We Surround Them – The Polls Are Lying To You

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Remember how I told you to ignore the polls? That they were a fabrication? Propaganda from the American Pravda? Well, here’s your proof. Zombie has written a post showing just how irrelevant polling now is.

The response rate on polls is now just 9% as opposed to 36% in 1997. No one is home anymore or answering. They are either working or they do what I do, they screen their calls. So, the ones answering are a coordinated effort from the Progressives to massively skew the polls in favor of Obama. Do not listen to the major news outlets – even Fox News. They have all been compromised long ago.

Polls can no longer be trusted. All of it is biased now in favor of the left and their evil agenda. We are the 91% and we surround these asshats. Read Zombie’s piece – all of it and share it.

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