The Watcher’s Council Nominations – September Song Edition

The Watcher’s Council

Ah, September!

It’s one of the more interesting months, somehow not quite summer, but not quite Autumn. It’s a transition month between the two, a time for ramping things up as we head for the year’s end. And that’s never more true than in an election year.

The conventions, watched by one of the smallest audiences ever, are over and done with as Americans begin, as they historically do, to pay close attention to the elections.

In spite of a massive campaign by the media to convince the American people that the campaign is over and Barack Obama is headed towards re-election, the real, uncooked numbers suggest otherwise and the election pretty much remains a dead heat, and likely will until the debates. I guarantee you, a lot more people will be watching the debates than the conventions.

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US Communists Defend Iran, Oppose “Islamophobia”

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

The pro-Iran/Cuba/North Korea/China/Venezuela Workers World Party, through its fronts, the International Action Center and United National Anti-war Coalition, is planning anti-War rallies across America in October.

From Workers World:

The United National Anti-war Coalition has called for protest actions across the country on the anniversary of the imperialist U.S. invasion of Afghanistan.

At the first national conference call to organize the protests, held at the end of August, 49 people from 17 U.S. states and British Colombia in Canada participated. Many of the areas reported work already underway to organize actions on the Oct. 5-7 weekend.

In the Los Angeles area, two coalitions had begun to build demonstrations. Speaking for one of the groups, John Parker of the International Action Center expressed his readiness to discuss holding a common demonstration. This was also the suggestion of the UNAC leaders on the call.

Among the slogans UNAC is promoting are “No wars! No sanctions! No drone attacks! Bring all the troops home now!” “Self-determination for the people of Syria and Iran!” and “No to racism, raids and repression! No to Islamophobia!”

The relationship between international communism, Iran and Islamic terrorism, can no longer be denied by any serious commentator.


Barack Obama: National Security Disaster

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Barack Obama, selling out American military superiority to then Russian president Medvedev

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, explains the real problem with Obama – he is a national security disaster.

More than that Obama is an international security disaster. If Obama gets four more years he will destroy America’s ability, not only to defend its allies, but to even defend the homeland. His apparent preference for Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran and Islam, over America’s traditional allies is already causing massive concern around the globe.

Mr. Obama is America’s first Anti-American president. Given four more years, Obama will likely cause World War 3, and/or the death and enslavement of billions. This is way beyond serious.