2 thoughts on “Time to leave the UN if Canada is to survive as a nation

  1. The entire Western world is willingly submitting to Islam and Sharia Law under the evil guise of ‘multi-culturalism’ and the Muslim dominated UN. What can Muslims possibly offer us? More freedoms? More acceptance of gays? More rights for women and infidels? No. Muslims are commanded by Allah to either convert us by sword, kill us, or let us live under barbaric Sharia Law as dhimmis paying the jizya (and die a horrid death if we dare offend them). The UN has an agenda and they are working their tireless inbred brains to implement it, and are somehow successful because the left complies/submits. Islam’s goal is world domination through violence and evidence is overwhelming. The UN and the Muslim Brotherhood can be stopped, they can be put in their 7th century place if we wake the heck up and pull out of the UN and label the Muslim Brotherhood as the terrorist organization they truly are. Stop all Muslim immigration, halt all negotiations, and make it mandatory that all us infidels stop whitewashing the truth about Islam. Seal them off and we can live in peace while they kill one another off one suicide bomb, one honor killing, one blasphemy murder at a time. They do not belong among us, and we certainly do not need to bow down to the UN (Muslims). As a woman I take pride in the freedoms my brave Grandfathers fought for and submit to nobody, no religion, no man who says their perverted ‘god’ can beat and/or kill me if I disobey. FREEDOM. Peace through education and strength.

  2. Anyone with a half a brain can see what the UN has become and is hoping to become . . . through it’s gun regulations, Agenda 21, a world tax, cow tailing to terrorists . . . The wealthy elite, like Soros and others are planning for the day that the UN will be the governing body of the world. Not only is it time for Canada to leave the UN, but it’s long overdue for the U.S. to get out as well.

    President Wilson started this beast, and it’s time for all good citizens to stand up to the UN and their respective governments and say . . . ENOUGH! The UN has morphed into a bloated and bureaucratic corrupt entity, that answers only by way of the puppet strings from wealthy and evil people, who’s agenda is not in the best interests of free people.

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