Black First, Then American

By: Sharon Sebastian

Retired General Colin Powell raised the specter in the media, unintentionally or otherwise, that when it comes to voting — skin color matters. It is no surprise that Powell supports President Barack Obama since he did so in the 2008 election. What is surprising is that the General can lend his support to a Commander-in-Chief who refuses to identify the enemy. With Obama reluctant to publicly admit it, Powell knows that Iran funds radical Islam’s war on the West and that Al- Qaeda is reconstituted and represents a rapidly rising danger throughout the Middle East.

Incomprehensible, however, is that any General could support a President who did not answer the call for back-up from Navy Seals under fire in Benghazi. Fighting for eight long hours, they waited for their Commander-in-Chief to send support. None came. Expecting back-up, the Seals radioed that they had laser-targeted the enemy. Aerial gunships had clear targets in order to avoid collateral damage to citizens. Though the President and his top security advisors reportedly watched the battle live — in real time as those pleas continued for eight long hours, no one came. Barack Obama had both the time and the military assets to rescue those valiant warriors, but did not. Our troops risk lives to defend the American way; giving General Powell the right to vote for anyone he chooses. In regard to Bengazi, most Americans would have made a different call.

A Liberal Democrat in a televised interview attempted to get political mileage out of Powell’s endorsement by stating that Colin Powel is “one of the most admired men in America.” Whites are included in that assessment of Powell. Yet, on the other hand, Whites are supposedly racists if they are anti-Obama — so claims the Democrat-Left. Last checked, both men are Black. A White majority ensured that both men rose to two of the highest positions in the land. No racism there. Though they desperately try, race-baiting Democrats can’t have it both ways.

There are patriots who are Americans first, then Black. Some remain quiet whether in the workplace or at large family gatherings. They know that all Americans have suffered under the Obama administration; none more than friends in the Black community. Others have long voiced their opposition to the despotic ideology that dominates the Obama administration. Among them are the great American Economist Thomas Sowell, Libertarian Educator Walter Williams, prolific writer Star Parker and the fearless and popular broadcaster Larry Elder. All of whom stand as Americans first, then Black.

On the topic of terrorism, in his column in RealClearPolitics, Thomas Sowell writes: “In Barack Obama’s case, the potential for catastrophe is international in scope, and perhaps irretrievable in its consequences, as he stalls with feckless gestures while terrorist-sponsoring Iran moves toward the production of nuclear bombs.”

In his website column, Walter Williams highlights issues in regard to race: “Last year, in reference to President Obama’s failed employment policies and high unemployment among blacks, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO), who is chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said, ‘If Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House.'” That’s a vision that seems to explain black tolerance for failed politicians — namely, if it’s a black politician whose policies are ineffectual and possibly harmful to the masses of the black community, it’s tolerable, but it’s entirely unacceptable if the politician is white.”

Star Parker, columnist and business owner, describes how she escaped the welfare system and came to understand that government dependence is a life of desperation. Parker appears in the YouTube Video: “STAR PARKER CRITIQUES OBAMA.”


There are those, with less recognition who tirelessly carry their messages in an effort to save a nation and its people. One of them is Bishop E. W. Jackson who says that, “It is not about party, but principle. It is not about race, but righteousness.” Bishop Jackson states his case in his YouTube Video.

Another who steps forward to spotlight the fraud of an administration that tramples on Blacks and the American taxpayer is Eddie Slaughter. Slaughter represents a group of Black farmers who are endorsing a Republican in Georgia’s 2nd District. The group grew frustrated, then irate when Democrat and Congressional Black Caucus member Sanford Bishop reportedly ignored their complaints about government fraud in regard to payments made as a result of the Pigford Black Farmers class action lawsuit (Pigford V. Glickman). The final verdict rewarded minority and women farmers who were denied loans based on bias. The Obama government began distributing settlements of a reported $50,000 each to tens of thousands of people who reportedly never farmed, but submitted fraudulent claims. Breitbart News reported that Bishop warned the farmers to stop complaining about the fraud or they would “shut this thing down.” In the following YouTube Video Slaughter explains how the Obama administration has punished Black farmers and levied harsh financial penalties through the IRS as a result of their lawsuit.

Then there is Lloyd Marcus, a tireless campaigner who seeks a better America for all of God’s people. Lloyd Marcus describes himself as an “Unhyphenated American” and “Proud Black Conservative.” He cites that his personal story of triumph serves as a reminder of what a great nation we live in. Marcus tells his story on YouTube Video about socialist programs and their impact on his community as a young boy in the projects and the triumph of his father’s conservative values that shaped him into the man he is today.

The race card cannot be played with these Americans who are “Americans first.” The reason it is called race-baiting is because it is a trap. God bless. Vote wisely.

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