Mindful of the Countdown

From: Arlene from Israel

Election day is five days away. Particularly because the hurricane distracted Americans from the political issues at hand, and gave Obama a chance to appear “presidential,” I think it is exceedingly important to refocus on those issues. Here, I want to share a few articles:

My subject is Benghazi. Not a new issue, but a critical one we dare not forget if we are intent on properly assessing the Obama administration.


First this is from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, headed by Steve Emerson, an exceedingly reliable and credible source. The article, “Benghazi Rescue Force Told to Step Down,” was written by Daniel E. Rogell on October 26:

“A CIA team a mile away from America’s besieged consulate in Libya was told to stand down and was denied reinforcements, Fox News reported in the latest revelation of intelligence failures surrounding the September 11th attack. Despite military drones in the air above the incident and military forces on alert at nearby bases, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday that the administration lacked the necessary information to deploy a rescue force.

“CIA operators at a nearby safe house were told to “‘stand down’ twice rather than try to help the ambassador’s team after initial shots were fired at the consulate, the Fox report said…

“As mortars fell on the CIA building, a rooftop operative identified their source and called for air support. But American military forces refused to send in a Spectre gunship, despite more than sufficient time for forces to arrive from the Navy’s Sigonella Air Station in Italy. Two separate Tier One Special Operations forces were also told to wait, included Delta Force troops…

“Panetta defended the administration’s response Thursday, despite the continuing revelations. ‘(The) basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place,’ Panetta told Pentagon reporters. ‘And as a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, Gen. Ham, Gen. Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation.’

“He did not address the presence of two military drones providing live video feed of the attacks as they took place.”



But wait! There’s more. Catherine Herridge, writing for FoxNews yesterday, reports on a secret cable:

“The U.S. Mission in Benghazi convened an ’emergency meeting’ less than a month before the assault that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, because Al Qaeda had training camps in Benghazi and the consulate could not defend against a “coordinated attack,” according to a classified cable reviewed by Fox News.

“Summarizing an Aug. 15 emergency meeting convened by the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, the Aug. 16 cable marked ‘SECRET’ said that the State Department’s senior security officer, also known as the RSO, did not believe the consulate could be protected.

“’RSO (Regional Security Officer) expressed concerns with the ability to defend Post in the event of a coordinated attack due to limited manpower, security measures, weapons capabilities, host nation support, and the overall size of the compound,’ the cable said.

“According to a review of the cable addressed to the Office of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Emergency Action Committee was also briefed ‘on the location of approximately ten Islamist militias and AQ training camps within Benghazi…’
“…In addition to describing the security situation in Benghazi as ‘trending negatively,’ the cable said explicitly that the mission would ask for more help. ‘In light of the uncertain security environment, US Mission Benghazi will submit specific requests to US Embassy Tripoli for additional physical security upgrades and staffing needs by separate cover.’

“…While the administration’s public statements have suggested that the attack came without warning, the Aug. 16 cable seems to undercut those claims. It was a direct warning to the State Department that the Benghazi consulate was vulnerable to attack, that it could not be defended and that the presence of anti-U.S. militias and Al Qaeda was well-known to the U.S. intelligence community.”



Michael Walsh, writing in PJMedia, says of this disgrace (emphasis added):

“As we hopefully approach the end of the Barack Hussein Obama II administration, cowardice is just one of the many possible explanations of its catastrophic failure at Benghazi last month, a failure that cost the lives of four Americans, the loss of valuable intelligence assets, the burning of countless Libyan collaborators, whose lives are now forfeit in that wretched land and elsewhere, and the needless handing to the ascendant jihadists of a propaganda victory that might have been avoided and has yet to be avenged…

“It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of what Obama’s handling of what is sure to go down as one of the most disgraceful episodes in American political and military history tells us about him, his administration, the ethos of the modern Democratic Party, and the state of our nation. The short answer: nothing good.

Understanding the implications of the Benghazi story…the MSM (except for Fox News) has done its best to ignore it. They know that, rightly presented to the American people, the fiasco — in which our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three others who died fighting like men instead of like politicians – rightly should spell the end of the Obama administration…

Because, let’s face it, the president of the United States — for no apparent legitimate reason of state or military doctrine — let those four men die on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, a clear and present dereliction of duty that, were he an officer in the services, would have gotten him court-martialed, stripped in rank, and sent to the brig. Instead, Obama’s decision (or, more likely, indecision) was a result of purely political calculations: the Slayer of Osama, having tamed the savage Islamic breast and declared the War on Terror over, chose to ignore any evidence to the contrary. And the media, ever eager to please, ignored the story because it didn’t fit the narrative.


This is so, my friends: those who look to main stream media sources for their information are not likely to hear about all of this. And so it falls to each of us to spread the word about what went on before and during the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and to be certain that every voter has the information he or she needs to make an informed decision about Obama.

Do all you can to make sure this information goes viral, without delay.


The Determinators Movie

So good, I’m posting it again:

Just one of the many, many, many things Tea Party volunteers are doing right now:

We sent packages to 360,000 households of undecided voters in swing states. The package included a US Constitution and a DVD of our movie, The Determinators (which has compelling arguments for repealing the healthcare law). We spent about $2 million to make this happen.

Now we have volunteers making follow-up phone calls to each of those 360,000 houses.

We need about 350 more volunteers in order to reach all of those homes before the election.

Our system makes it super-easy for volunteers to make the calls. There’s a training video, an on-screen script, and it even dials for you.

Volunteers will have multiple chances to win a free iPad. We are giving away 2 of them. Each call gives the volunteer another “ticket” in the drawing for 1 of the iPads. So more calls = greater chance to win.

Volunteers also get a free T-Shirt after making 60 calls.

And, the local Tea Party group that generates the most calls will win $5,000 for their group.

Contact Tea Party Patriots and help them out. Our country literally depends on us pulling together. This is one the best and easiest things you can do to make a difference in the election. Let your voice be heard and do your part.


RJC “Bryna” TV Ad for Romney

American Bryna Franklin, now of Jerusalem, is a lifelong Democrat and former chair of Democrats Abroad Israel. She voted for a Republican for President for the first time in her 80 years when she voted this year for Mitt Romney.

“Almost 75% of Americans living in Israel will cast their votes for Mitt Romney.”


Gross… Latest Liberal Ad: Obama Supporters Shoot, Hack, Bludgeon and Bomb Romney Supporters

Hat Tip: BB

Read more at Gateway Pundit…

This is funny?

RepublicanZombieDefense.com, a Democrat activist website, released a gross and violent “Get Out the Vote” ad today. In the video, Romney supporters, pictured as brain-dead zombies, are shot, hacked, bludgeoned, and murdered. It’s liberal humor at its best. The gory video is set on the White House lawn and features Obama supporters beheading, exploding, and maiming conservative Romney supporters with machine guns, grenades, garden shears, and chainsaws.

Liberal Ad: An Army Of Ethnic Stereotypes Murders Republicans


Last Minute Anti-Romney Dirty Tricks Target Filmmaker

By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

A controversial anti-Obama filmmaker has had his private financial accounts hacked into and the information used by a George Soros-linked journalist who may be part of a “dirty tricks” campaign against GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Joel Gilbert says that “private company information” was illegally obtained in an effort to intimidate those who have made possible the distribution of millions of copies of the DVD of his film, Dreams from My Real Father. His firm is a private media company that produces and distributes films and is not a political action committee or affiliated with any political campaign.

The controversial film, which has been mailed to millions of voters in swing states and is available on Netflix, examines Obama’s relationship with Communist Party member and suspected Soviet espionage agent Frank Marshall Davis, and Obama’s ties to Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers. The film claims that Davis was not only Obama’s mentor but his real father.

Despite the attacks on his backers, Gilbert says that his film is continuing to have a major impact and that he recently spoke at The Villages near Orlando, Florida to a group of 500 people. “Most of the folks had already seen my film, Dreams from My Real Father, and they understood how the duplicity of Obama and complicity of the media combined to elect a person with a secretive past and hidden agenda into the White House,” he said.

He added, “During the question and answer portion, they expressed unending gratitude for my work and struggle to shed light on Barack Obama’s real past and real agenda.”

As the film continues to make an impact in various swing states, Gilbert identified Seth Rosenfeld, who describes himself as a contributor to the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, as having approached him and others with questions about his film and how it was financed. Gilbert said Rosenfeld had “confidential bank information” and had “fraudulently introduced himself as being with the Romney campaign” in a communication with a company investor. “The only way our banking information could have been obtained would have been through illegal hacking into our private company bank accounts,” Gilbert said. “The information was not public.” He said that, “If Rosenfeld or anyone assisting Rosenfeld hacked into my company’s bank accounts, they could be prosecuted for violating privacy and banking laws.”

Rosenfeld describes himself as a former reporter for the San Francisco Examiner and San Francisco Chronicle and winner of the George Polk Award and “other professional honors.” He is believed to be working on an article trying to discredit the film and those who financed its distribution by somehow linking them to the Romney campaign.

In fact, however, Romney and other top Republicans, such as Karl Rove, have steered away from any involvement in charges that Obama is a Marxist or socialist with a mysterious past that needs to be investigated. Romney has refused to take advice from such figures as Pat Caddell urging his campaign to combat media bias and liberal-left reporters directly.

The Fox News Channel, the leading source of news and information for Republican voters, has not covered or addressed the sensational charges in the Gilbert film.

Gilbert’s press release about the attacks on his company is titled “Soros Connected Reporter Targets ‘Dreams’ Filmmaker—May Have Used Confidential Bank Information.”

The title of the press release is a reference to the fact that Rosenfeld is identified as currently working for the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR), funded by the pro-Marxist billionaire George Soros. Accuracy in Media named the CIR as being among an extensive network of Soros-supported media organizations in our 2004 report, The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power.

The CIR has assumed great importance in the Soros media network, having received $250,000 in 2008 and $275,000 in 2010 from Soros’s Open Society Institute. The Open Society Institute is still listed as a funder on the CIR donors’ page.

The group’s “media partners” included Al-Jazeera English, the Arab government-funded foreign propaganda channel; the Daily Beast; National Public Radio; two Public Broadcasting Service programs; the Los Angeles Times; and The Washington Post.

We asked Rosenfeld about the detailed charges about his alleged deceptive conduct which are outlined in Gilbert’s press release and Gilbert’s charge that Rosenfeld failed to follow up with an email to him. We also asked about Rosenfeld’s relationship with the CIR.

Rosenfeld responded, “It is true that I am a freelance journalist researching a story about people who anonymously funded the distribution of the Joel Gilbert film that attacks President Obama, claims his election is part of a vast communist conspiracy and displays pornographic photos of his mother. It is false that I misrepresented myself or engaged in any improper or illegal conduct. I spoke with Joel Gilbert twice on the phone and at his request sent him an email seeking his reply to my inquiry. He declined to comment in our phone conversations, did not call me back, and did not respond to my email.”

Gilbert told AIM that Rosenfeld never sent an email, never provided a telephone number to call him back, and that all of the characterizations in his response to AIM are “grossly distorted or just false.”

Regarding the film, Gilbert said it doesn’t attack Obama but explains his family background and political foundations and does not allege a communist conspiracy behind his election. Finally, he emphasized, there are no nude photos or pornography in the film. Rather, he said, there are pin-up photos that are respectfully covered with black bars and included only for journalistic reasons, in order to establish the likelihood of an intimate relations between Davis and Obama’s mother, which preceded Obama being raised by Davis from ages 9-18. Gilbert says the photos were taken of Obama’s mother by Frank Marshall Davis at Davis’s house. Davis was known for taking nude photos and later wrote about illicit affairs with underage women.

Rosenfeld appears to have a fascination with leftist radicals, having written the book, Subversives, which takes the side of pro-communist agitators who were monitored by the FBI and labeled a threat to America’s internal security by such anti-communist figures as Ronald Reagan. Indeed, the book’s subtitle is “The FBI’s War on Student Radicals, and Reagan’s Rise to Power.”

Based on his public comments about the book, including on the far-left “Democracy Now!” program, Rosenfeld apparently believes that Reagan, who confronted Soviet communism as president, was a scoundrel for working with the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover to clean the communists out of Hollywood and academia.

A New York Times favorable review of the Rosenfeld book showed anti-war radical Tom Hayden, who supported the communist enemy during the Vietnam War, pondering the size of his FBI file (22,000 pages). Interestingly, Hayden was an associate of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who were friends and associates of Barack Obama in Chicago. Hayden, Ayers and Dohrn were leaders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), which later became the terrorist Weather Underground.

Gilbert’s film has generated a lot of critical media attention in recent weeks, including from the George Soros-funded Media Matters organization, because the millions of copies of the DVD in circulation are reportedly damaging Obama’s prospects for a second term as president. Some have told Gilbert that they were not aware of the information about Obama’s communist background before they received the DVD in the mail. One said to him, “Got your dreams DVD in the mail and it is scaring my socks off. I’m telling everybody I know to get it and watch it. Thanks for producing it.”

Gilbert has described his film as a way to bypass the major media’s cover-up of the Obama-Davis relationship. He spoke at a conference at the National Press Club on July 19 and accused reporters of failing to investigate Obama in the same way they examine other candidates and political figures.

Before the illegal acquisition of his company’s financial information, stories about the distribution of the Gilbert film had included speculation about those who were investing in his company or had purchased copies of the film.

But demonstrating that he has nothing to hide, Gilbert said that he even gave Media Matters an interview about the film.

“The mainstream media have collapsed in America as independent public trustees for the American people,” Gilbert says. “The mainstream media wake up every day, and instead of thinking to themselves, ‘How can I report the news and let my readership decide for themselves?,’ they ask themselves, ‘How can I suppress and manipulate information in order to trick my readership into supporting Obama’s Marxist agenda.’”

However, he went on, “it now appears we are at an even more dangerous and previously unimaginable situation.” He said the media’s attacks on him and his financial backers suggest that “crimes” are being committed in an effort “to intimidate media who are reporting the truth” and destroying the First Amendment rights of others.

Cliff Kincaid is the Director of the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism and can be contacted at [email protected].