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Arlene from Israel

I refrained from posting yesterday because matters were so much in flux. It felt — with good reason — as if the situation would have changed before most of my readers even had a chance to see what I had written. And boy, has that been the case!

Before speaking about the events of today, I want to look back, briefly, to what happened yesterday:

The day began with rumors coming out of Egypt about a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel that would be announced at 9 PM. Not so fast, Mark Regev, the prime minister’s spokesman said, we have items still to be worked out. Going on 9 PM, Egypt declared that there would be a ceasefire announcement at midnight.

Eventually that announcement fizzled as well, as Prime Minister Netanyahu declared there was no ceasefire agreement.


I, and many many other Israelis, breathed a sigh of relief. For yesterday was a horrendous day, with over 100 rockets launched at us. A day when many Israelis suffered, and two, including a soldier, Yosef Fartuk, aged 18, died. When many buildings were hit and in some cases demolished.

A rocket was aimed at Jerusalem but missed its mark.

And a high-powered Iranian-made Fajr missile, undoubtedly aimed at Tel Aviv, hit instead in Rishon Letzion, where it took the two top floors off a building.

Credit: Avi Moalem/YNet

Thankfully, residents of the building were not home when the missile hit.


All in all, the mood of the nation was very tense, and very pained. Worried, and definitely not conciliatory. There was a sense of relief in the air when it became clear that the ceasefire agreement had not been signed — residents in the south had been demonstrating against that ceasefire.

With this there was a high level of anxious speculation as to what would come next regarding what was assumed to be the inevitable ground operation.

Israel had taken out most of the terrorist sites that could be reached by plane without heavy civilian causalities, but this did not mean all were taken out: Remaining sites would need to be accessed from the ground.


In the evening, Netanyahu released a statement that sounded good:

“Our hand is outstretched in peace to those of our neighbors who want to make peace with us, and the other hand is firmly grasping the sword of David against those who wish to uproot us from this country.”

Then, last night, Hillary Clinton came to town. Uh oh. It was expected that she was here for arm-twisting, to “facilitate” that ceasefire.

But Netanyahu stepped up with her to make a public statement: He would do whatever was necessary, he declared, to defend the people of Israel. OK!

Clinton’s comment angered me: Because the US cares about the security of Israel, she said, she had come to help restore quiet as quickly as possible. I cannot emphasize enough the fact that “quiet” — when we are dealing with a terrorist entity — is not necessarily what is in Israel’s best interest from a security perspective. Sometimes that entity needs to be weakened severely, at the least. Sometimes fear has to be instilled in the hearts of terrorists, and their capacity to do harm has to be reduced.

With statements such as this, Clinton and Obama ignore the central reality of Hamas, and instead advance the pretense that everyone can just get along if there’s good effort.

Following this, Netanyahu went into private consultation with Clinton. I waited late last night for news that she had coerced that ceasefire agreement from our prime minister, but it didn’t happen. And in the morning she left.


What also happened this morning is that there was an explosion on a bus in Tel Aviv. It wasn’t a suicide bombing, and thank Heaven, it wasn’t strong enough to kill, although over 20 people were injured. Apparently terrorists planted an explosive on the bus and walked off.

What was chilling is that this happened right outside the Kiryah, the military operational headquarters of the country. This was taken as a clear message, and the expectation that a ground operation was about to start grew even stronger. Later, Al Aksa Brigades — which is a wing of Fatah — took credit for the explosion, although it is still unclear as to what group actually initiated it.


And while we were all waiting for the announcement that the ground war in Gaza had begun, the bomb shell hit:

From Jerusalem, Clinton had gone to Cairo. And there in Egypt she held a press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr announcing a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

Credit: WSJ

What we subsequently learned was that Obama had personally called Netanyahu and “advised” him to accept this ceasefire. What was said by Obama to Netanyahu is something we are not likely to ever know, but the enormous likelihood of coercion, subtle or not-so-subtle, stares us in the face.

What must be noted is that Netanyahu simply said he was willing to give this a chance and that further military action may yet be necessary — this was indicated in the statement released from his office and is reported to have been what he told the president.


When I learned about the ceasefire, my take was something like this:

Netanyahu said to Clinton, you want a ceasefire? I first need more involvement by the US and Egypt with regard to guaranteeing that ceasefire and inhibiting the smuggling that would allow Hamas to rearm.

Hillary then took herself to the very needy Morsi and twisted his arm. It was even easier to do than it might have been because there is anti-Morsi sentiment in Congress. And Morsi would have agreed.


That this was Netanyahu’s position was more than just a guess on my part. There were several allusions in the press to US and Egyptian involvement, particularly with stopping smuggling.

The Israel Project, which routinely represents the government position, had this to say today:

“These events also underscore the need to ensure that Hamas and other Gaza based terror groups are unable to smuggle weapons into Gaza. By playing an active role in helping achieve this ceasefire, Egypt and the US will clearly have to play a role in ensuring that happens.” (Emphasis added)

“Will clearly have to”? Seez who?

When the terms of the ceasefire were made public, I understood what total nonsense this was. Aside from implementation procedures, all it says is:

a. Israel shall stop all hostilities on the Gaza Strip land, sea and air including incursions and targeting of individuals.

b. All Palestinian factions shall stop all hostilities from the Gaza Strip against Israel, including rocket attacks, and attacks along the border.

c. Opening the crossings and facilitating the movement of people and transfer of goods, and refraining from restricting residents free movement, and targeting residents in border areas and procedures of implementation shall be dealt with after 24 hours from the start of the ceasefire.

d. Other matters as may be requested shall be addressed.

Under implementation, there is the following:

“Each party shall commit itself not to perform any acts that would breach this understanding. In case of any observations, Egypt as a sponsor of this understanding, shall be informed to follow up.”


This says zero about US or Egyptian responsibility to stop smuggling. Item “d” is completely and totally worthless and means nothing.

My assumption had been that one of two situations prevailed: Either Netanyahu was trying to secure some solid assistance with regard to sustaining the ceasefire — attempting to shift the onus to the US and Egypt.

Or, he was playing a game: Knowing that this will not hold, he wanted to be able to point out that he had cooperated and tried, and that the US and Egypt had failed to sustain the ceasefire — so now he could hit hard.

Whatever the case, at least as far as the written agreement is concerned, there is nothing he can hold these countries to regarding their commitment to stop smuggling. Lovely statements by Obama don’t count. And as far as sustaining the ceasefire, it is only Egypt that is mentioned.


All of the analysis I wrote recently with regard to Morsi still holds. He caved to US demands because he needs Obama. But he has neither the will nor the capability to enforce the ceasefire or stop the smuggling on a sustained basis. Rest assured there will be some gestures at first, but no more than this.

Just six days ago (mentioning the Jewish state by name publicly for the first time), Morsi said that Israel’s “aggression” against Gaza was “unacceptable.” Now, with the ceasefire he made a similar statement, expressing satisfaction that Israel’s attacks would be halted. This is the man with whom Israel is now supposed to register the fact of Hamas violations.

That Obama selected this man, who is not remotely objective, to negotiate a ceasefire, and to assist in sustaining it, tells us a great deal. Obama has elevated the status of Morsi, a staunchly anti-Israel Islamist.

And Clinton? She has promoted this “diplomatic achievement” as a significant step in changing the nature of the region. Poppycock. A ceasefire agreement that is very weak and very nonspecific has been stitched together to bring temporary quiet. Nothing more.

The question that remains is how long is “temporary”? Most Israelis have little confidence that this will last long.


For me, perhaps the most significant question now is how Netanyahu will react. How serious will violations of the ceasefire have to be before he responds to them? Israel has a history of ignoring sporadic rocket launchings until the situation grows more intense. But now there’s a new catch:

Dr. Aaron Lerner of IMRA has pointed out that under the terms of this agreement, “the only thing that Israel can do in response to attacks is to file a complaint with Egypt…If Israel is attacked it would still be a violation of the agreement for Israel to respond. By the same token, if Israel saw terrorists in the middle of launching attacks against Israel it would be a violation for Israel to try to stop the terrorists from attacking.”

How bad will it have to be before the ceasefire is understood to have fallen apart completely?

Will Netanyahu be prepared to point out that he tried his best and that there is no cooperation on the other side? Or will he remain mum until the situation has escalated?


Thanksgiving Ushers in the Christmas Season

By: T F Stern
The Moral Liberal

My folks, bless their twisted taste buds, had a Thanksgiving Eve tradition, and still do; they’d serve oyster stew for dinner. I’m not sure how anyone can look at that stuff much less eat it; but they let us off by serving tomato soup instead, not my favorite either, but at least I could look at it.

After dinner on Thanksgiving Eve we were instructed to write out our Christmas wish lists so Santa could look at them on his way through town prior to being in the parade the next day. You think that sounds hokey; wait ‘till you hear the rest of what we bought into, getting ahead of myself.

Imagine a young boy sitting at the table with the power to ask for the desires of his heart from Santa, any toy that had been advertized was at my finger tips and all that was required was my writing it down so the letters were legible; no small feat if you’ve seen my hand writing.

With a little help and coaching my list was completed, a huge smile as visions of …wait a moment, that part was reserved for Christmas Eve. We’d place our lists on a plate in the middle of the dining room table so Santa could read them and have a better idea how to pack his bag in a few weeks.

Coca-Cola made a fortune showing Santa holding a bottle of Coke; but truth be known, we always used a glass of milk and some home made gingerbread cookies to bribe the jolly old man. Off to bed we scurried knowing that the quicker we were off to sleep the more time Santa would have to read our wish lists.

In the morning we could hardly contain our excitement as we went to the dining room table to see if Santa had come. The evidence was there, enough to prove in any court of law; the cookies and milk had been enjoyed. More importantly, there on the plate where we’d left our wish lists; all that remained were ashes where Santa’s magic green mittens had incinerated them, a small scorch mark left in the center of the plate.

Thanksgiving was more than just a time to enjoy a great meal with my family; it marked the first day of the Christmas Season. We’d watch the Macy’s parade on television and anxiously waited until the very end when Santa waved from his sleigh; that was the best part of the parade.

We had to be on our best behavior for a whole month; there had to be a catch in there, a whole month of staying out of trouble.

I talked with mom this morning and she told me they were going to have their traditional oyster stew; but they would have it on Thanksgiving night. I reminded her in a respectful manner how she’d gotten it off by one day; oyster stew was for Thanksgiving Eve. I guess with us kids all grown up and on our own they can save the tomato soup for some other evening.

With everyone concerned about being politically correct, zero tolerance and all that nonsense; telling your children about the mysteries of Santa Claus might get you in trouble. I can see Children’s Protective Service workers knocking on the door, collecting up the ashes as evidence proving the environment for raising children was dangerous.

Here’s your Christmas Bonus, a copy of mom’s hand written gingerbread cookie recipe. It will be up to you to decipher it; that’s my official disclaimer. Be aware, for years this recipe was kept in a vault next to the Presidents’ Book of Secrets; that’s how valuable this information is.

The Moral Lib­eral’s Senior Edi­tor, T.F. Stern, is a retired City of Hous­ton police offi­cer, self-employed lock­smith, and gifted polit­i­cal and social com­men­ta­tor. His pop­u­lar and insight­ful blog, T.F. Sterns Rant­i­ngs, has been up and at it since Jan­u­ary of 2005.


An Angry Black Man

By: LloydMarcus.com

Returning home after two months on the road touring the country singing, speaking, writing and campaigning to defeat Obama, I felt similar to a heartbroken soldier after losing a war. I trust God, but in all candor, I felt emotionally drained.

Shopping for salad stuff in Walmart, I focused on a sign “Gold Bell Peppers $1.68 each.” To my surprise, I became extremely angry. As absurd as it sounds, $1.68 for one bell pepper was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It epitomized my frustration and anger over the idiocy of Obama voters. Why in the world would they allow Obama to continue destroying our country?

Food and gas costs continue to sky rocket. Obama’s war on domestic fuel, business and the rich kills jobs. He has tripled our national debt. And yet, according to exit polls, 52% still believe our poor economy is Bush’s fault.

An idiot relative said, “I voted for Obama because Romney will make us all Mormons.” A yahoo said, “I voted for free healthcare.” News flash knucklehead, healthcare “ain’t” free.

Thank God Christmas is over a month away. I need time for God to give me the grace to forgive my black family. I am furious and extremely disappointed in them for voting skin-color over Christian principles.

I feel like saying, “Don’t tell me about your commitment to Jesus Christ ever again. I don’t want to hear it!”

I will not apologize for my anger because mine is a righteous anger. Evil appearing to triumph should make one angry. Jesus was angry when He turned over the tables of the money changers in the temple.

The Bible says, “Be angry, but sin not.” Thus, I will not tell-off my family and I forgive them. But, I think it best that I not be in their presence or take their phone calls for awhile.

Like millions of Americans, my heart is broken for my country. Years of liberals indoctrinating our kids K thru college and liberal bias in the media have created a wasteland of dumbed-down idiot voters. Far too many Americans are clueless to the greatness of our republic and the extraordinary cost and value of freedom which is our God given birth-right.

I am angry over the willful ignorance and racism of black America. During an interview on the “Inside Detroit” radio program, I informed black liberal host Mildred Gaddis that gas was $1.84 when Obama took office. http://washingtonexaminer.com/gas-1.84-exxon-sign-highlights-gas-prices-the-day-obama-took-office/article/2509585#.UKPKmIa1rug Mildred rejected this fact. I begged her to research it. Mildred said you cannot believe everything on the internet. Mildred also rejected the truth that Obama supports abortion and that half of black babies are aborted. http://www.blackgenocide.org/home.html Mildred rejected various easily confirmed truths about Obama’s destructive leadership – I am talking willful ignorance. As far as Mildred and her listeners were concerned, Obama’s skin-color automatically made him worthy of their vote.

I am outraged regarding the blatant voter fraud in states where a photo ID was not required to vote. http://www.examiner.com/article/voter-fraud-illegal-activities-reported-several-states

More disappointed than angry, I was shocked to learn that Romney got 3 million less Republican votes than John McCain. After four years of Obama’s tyranny, I assumed Republicans would crawl across broken glass to vote against Obama regardless of our candidate.

Since the election, I have avoided much of the media. I could not stomach the left spiking the football or weak-kneed conviction-less pandering from our side. Decisions made in panic or fear are always unwise. Better to wait until the dust clears rather than making new fear-based policy statements.

I still believe pedal to the metal Conservatism works every-time it is tried. Why? Because unlike Liberalism, Conservatism speaks to the higher nature of the human spirit and is best for all. Pure and simple.

Yes, there will always be those who want a free-ride. Jesus said the poor you will have with you always. No one is against a safety-net for those truly in need.

When the virtues of Conservatism are boldly articulated, they win in a landslide as per Ronald Reagan.

Beyond the catastrophic economic issues, Americans cried when Obama won reelection because of the death of an ideal. This evil dictator appears to have transformed America from being a shining example of the virtues of a free society into a nation of deadbeats in which class envy and government dependency rules. So yes, I am very angry.

Here is the good news. I am witnessing a new heightened resolve in patriots to fight harder than ever to turn our country around. We are in a culture war and more and more are beginning to realize it.

So I will suck up my anger, trust God, rest in His peace and continue doing my part in the battle to restore America.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


A Thanksgiving Memory on 3 Wheels

By: T F Stern
T F Stern’s Rantings

Being a retired police officer makes for some interesting memories; take for instance a thought which ran through my mind this morning, “I won’t have to get up early to work the Thanksgiving’s Day Parade tomorrow.” Mind you, I’ve been retired from the Houston Police Department a little over twenty years, and beyond that; the last Thanksgiving’s Day Parade I actually worked was thirty years ago.

In the early to late 70s, I was assigned to Point Control Division, the folks who stood in the intersections during rush hour traffic to mess things up for drivers on their way to or from work. At one time we rode Harley Davidson 3 wheeled motorcycles because they could maneuver through downtown traffic easier than a regular patrol car; on sidewalks if need be.

I won’t go into a lot of detail about the 3 wheeled motorcycle other than to explain it incorporated the worst aspects of a regular 2 wheeled motorcycle with the worst of 4 wheeled vehicle. Our job was to figure out how to make it work and stay alive.

My old partner, R.C. Kersten, talked me into transferring from evening shift Patrol over to Point Control; a decision based on the idea it would be easier to learn how to operate a 3 wheeled monster than to find a good partner.

“Sign me up;” never ridden a motorcycle of any kind in my life; but “Sign me up.”

I learned that leaning toward the desired direction did absolutely nothing on a 3 wheeler; you had to pull left or right on the handlebars, much as if it were a steering wheel. A week or so of training on the back parking lot of the police station and one partially wrecked 3 wheeler later (gotta’ remember, leaning does no good at all) they turned me loose on the public.

Other than directing traffic at rush hour, something I took to like a duck to water; Point Control was used for a variety of traffic related tasks, parades were on that list. The Thanksgiving Parade was the jewel in the crown, a chance for the “city’s finest” to shine.

On Thanksgiving Day there was an unwritten rule, if you called in sick you’d better be wearing a toe tag.

Point Control officers would be stationed at every location which had anything remotely associated with the parade and we had to be in the roll call room promptly at 5 AM (it might have been 6 AM; but that was a long time ago) for a parade which would start at 10 AM. Why so early? It made little sense other than it gave supervisors time to call and chew out any officers who might have slept in late.

My partner and I left roll call to go have breakfast at my folk’s house since they lived very close to town. We enjoyed a meal prepared by my mom and killed a couple of hours visiting before heading back into town.

The streets on the edge of downtown were empty for the most part; the only activity being on or along the parade route. Kersten and I drove our 3 wheelers north on Louisiana Street, passing under the Pierce Elevated with the morning sky brightened by the sun peaking in between buildings.

Off on the left was the old YMCA building with a lone pedestrian casually walking on the sidewalk, a boom box planted on his shoulder next to his ear. My partner and I had the same thought, “Let’s have some fun.”

I should mention that 3 wheelers were not equipped with a siren; they had a cheesy little red light perched on a pole, but no siren. It had a feeble sounding horn; yea, like folks are going to hear that…

My partner and I learned that if you locked up the front disc brake, keeping the throttle open full at the same time, then pull hard on the handlebars as if to turn; the leading edge of the front tire would grind along the pavement and make a horrendous sound, much like what you’d hear moments prior to a major traffic accident. That became our “siren.”

Back to the unsuspecting pedestrian strolling down the street oblivious to anything but James Brown blasting out of his boom box. Without saying a word we both “turned on our sirens.”

The fellow panicked, his knees buckling while he attempted to get out of harms way. The YMCA had a shallow concrete retaining wall next to the sidewalk which made his first attempt fail. He found his second wind half a moment later and was able to clear the sidewalk; not sure what became of the boom box to be honest.

Partner and I let loose of the brakes and continued toward our assignment. Santa Claus was on his way, so we’d be escorting his sleigh at the end of the parade with our 3 wheelers. Naturally our names would be on the Good Little Boy’s List as we protected and served the public.

A note in passing, the officer in that old photograph, the skinny guy standing next to the 3 wheeler; that’s me back in the day.

This article has been cross-posted to The Moral Liberal, a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government & The American Constitution.”


Radical Islamist Turns Ardent Zionist: the Story of Kasim Hafeez

By: Fern Sidman

On Thursday evening, November 15th, an audience of several hundred people sat in rapt attention at Temple Israel on New York City’s upper east side, as they heard the compelling narrative of a most unusual man. Kasim Hafeez, 28, is a British born Muslim of Pakistani descent who was raised in an environment where he was taught that “Jews control the world and Israel is at fault for just about everything.” As many other young Muslims in the United Kingdom, he embraced the teachings of radical Islam and internalized the visceral hatred for Israel that is endemic to this philosophy.

Growing up in a home where his father praised Adolf Hitler as a “brilliant man,” whose only shortcoming was that he “didn’t kill enough Jews,” Mr. Hafeez was being groomed to be yet another virulent Israel basher, but his life trajectory was abruptly derailed when he decided to undertake some serious research on the political history of Israel. Today, the Nottingham-based university administrator addresses audiences around the globe about the epiphany of truth that changed his life and is being sponsored by the premiere North American pro-Israel student advocacy organization, StandWithUs.

Prior to the transformative process that made him into a “proud Zionist,” Mr. Hafeez observes that before the 1988 publication of Salman Rushdie’s book entitled, “Satanic Verses,” most mosques in the UK had not as yet undergone the radicalization process, but that changed quite rapidly. “I recall that as a young man, we didn’t want that book on the shelves. We bought copies of it and burned them,” says Mr. Hafeez.

As a teenager, Mr. Hafeez remembers that while most Muslims in the United Kingdom “faked” their condemnations of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the great majority of them were exceptionally pleased with the results. “We really believed that Israel and the Jews were the center of all evil and because of Israel’s close relationship with the United States and their Western value system, we harbored a real enmity toward America. I had a friend who was convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. A conspiratorial plot hatched by the US and Israel.”

Speaking of his indoctrination by Muslim extremists, Mr. Hafeez ruefully observes that, “We were made to feel like the victims of the Western world, so therefore anything goes. We thought we had the moral right to fight back using any and all means.”

“I used to vigorously campaign against Israel,” declares Mr. Hafeez and “while we were encouraged to be better Muslims by taking up the cause of the Palestinian statehood, I can tell you that we were constantly deluged with propaganda and false images of the purported plight of the Palestinians.” In the midst of his immersion in the Muslim campaign to demonize and delegitimize Israel, Mr. Hafeez says that he carried signs at demonstrations which equated Zionism with Nazism and heard speakers at an Al Quds rally calling for the complete destruction of the “Zionist regime.”

Mr. Hafeez says that his experiences during those years led him to the many conclusions. “I will tell you this; I have never, ever met anyone who claimed to be anti-Zionist who was not also very anti-Semitic as well. There are no differences here. They are one in the same,” he says.

One fine day, it would appear, while Mr. Hafeez was hell bent on disproving “Zionist lies and propaganda,” he picked up a copy of a book entitled, “The Case For Israel,” written by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. “I bought the book with the intention of disproving it, of taking it apart point by point and just mentally relegating it to more pro-Israel lies and propaganda. When I finished reading it, I realized that there were many cogent points made and I thirsted to read more of the same, which I did.”

Getting into some serious research about Israel made Mr. Hafeez take a deep pause and reflect on his beliefs until that time. “I used to use UN resolution 242 to argue against Israel, but that changed. My friends became concerned and told me to stop reading Zionist propaganda. That book and other materials I read really opened my mind to the falsehoods that were fed to me.”

At that juncture in time, while a university student, Mr. Hafeez was saving his money, hoping to return to Pakistan to attend a jihadi training camp. “Thankfully, it didn’t pan out that way,” he said.

Finding that he knew virtually nothing about the Middle East or Israel’s history, it came as a surprise to Mr. Hafeez to learn that Jews had deep historical and religious ties to Israel and had lived there for thousands of years. Dismayed and quite shocked, Mr. Hafeez also learned that the Palestinian connection to the land never actually existed. “In hindsight, I never actually gave a real damn about Palestine, I was just obsessed with hating Israel,” he says.

Feeling deeply betrayed by the spurious scholarship that was foisted upon him in the Muslim world, Mr. Hafeez decided to visit Israel for the first time in 2007 to see for himself what it was like there. Sharing a bit of humor with his audience, he recalls that upon his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, he was detained for eight hours because he told his screeners that he was a Muslim who once hated Israel and now wanted to see what he learned about. Being that these were the first Jews he had ever spoken to, Mr. Hafeez ultimately had a most positive experience as the Israeli guards treated him with courtesy and decency and apologized profusely to him for their intense interrogation and suspicion of him.

While in Israel, Mr. Hafeez expected to see the realities of a brutal apartheid regime, but instead witnessed Muslims, Jews and Christians all going about their lives in harmony. “Here’s a state that’s constantly called an enemy of Islam, yet Muslims have more rights in Israel than they have anywhere else in the Middle East,” he said.

Mr. Hafeez contrasted this to his less than pleasant experience while visiting Saudi Arabia in 2002 for a religious pilgrimage. At the Saudi airport, while waiting in line for passport control, he was sent to the back of the line five times to make way for Arab Muslims, who are considered superior to South Asian Muslims: “I’ve never experienced the level of racism like I did in Saudi Arabia.”

While visiting both Muslim and Christian holy sites in Israel, Mr. Hafeez made his way to Jerusalem’s Western Wall and it was there that he experienced a pivotal and deeply poignant moment in his life. Standing amongst a bevy of Orthodox Jewish men and others gathered for prayer, Mr. Hafeez felt a deep wave of emotion wash over him. He reached out and touched the wall and recalls that he “burst out in tears.”

As tears poured down his face, a rabbi approached him to find out if Mr. Hafeez was okay. He responded that he was and the rabbi asked if he was Jewish. When Mr. Hafeez said he wasn’t, the rabbi replied, “That’s okay, this is Jerusalem, it’s everybody’s home.” It was then that the years of animus that he harbored for Jews and Israel dissipated.

But life from that point on was no easy ride for Mr. Hafeez. He received death threats from his erstwhile radical Islamist friends and his father, choosing to continue to hate Jews and Israel, refuses to see his son.

“My goal now is to proudly speak the truth and to make those in the Western world aware of the dangers of a radicalized Islam and how it is not only incompatible with Western values but an existential danger to them,” he said.

To that end, Mr. Hafeez has dedicated himself to promoting the truth about Israel and has created lasting ties with StandWithUs and other Zionist organizations. “Upon my return from Israel, I became convinced that I had to take a stand. I had to do what’s right, I had to speak out for Israel and bring the Israel I know to those around me, and not let them be misled by the lies that filled my mind with hate for so many years,” he said.

Now, Mr. Hafeez has created his own organization called, “The Israel Campaign” and according to the group’s web site, this movement is “a rallying call for all people of any color, culture or creed, to come together for Israel, a democracy under siege.”

“Israel isn’t just a Jewish issue, its about freedom and democracy.” says Mr. Hafeez.


Watcher’s Council Nominations – Am Yisrael Chai Edition

The Watcher’s Council

The Israelis finally got sick and tired of having rockets, Iranian supplied missiles and mortars being fired at their civilians by Hamas and decided to do something about it. And as always, every time Israel defends itself, it’s somehow controversial.

The whole scenario reminds me of the old movie ‘Groundhog Day.’ The Israelis are attacked, they defend themselves, they’re forced by international pressure to stop short of totally eradicating the threat, there is a sort of ceasefire and the whole cycle repeats itself a few years later once their enemies regroup and re-arm.

The same accusations of ‘disproportionate response’ likewise resurface each time. Protesters in the EU probably know by now to store those defaced Israeli flags with a swastika replacing the Mogen David in the closet for future use, rather than buying new ones.

The case of Gaza is particularly egregious. When the Israelis agreed to sign on to the Road Map and ethnically cleanse Jews from Gaza as one of the conditions, they were given iron-clad security guarantees by the U.S., the EU, The Egyptian government and the Palestinian Authority who were supposedly going to be running the place, that Gaza would never be allowed to become a security threat to Israel again.

Surprise, surprise.

At this point, the entire situation is something Lewis Carrol couldn’t have dreamed up in his wildest opium fantasies.

Israel has nothing to do with running Gaza, yet they’re deemed ‘occupiers’ officially by the UN.

Hamas is an openly genocidal organization, yet the Israelis are faulted because negotiating with Hamas has been a dead end. And they’re also expected to treat seriously countries like Egypt and the Palestinian Authority that defend them.

Israel is at war now with Hamas, yet Gaza still receives gas, electricity and water courtesy of Israel.

And wackiest of all, here we have a terrorist entity shooting Iranian supplied missiles at Israel’s major cities and hiding behind a civilian population and it is the Israelis who are being told on one hand they have a right to defend themselves and in the same breath are cautioned not to defend themselves by dealing with the threat decisively, something any other nation would do in a heartbeat.

Secretary of State Clinton is in the region and there are rumors of another ‘ceasefire’ being brokered. Unfortunately, there’s no lasting peace possible in this instance without removing Hamas from the equation permanently. We’ll see what develops.

This week’s contest, of course, is dedicated to the land and people of Israel, her armed forces and to a true and lasting peace.

For those of you interested in investing a little time seconding that sentiment, my friend Lori Lowenthal Marcus of Z-Street has something happening this week that will allow you to get directly involved with the Decision Maker in this situation if you wish.

It’s geared towards Jews, but those of you whom aren’t can improvise quite easily, and your input will be most welcome.


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This week, Ask Marion and Right Truth took advantage of my generous offer of link whorage and earned honorable mention status with some excellent pieces they sent in.

You can, too! Want to see your work appear on the Watcher’s Council homepage in our weekly contest listing? Didn’t get nominated by a Council member? No worries.

Simply head over to Joshuapundit and post the title and a link to the piece you want considered along with an e-mail address (which won’t be published) in the comments section of any entry no later than Monday 6 PM PST in order to be considered for our honorable mention category. Then just return the favor by creating a post on your site linking to the Watcher’s Council contest for the week.

Simple, no?

It’s a great way of exposing your best work to Watcher’s Council readers and Council members, while grabbing the increased traffic and notoriety. And how good is that, eh?

And last but not least, I and my fellow Council members also join together in wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Okay! So, let’s see what we have this week…

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Honorable Mentions

Non-Council Submissions

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