn fairly smooth. The loose stone and rock always pushed to the side as the increase in things travelling widened path and road alike. Rocks and stone piled up on the edges and when there was enough and the climate, gravity and mixture of soil and moisture was sufficient, there was the basis for foundations.

Other stone and rock material building up near stream and river and earthen gorge must have become bridges. Bridges had to jump the expanse where path and road would not traverse. The age old act of finding the nearest tree that had fallen across a stream or the slightly more time consuming effort of going around the problem wasn’t suitable to the growing masses of things moving about.

Also during these multiples of millenia, it must be true that a great onset of storms, wind and lightning damaged and knocked down much of the growing things and along with the regular cycle of life produced a lot of debris. The dead fallen limbs and even trees themselves crashed down onto these stone and rock foundations and became crude structures. I know this because I have seen with my own eyes, scientists un-earthing evidence of this wood and rock phenomenon over the great land masses.

There must be some credibility to this observation. To not recognize and accept the natural progression of events as they unfolded over time is to show ignorance, a lack of learning and understanding. One must either witness what has happened or understand the proper order of events that create their own history. No thing would allow anyone to otherwise be deluded that they had a hand in any of it.

Mankind came onto the scene so late in the era of the progress of things that not one has any claim to what has gone before, or has any right to, for, as someone of great prominence has quipped, ‘you didn’t build that’.

He must have been a scientist.

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