Debate Commission stacked deck to favor Obama, but Romney has ‘trump card’

By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

As we quickly approach the Presidential debate season, The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the line up of moderators for this cycle, including two old classics, PBS’ Jim Lehrer and CBS’ Bob Schieffer, plus CNN’s Candy Crowley, who will referee President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney, and ABC’s Martha Raddatz who will so the same for Vice President Joe Biden and Republican running mate Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, according to Paul A. Reyes NBC Latino opinion article today.

Predictably, it is stocked exclusively by ‘mainstream media,’ and their talking heads who, collectively, have performed like well-oiled public relations firms for Barack Obama, by regularly ignoring or severely ‘undercovering’ negative news regarding his administration, while serving as distribution channels repeating spoon-fed Democrat daily talking points–with no investigative journalism detectable journalism.

In stark political and marketshare contrast, ‘fair and balanced’ FOXNews [cable], is no where to be found in the line up–even though their prime-time marketshare is 51 percent, while CNN’s marketshare is a paltry 18 percent, according to the most recent full year figures ending with 2011, from State of the

When network broadcast television marketshare is analyzed in the same fashion, the ‘mainstream’ members of which also have an equal Liberal bias, the FOX Network has a primetime viewership of 3 million that could be simulcast with the cable channel, and offer up a total viewership of 4.9 million primetime viewers–compared to CBS with 5.6 million, and ABC 3.7 million viewers, according to recent figures from

Regardless of any ‘fairness-factor,’ [The] Commission has clearly created architecture for the debates to favor beleaguered Barack Obama; and one that they hope minimizes [the] damage to the Democrat ticket and party resulting from Joe Biden’s un-editable debate with Paul Ryan.

But, will their plan really work out that way?

Although, it probably looked good on paper, not only will it will likely fail–but, according to the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences’ it will help Romney, Ryan and the Republican party.

Even though FOX News’ crack political anchors will not have a ‘crack’ at pursuing President Obama, most of their viewers are already committed to voting for Romney/Ryan and the Republicans–so there is really no chance of electoral loss.

Further, most Americans don’t need a news program or newspaper to tell them our economy has suffered the longest sustained period of devastation since the Great Depression–with no hope for change in sight–and polls revealing a majority already believe we are in a ‘double-dip recession.’

Finally, without a teleprompter to guide his tongue, Barack Obama has always suffered multiple self-inflicted wounds, and these debates will be crackling with calamity for him, giving most undecided voters, especially Independents, reason enough to join Team Romney to ‘Restore America.’

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  1. It is an insult that a man of Mitt Romney’s intelligence, honesty and Godly has to even share a stage with this evil immitation of a man!!!

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