Book Review: The Naked Constitution

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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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Well, with that title in mind, you just know I’m going to love this book! 🙂

This book shows incredible research and loads of historical insight. If you love Glenn Beck, you will love this book. I have a section in my library for books on the Constitution and this book just earned a place on those shelves. (Yes, I have more than one shelf – what do you expect? I’m a political wonk.)

Like me, I’m sure you are sick to death of the Left trying to trash or amend the Constitution. Adam Freedman is a legal scholar who covers the true, ‘naked’ meaning of the Constitution and what the Founding Fathers really believed in. Unmasked freedom as opposed to the blatant Marxism we face today. In an incredibly intelligent and witty fashion, Freedman covers what was actually penned and why it is so important today. Literally life and death for our nation and for the legacy we leave generations to follow. Being the Constitutional expert Freedman is, he looks at current topics such as Obamacare and how they are unconstitutional in scope. This book is a magnificent examination of the building blocks of our nation.

Harper Collins:

In the spirit of Glenn Beck’s Original Argument comes a lively manifesto on the need to recover the original meaning of the Constitution.

From law school classrooms to the halls of Congress, America’s elites have come to regard the Constitution as a mere decorative parchment to be kept under glass at the National Archives. In The Naked Constitution, conservative legal scholar Adam Freedman defends the controversial doctrine of originalism as the only way to restore the Founding Fathers’ vision of American liberty. Freedman argues that the fashionable “Living Constitution” theory has been used by judges and politicians since the Progressive Era of the early 1900s to centralize power in Washington and to threaten individual freedom.

The Naked Constitution explains the fundamental themes animating America’s founding charter: limited government, federalism, separation of powers, and individual liberty. Freedman explores the nature of each of the three branches of government as well as the key individual rights enshrined in the Constitution to show how original meaning can help answer the most pressing questions facing America today: Can the president invade another country without the approval of Congress? Can he assassinate or spy on American citizens in the name of fighting terror? Do corporations have the same “free speech” rights as individuals? Can the federal government coerce states to adopt particular policies, or force individuals to buy insurance? Ultimately, Freedman calls for a new constitutional convention that will free the nation from capricious courts and idiosyncratic judges, and limit the growth of government for decades to come.

Author Extras: Adam Freedman Biography

This book speaks to the very reason I blog and to the issues that face America today. It has won a special place in my heart and I can’t thank Adam Freedman enough for writing an incredible manifesto on the original intent of the Founders. You can purchase The Naked Constitution – What the Founders Said and Why It Still Matters here.

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