One thought on “Mitt Romney V.S. Obama

  1. Loved this, BUT, Obama has been a huge success!!! His endgame is nearly complete – America is bankrupt with nearly open borders, enemies embraced while allies twist in the wind, the Constitution shredded nearly to the point of no return, terrorists emboldened and given White House access…socialism implemented via (900 plus) Executive Orders while sacrificing those who honorably wear the uniform and fight the good fight. All he needs is to steal the next election to truly implement his ‘hope and change’. Obama is a smashing success in the eyes of his terrorist buddies and Soros…now if only the MSM would cease to continue fawning over his ‘rock star status’ and failed policies, (pardon me while I vomit a little in my mouth and wish I was American so I could vote this traitor out of office), he would be flushed down the toilet and spend the rest of his life behind bars along with his disgusting wife. No halal meals, no Koran, just real American cons beating them to a pulp on a daily basis. As an atheist, amen to that. Vote Romney/Ryan and regain the American dream.

    Be strong America, you and your guns can weather this Obama storm.

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