Romney ‘opportunity’ trumps Obama ‘wealth redistribution’ plan

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By: Jeffrey Klein
Political Buzz Examiner

Barack Obama and the mainstream media have been frantically flooding their newscasts with the secret ’47 percent’ video of Gov. Mitt Romney, while addressing a May meeting of high-dollar campaign donors, in order ‘manage’ the news cycle away from the president’s disastrous economic policies and the flaming anti-American cacophony of chaos incinerating the Middle East and Southeast Asia–signaling the complete collapse of the president’s Islamic appeasement doctrine.

Unfortunately for Left, just as they were about to ‘spike the ball’ against Team Romney, an audio tape of then Senator Barack Obama surfaced, recorded during a Loyola University [Chicago] conference in 1998, wherein he very elegantly explained his belief in the ‘redistribution of wealth’ by government–so that everyone could get a ‘fair shot,’ according to a FOXNews article today.

I think that what we’re going to have to do is somehow resuscitate the notion that government action can be effective at all. I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution–because I actually believe in redistribution at least at a certain level–to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.

Gov. Mitt Romney noted that President Obama has created a “great divide” in the country.

I know some believe the government should take from some to give to the others. [But], I think the president makes it clear in the tape that was released today that that’s what he believes–I think that’s an entirely foreign concept.

Frankly, we have two very different views about America. The president’s view is one of a larger government. There’s a tape that just came out today (with) the president saying he likes redistribution. I disagree.

I think a society based upon a government-centered nation where government plays a larger and larger role, redistributes money, that’s the wrong course for America.

The right course for America is to create growth, create wealth.

Matt Rhoades, the Romney Campaign Manager, also jumped on this jewel this morning in a memo, as reported in another FOXNews article today, because the mainstream media seems to be trying to ‘sweep it under the rug.’

Mitt Romney’s vision for America is an opportunity society, where free people and free enterprise thrive and success is admired and emulated, not attacked. President Obama’s vision for America is a government-centered society, where government grows bigger and more active, occupying more of our everyday lives.

We don’t have to look far to see the failure of President Obama’s approach. We can look at his record…

Wherein after he cited high unemployment, heavy regulatory burden and millions of people in poverty and/or on food stamps.

If Barack Obama were reelected and completely implemented everything from the ‘Buffet Rule‘ to ‘Obamacare,’ the United States would no doubt soon be in the same predicament as France now faces.

France’s newly elected President, Socialist Party member Francois Hollande, who critics remind everyone was quoted as saying “I dislike the rich,” along with France’s new Socialist government, plan to enact a 75% income tax rate on French citizens earning more than 1 million Euros per year, according to a September 10, 2012 Associated Press article.

Bernard Arnault, the CEO of French fashion giant LVMH, which owns Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, is also the richest man in Europe and fourth most wealthy in the world, whose fortune Forbes has estimated at $41 billion, ignited an uproar in France over taxes, citizenship, patriotism and what policies the government needs to promote growth, by confirming on Sunday his application for dual citizenship in Belgium–where the maximum tax rate is only 50%.

However, as a Belgian citizen, if he renounced his French citizenship he could take advantage of the cherished tax-free status that Belgians hold in Monaco–which has no income tax–and is the tax domicile for hundreds of wealthy individuals in the world.

Arnault also left French Socialist fanatics behind in 1981, when Francois Mitterrand was elected President, by emigrating to the U.S., returning only after the France’s tax policies were made more conservative.

The article also uncovered another interesting paradox in France:

A country that prides itself on producing exorbitantly-priced luxury fashion has tax policies that target the very people rich enough to buy French goods.

This is just another version of the ‘bite the hand that feeds you’ entitlement-mentality that has been ‘seeded’ by Liberals in America.

France’s former Conservative Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, directly blamed Arnault’s course of action on the Socialist government’s tax policy, and declaring…

This will spread like wildfire; and all over the planet they’ll say that France is the country that doesn’t like success.

Sounds familiar, just like the prophecy of Gov. Mitt Romney and the Conservatives, should Barack Obama win reelection–which would be le fini for America’s future too.

Perhaps American voters leaning toward President Obama could take a lesson from today’s editorial page headline in Belgium’s daily paper, La Libre, which, even though Mr. Arnault has been living in a Brussels suburb for several months already, declared:

Welcome, Mr. Arnault!

And, British Prime Minister David Cameron has wasted no time in wooing French firms to Great Britain–by “rolling out the Red Carpet,” in the face of Frances Socialist government wanting to rob them blind.

Finally, there is our story on Brazilian-born, Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, who renounced his 10-year U.S. citizenship a year ago and moved to Singapore permanently–along with a few billion dollars of Facebook IPO cash.

Remember, there is nothing to stop the wealthy from moving to where they are loved and respected–absolutely nothing.

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