Dems rewrite their platform (again) after fallout… Delegates vote ‘NO’ 3-times, Villaraigosa declares it passed anyway to boos… without roll call vote

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On Monday it was discovered that in the process of rewriting their platform the Democrats removed the word God, all references to Israel plus they had removed the designation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The platform used to say that Israel was America’s (the Dems) strongest ally… and designated Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. That and all other references to Israel had been removed.

And although Team Obama is now trying to spin the realty, saying President Obama personally got involved in changing the platform back, everyone interviewed about the original changes on Israel said the changes were made because the party went along with President Obama’s lead and beliefs.

Video: Chaos During Dems Platform Race

The Democratic National Convention dissolved into unexpected procedural chaos today, Wednesday afternoon, when the party sought to placate critics and re-insert language pledging allegiance to an undivided Jerusalem and their ‘one’ mention of the word God. You be the judge but most delegates and viewers of the event said/feel that the delegates voted ‘NO’ 3-times, but yes-man Mayor Villaraigosa declared it passed anyway to boos… without a roll call vote.

“Convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa, the Los Angeles Mayor, called for a vote on a motion to amend the platform, whose changes since 2008 had drawn intense criticism from Republicans, black clergy and Jewish Americans with no real defense from leading Democrats. Today Dems cast the changes as omissions or oversights rather than policy statements. We all know that is impossible because of the process.”

The hasty process raised hackles with others. One dissenter, who said she hadn’t made it in to voice her “no,” said she opposed the inclusion of God.

“Mayor Villaraigosa took the platform change vote to floor and it didn’t pass. It was a voice vote and it was very obvious. He took it 3-times and it didn’t pass. They were already getting ready behind the scenes for a roll call vote and Mayor V, who obviously realized it wouldn’t pass, just declared that it had by a 2/3… vote… to lots of boos and then left the stage.”

Both Charles Krauthammer and Dick Morris warned that people should not be confused. There is still quite a bit missing about Israel and America’s commitment to them that was previously in the Democrat platform that was removed and was not put back as part of today’s amended platform. This was an obvious political move since the content of the platform had been spotlighted, something Team Obama didn’t expect nor was prepared for. That was obvious yesterday when Senator Durbin went crazy after Bret Bair merely asked him why God and the other references to Israel had been removed.

Video: Durbin Goes Crazy Over Question By Brett Bair

Governor Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan were quick to speak out against the removal of the word God (all but one reference to God had already been removed previously) from the Democrat Platform as well as against their removal of the references of their support for Israel and the designation of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Romney also assured Israel of his personal and his future administration’s support, which he pledged earlier in the summer on his 3-country trip.

Wake-up America… wake-up American Jews… The choice on November 6, 2012 couldn’t be clearer!!

On a side note…

It has been rumored for days that the Democrats were set to move Obama’s big speech from the 74,000-seater outdoor stadium to a 20,000-seater indoors… using the guise of rain, but in reality it was at beat a combination… worry about lack of attendance, funds and possibly the threat of showers. It had been officially leaked by MailOnline, but all the major networks, including Fox were adamant on Tuesday night that it was just a rumor and the venue would not be moved.

Well sure enough, it was announced today that Obama’s speech would be moved from 74,000-seater outdoor stadium to a 20,000-seater indoors… and it is being blamed on weather. But, behind the scenes they are saying that the Obama campaign is panicking. Romney is outraising money hand over fist… $100Mil in Aug alone and they were (have been) worried about filling the stadium even after giving away free tickets, paying people to attend and bussing union people in.

The transparency just doesn’t stop… now does it?!?

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