2 thoughts on “GBR: Truth on Libya emerging

  1. Stevens was funneling weapons to Al Queda to go into Syria via Turkey…Libyan al Qaeda ringleader Qumu, hired by Hillary Clinton to overthrow America-cooperative Muammar Qaddafi, in the Obama/Clinton version of the bipartisan-prepared Arab Spring, kills the U.S. field staff engaged in weapons tracking and.
    (one would hope) recovery, on the job in Benghazi, on 9-11-2012.

    Obama and CO. couldn’t afford any loose ends.. Hence your Bumps in the Road…They Begged for help, and were left there to Die.

    The national security threat is Obama. His Loyality’s lie with Islam.

  2. @Capt Dax:
    I agree!
    Their gun-running to AQ throughout the Middle East is a treasenous action by itself; setting up americans to be killed throughout the Middle East, because they are just bumps in the road, is criminal, negligence and treason, because they are working together with the enemyto overthrow our own form of government from within.
    Hillary with Huma Abedin, Obama and his affiliation and membership of the MB – Stevens, who was meeting with selected AQ’s beginning in 2007 in Eastern Libya, plotting and planning ahead, sowing the seed of the arab spring during Bush’s last year in office.
    Stevens, meeting with families of jihadists martyr’s-dining with them, listen to their sons martyrdom against american troops in Iraq from their families – not even batting an eye as to the killing of our troops and, rather – as Stevens felt at times embarrassed to be an american – having so much symphacy for our enemies, not one ioto of consideration for our troops and their left behind families.
    The overthrow of Gaddafi was planned back thenwith Stevens to go-between State and AQ, which help was needed and as stated by prev commenter actively recruited.
    I do not believe that Benghazi was an american embassy, but rather a CIA hub – working hard to buy back weapons provided by obama and hillary during overthrow; although during the attack – AQ stole many weapons left behind by british troops.
    Gun running – Fast andFurious III is still underway in Syria – where they once again arm our enemies AQ to overthrow another government.
    Yes, I believe Stevens becamse ‘collateral damge’, knowing the ins and outs,being an active participant….karma paid by those whom he worked for incl his own bosses.

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