Not Voting for Mitt Romney? On Principle?

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney per se. I did select him though, over Barack Obama. I’m not very motivated to support the former. Frankly, for good reason, I’m quite wary of him. But for the first time in my life I voted early, to be sure to vote against the latter, here in Wisconsin — and to be sure to vote for another highly questionable Republican, Tommy Thompson, in order to prevent one of the most extreme radicals in Congress, Marxist Tammy Baldwin, from becoming U.S Senator. A GOP majority in the Senate is critical.

Gradualism works for our dialectic materialist foes. It should be made to work for us, against them. But to make restoration of our principles happen we must keep advancing, like Clay Matthews on his way to the football, and never leave things in the hands of elected officials. It is at least as important to push them, once in office, as it is to push them into office. And then push them out again, for better public servants.

Falling on Principle
Bill Whittle

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